Canadian Featherweight Rankings – October 2012


A new number one Canadian Featherweight is crowned as Antonio Carvalho wins his first UFC bout and former top dog Mark Hominick drops his third consecutive fight in the octagon.

While 145 is solid at the top of the division, the bottom of the Top 10 is in shambles.  The once deep division continues getting thinner and thinner as quite a few Featherweight fighters have not been active.

Three new fighters enter the the Featherweight rankings this month as old stalwarts become inactive or dropped out of the top 10 due to losses, also a new pack emerges Outside the Top 10.

Top 10 Canadian Featherweights

1. Antonio Carvalho (14-5) – Previous Rank (2) – Pato overcame the UFC jitters that seemed to plague him in his UFC debut and looked great in his fight at UFC 149.  In Calgary, Carvalho took apart Daniel Pineda in the standup to quickly score a highlight reel KO. The Bruckman MMA fighter will try to make it two in a row against Rodrigo Damm in Montreal next. Next Fight: vs Rodrigo Damm at UFC 154 on November 17.

Antonio Carvalho lands a kick (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

2. Mark Hominick (20-11) – Previous Rank (1) – After a sloppy loss to the Korean Zombie, Hominick looked to get back on track against Eddie Yagin at UFC 145.  Although this site thought Hominick did enough to win a 29-28 decision, unfortunately, the real officials did not and Hominick lost his third consecutive fight in the octagon.  It is desperate times for The Machine who needs to avoid his fourth loss in a row.  His UFC 154 opponent Pablo Garza is in similar straits as he is hoping to avoid his third consecutive loss.   Here’s hoping that deadly left body shot by The Machine finds its mark and Hominick can once again challenge for the number one spot on this list. Next Fight: vs Pablo Garza at UFC 154 on November 17.

3. Graham Spencer (9-1, 1 NC) – Previous Rank (4) –  Spencer is on a tear since losing to Mike Adams a few years ago – defeating MFC Lightweight title contender Mukai Maromo, Bruno Capdeville, Shawn Albrecht and, most recently, UFC vet Shane Nelson since May 2010. Spencer leapfrogs Tristan Johnson in his continuing surge to the top of the Canadian Featherweight Rankings. Next Fight: TBD

4. Tristan Johnson (7-3) – Previous Rank (3) – Since the last rankings, Johnson faced a fighter similar to himself – a relatively unknown Featherweight coming from a great camp.  Although Tristan accounted well for himself in his fight with Rick Glenn, he came out on the short side and drops one spot in the rankings.  Next up for the FitPlus fighter could be a familiar face – Will Romero in November.  Next Fight: TBD.

Fraser hammers Toner (photo: Mike Fischl)

5. John Fraser (11-4) – Previous Rank (NR) – The Top 10 Bantamweight returns to the Top 10 Featherweights thanks to his win over UFC vet Tyler Toner at the Score Fighting Series in Sarnia, Ontario. Fraser was last on this list following a win over the Thierry Quenneville in 2011 before losing eligibility when he had not fought at 145 in twelve months.  That all changed when he dominated Toner from intros to the final bell in Sarnia.  Next Fight: TBD.

6. Adam Lorenz (6-2) – Previous Rank (5) – Lorenz has not fought since losing a quick one to Alvin Robinson at Aggression in 2011.  Adam was off this list due to inactivity, but, luckily, Aggression announced their November 23rd card prior to the publishing of this list.  With a fight scheduled against Lenny Wheeler, Lorenz stays on the list but drops one to make room for Fraser.  Next Fight: vs Lenny Wheeler at Aggression FC 14 on November 23.

7. William Romero (9-3) – Previous Rank (6) –    Three wins in a row, yet ‘Leon’ drops a spot to make room for the Haggis Basher. Romero had a war on the Score with Matt Veal in his last fight.  Now Will is enhancing his game at Tristar MMA.  You only know a better, more well-rounded Will Romero will enter the cage (possibly against Tristan Johnson in November) in his next fight. Next Fight: TBD

Josh Machan submits Nick Heynen by Heel Hook (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

8. Josh Machan (9-4) – Previous Rank (NR) – The newcomers enter the Featherweight Top 10 starting with Josh Machan.  How can you rank a guy with only one fight at Featherweight? Well…that one fight was a quick submission victory over the previously unbeaten Behrang Yousefi.  The King of the Cage champion has also been on a tear – winning nine of his last ten fights including wins against Lenny Wheeler and Derek Boyle.  With Machan’s only loss since 2007 coming at the hands of the UFC’s Mitch Clarke, Josh Machan was an easy pick for #8 on this list.  No longer just Ryan Machan’s brother, Josh Machan has come into his own!  Next Fight: TBD

9. Bruno Capdeville (4-3) – Previous Rank (NR) – Capdeville came from nowhere to be ranked in the Top 10 by stunning the AFC audience with a first round TKO win over ZUMA’s Nick Driedger.  Driedger was previously unbeaten since 2009 and was number seven on this list until Bruno kicked him off this list.  Capdeville’s recent losses are from the Spencer Rohovie and #3 Graham Spencer and he has beaten the very tough Shawn Albrecht, who was close to the Top 10 at the time.   Welcome to the Top 10 Bruno! Next Fight: TBD

10. Jesse Gross (7-3) – Previous Rank (NR) – It’s Halloween and the Ghost’s are out!  Jesse Gross advances through a pack that included Gavin Tucker and Lyndon Whitlock to grab the final spot in the Top 10.  Despite being 1-1 at Featherweight, Gross defeated a very tough Seiji Sugiman-Marangos who was 5-1 before facing the Adrenaline fighter.  Expects The Ghost to ground and pound his way to the top of this list before his career is up.  Next Fight: vs Gavin Tucker at ECC 15 on December 8.

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Nick Driedger (was 7th, dropped out), Rejean Groulx (was 8th, inactive), Brad Duguay (was 9th, inactive), Tim Wadsworth (was 10th, dropped out)

Close to the Top 10:
Greg Welsh (6-2)
Matt Bagshaw (7-3)
Chris Horodecki (18-4-1)
Matt Veal (9-8) – Next Fight: vs Morgan Sickinger at Driller Promotions\SEG on November 10
Curtis Brigham (10-5)
Nick Driedger (5-2)
Tim Wadsworth (5-1)
Lyndon Whitlock (7-3)
Gavin Tucker (6-0) – Next Fight: vs Jesse Gross at ECC 15 on December 8.

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35 Responses to “ Canadian Featherweight Rankings – October 2012 ”

  1. haha, i don’t deserve a mention yet, and i’m never fighting at 145 again, 135 is the place for me!

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  2. David Abbott says:

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  3. anthony says:

    Fuck off tank. Lol Mr know it all.

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  4. who cares says:

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  5. @Who cares…time to drop some knowledge on you.

    1. This list is about actual results based on “simple statistics”, not potential outcomes if Horodecki were to face guys on this list.

    2. Chris Horodecki has had 1 Featherweight fight in his career and he got KO’d by Mike Richman in less than 2 minutes.

    3. A guy who has ZERO wins at Featherweight cannot be in the Canadian top 10 Featherweights.

    4. Do I think Horodecki could beat guys in this list? Definitely. Does that matter when we rank? No.

    Chris Horodecki is an awesome fighter and will eventually get those FW wins. When he does, he will be ranked appropriately.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 24 Thumb down 3

  6. Cody Moorman says:

    @who cares obviously ur knowledge of the sport isnt very good cuz even though Horodecki is a great fighter and has fought great competition u still gotta put up a W in a division to be ranked in it don’t u think?

    Look for Lorenz to do big things as long as he can keep getting fights he’s a beast!

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  7. Cody Moorman says:

    I guess Keith beat me to it ha.

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  8. vlad says:

    I would like to see point system ranking. Ranking is not about who look better lately and who improved more. Ranking is mathematics and logic.Point system used for very long time for individual sports like boxing, tennis, or even chess. Why ranking is important? Because in individual sports like MMA or Boxing, athletes can compete in different organizations without ever facing each other. In order to determine contender for the belt in boxing for example ranking system used to be proven. I love and support TopMaaNews, you guys are awesome and I honestly believe you’re the best site in Canada hands down, but I don’t agree with your ranking, sorry.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 5

  9. No problem Vlad. Valid opinion.

    However, all rankings systems have flaws.

    Tiger Woods hadn’t won in a long time and was still #1.

    Federer rose to #1 last year in tennis by manipulated the system and playing in a lot of small tourneys where Nadal and Djokovic would not bother to enter.

    Nascar offers so few points difference for different finishing spots so that everyone is close in points until the very end of the season.

    Chess has a great system called ELO. Its been around forever and used throughout the world. However, its too simplistic and Glicko is starting to build up steam.

    Boxing I am unfamiliar with their system other than Ring Magazine is the holy grail for rankings because every organization’s ranking are corrupt.

    It sounds like you should use Fight Matrix rankings which are all based on mathematics for MMA. They also see weird anomalies though. John Fraser not in 135 ranks, dual citizenship not honored, points for NC wins like Hamill over Jon Jones.

    The best rankings systems I have found are ones that have criteria and stick to them and have been around forever (like ELO). That is our motto – just be consistent.

    Regardless, every single rankings system is subjective. Either how you rank them or the points/formula you assign are subjective.

    That said, I would like to see your rankings of the Featherweights if ours are so bad!

    Thanks for the post.

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  10. Very tough break for Horodecki in his SFS featherweight debut and an equally tough loss for Lyndon to keep him out of the top ten. We are sure they’ll both bounce back stronger than ever. Amazing to see The Ghost and The Haggis Basher back on the list along with SFS veteran Carvalho and class act Hominick. Featherweight is probably our deepest division. Congrats to all the non-SFS fighters as well on their success.

    Some basic math will take place on November 23rd when Romero and Johnson meet for their rematch. Just waiting for Mr. Hayashi to make it official. Stay tuned for the announcement!

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  11. who cares says:

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  12. who cares says:

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  13. who cares says:

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  14. David Abbott says:

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  15. Keith Grienke says:

    It was late. Meant dq win.

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  16. Tyler Davis says:

    Hahaha Kieth just owned that fool “time to.drop some knowledge” Hahaha KAPOW!!! Great list guys.awsome to see josh in there. IM sure Matt Bagshaw will soon be on the list as well

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  17. Tyler Davis says:

    “you can tell me your math in person”-who cares that this generations version of fighting words?

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  18. Jamie Locke says:

    I would put Gross ahead of Bruno.

    @Abbot, I could see Spencer and The Haggis Basher in the UFC with another win or two each.

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  19. Rob says:

    Fightmatrix has Haggis Basher at No. 3 in Canada.

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  20. Vlad says:

    I didn’t say your ranking is bad , I said I don’t agree with it. And I do like chess ranking and Matrix seems fairly good to me . Matrix ranking much more complex then ELO. No one perfect. About Federer, I don’t think he is manipulating the system. You gaining very few points by beating low ranking opponents, but you r risking a lot if you lose. I think point system in MMA will prevent fights against low ranking opponents, when high ranking fighter taking an easy fight to pad record.

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  21. Sean Quinn says:

    Lorenz vs Gross would be a great scrap.
    Lorenz vs Spencer would actually be really good as well.
    Lorenz would murder Fraser.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 11 Thumb down 8

  22. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Nothing is more bad ass than Math in person.

    That’s tough!

    These rankings were more to spark talk and give exposure to the fighters. Agree or Disagree with them, but they get people talking.

    No fighters should worry bout what they are ranked, they should just worry about winning their next fight.

    Good job guys.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  23. smash says:

    Who the hell is Bruno Capdeville? 4-3 overall with 1 significant win in his career over an overated Nick Dreidger (5-2)! Why this clown is ranked at all is beyond me!! Whitlock–> constantly fighting tough guys with good records, Tucker–> undefeated, Gross–> constantly fights tough guys, all belong ahead of him.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  24. @Smash….Fighting tough guys does not get you ranked. Wins get you ranked.

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  25. smash says:

    Alright then, Perhaps I will fight Kyle Vivian 25 times at 145 pounds, Im positive I ll win all 25 bouts… then I ll be 25-0 and #1 in the Rankings!!

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  26. @Smash… you know that is not what I meant. You are too smart for that.

    To clarify my point.

    Losing to a tough fighter, eg. Whitlock vs Glenn, does not improve your ranking.

    If Kyle Vivian loses to Glenn should he get ranked like you suggest Whitlock should?

    Beating a weak fighter, eg. Mike Davis vs Adam Bodwell, does not improve your ranking either. It does keep you active.

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  27. Bobby Karimi says:

    Who cares, would be the Vice President to Terry Crews’ President Camacho in Idiocracy.
    Pass that guy some Brawndo after Johnson vs Romero, he needs the electrolytes!

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  28. Bobby Karimi says:

    Smash you’re gonna fight Vivian 25 times in a row? You’d kill the poor fucker, take it easy on him and make a rotation, fight him then Ebejer then Colletti, then repeat.

    “Who the hell is Bruno Capdeville? 4-3 overall with 1 significant win in his career over an overated Nick Dreidger (5-2)! Why this clown is ranked at all is beyond me!! Whitlock–> constantly fighting tough guys with good records, Tucker–> undefeated, Gross–> constantly fights tough guys, all belong ahead of him.”

    Why is Capdeville a clown? Seems like a pretty solid fighter/guy by the look of things.
    Also I’m sure Keith woulda ranked Whitlock had he won, unfortunately he didnt.
    Gross was coming off a 3 fight losing streak, I’d guess that’s why he snuck in there at 10.
    And I think Haggis Basher jumping in pushed either Tucker or Whitlock out.

    Nice to see Machan ranked at #8, he’s good and seemingly always improving.
    I think that if Spencer were to win and Hominick to lose their next bouts there’d have to be a flip between 2 and 3.

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  29. smash says:

    I know I know…. Im just breaking balls. I don’t agree with your rankings thats all. Im glad everyone agrees that I would beat Vivian 25 outta 25 tho.

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  30. Bobby Karimi says:

    Smash, you’d beat him 26 out of 25 times!

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  31. Mort says:

    I like the Colletti name drop! Glad to see he’s still on the brain. I’d love to see him fight again. (Or at least step in the cage anyway) But with his fledging film career, I don’t think he’s got much time to train. Colletti 2013!!!

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  32. Paopao says:

    I agree with these rankings completely

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  33. Darren Owen says:

    Lenny Wheeler!

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  34. Cody Rempel says:

    Nobody payed any attention to me on your status so I’ll say it on here too… Lenny Wheeler vs. Matt Bagshaw, winner takes on Freddy Assuncao for Featherweight Title!

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  35. Jamie Locke says:

    You gotta have Graham Spencer at #2 now easily since Hominick retired.

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