AFC 12’s Joel Powell Talks Buckland, Doerksen, & More


(photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Ontario’s Joel Powell met up with ‘Big Win’ Don Wilson in Sarnia, Ontario for this exclusive Top MMA News interview. Powell talks about Andrew Buckland, who he faces at AFC 12 on November 2nd in Calgary, Alberta. Powell also gives his thoughts on his:

  • wins over Advin Omic and Brandt Dewsbery,
  • fight with Joe Doerksen at AFC 10 and why he fought at Middleweight,
  • difficulty obtaining fights in Ontario,
  • training with Grant Brothers, Discipline MMA, and others, and
  • brother Josh Powell’s status.

Please check out this informative interview!

One Response to “ AFC 12’s Joel Powell Talks Buckland, Doerksen, & More ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good interview, glad to see Joel Powell and Big Win get together. Powell deserves the recognition and it’s good that he gets on TMN.

    Joel is a total beast! His fight with Joe Doerksen was awesome, and Joe had to really go for the kill shot as Joel was taking everything Doerksen threw at him. And him decisively beating the tough Buckland was a nice statement. Add Dewsbury and Omic to that and it’s hard not to be a fan of him or his bro for that matter. I’d like to see him fight more often. Good interview Big Win!

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