Freedom Fights Results – Roberts Submits Shakir


Freedom Fight is holding a show in Sudbury, Ontario on October 27, 2012. Here are the results for the show:

Quick Results:
Daniel Roberts submits Nuri Shakir by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:55

Jorsten Tardif defeats Mike Sledzion by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 3:41
*** “good back and forth fight until Tardif took over with GNP.”

Jared Robb defeats Pat Gionette by KO (Head Kick) in Round 1, 1:25
***”looks like Robb has game, although Gionette seemed very green and got dominated.”

Alex Halkias submits Kyle Vivian by armbar in Round 1, 1:43
***”Halkias had dominannt bjj. very one sided fight.”

Blake Nash defeats Ryan Pokryfry by KO in Round 1, 0:16

51 Responses to “ Freedom Fights Results – Roberts Submits Shakir ”

  1. Woodrow says:

    F ya blake!!! Congrats bigman!!!

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  2. Rino B. says:

    Way 2 go Blake!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Brent Fryia says:

    2 fights in with a total fight time of about a minutes and now they are going to intermission. I really feel for the guys who worked hard for this event. At least some guys will come away with a ‘W’ to help their record. I feel like this event and the cancelation of the last one might have soured Sudbury to the MMA scene.

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  4. Matt says:

    Only 5 fights!?!?

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  5. Matt says:

    Only 5 fights? My gosh.
    Hope they get a full card next.

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  6. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Way to bounce back big man…nice ko Nash!!!!

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  7. Brent Fryia says:

    Yep, the Mischa fight is off, the Letourneau fight is off. Neither cancellation was announced. First three fights were awful. The winners might be good, but tough to tell when fighting absolute cans. Josten Tardif and Mike Sledzion put on a good scrap and should get a bonus for giving the event any semblance of legitimacy. I’ve seen much better ammy cards.

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  8. papagaio says:

    I was surprised to see only 5 fights listed after the weigh-ins. I had originally planned to attend this event but wasn’t able to. Doesnt look like I’m missing very much. Too bad for Sudbury.

    Any idea on attendance?

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  9. I feel for the promoter. He probably watched his own show will a little part of him dying inside.

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  10. papagaio says:

    Under 20 minutes of fighting for the entire card. if Pete Rodley plans to do another freedom fight card, he’ll need to put together a better card. I mean no disrespect.

    Sudbury is a blue collar city, we love MMA, but this won’t cut it.

    On a seperate note, I would pay to see Kyle Vivian fight Paul Ebejer. (it better not end in a no contest either!!)

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  11. Fak says:

    People get injured and fights get cancelled its a rough sport. Pete is a great guy who treats the fighters awesome he does this for the love of the sport. Sledzion and tardif fight was awesome. Pete please bring a card to Barrie Molson centre. Hopefully get another opportunity to work with you and freedom fights

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  12. I’d feel for the promoter a little more if people had been kept in the loop as far as what was happening with the card. This was a fail in my book.

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  13. Larry says:

    The promoter had 4-5 months since the cancelation of the original show. You only get what effort you put in. This promoter has been around for a while and should know what is needed to succeed. He did nothing to achieve that for this event. It’s safe to say the promoter was much more concerned about making any profit for himself and not the final product. A possible suggestion would be not to waste money on weak main event headliners and use that money for a few up coming Canadian fighters

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  14. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Was this the show Nate Diaz was appearing at, would’ve been worth going to for that reason yeah?

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  15. harry balls says:

    Hey, remember 2 years ago when I said Kyle Vivian shouldn’t have jumped to pro and that there was a chance he’d wind up like Ebejer and a bunch of people got pissed at me and called me a hater (and worse)? Good times…

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  16. Brent Fryia says:

    Yeah, Diaz did a seminar at team Shredder and he was cool as hell.
    The event itself was terrible. I would feel more sympathy for the promoter if he was honest and actually announced what fights were happening and not happening. People showed up expecting a certain product and got something much less. Some of the guys fighting as pros would look out of place at mid-level amateur shows. There was two intermissions for a 5 fight card, meaning there was more intermission time than fight time. They tried to stretch the night out which made people even more restless.
    I think people will be reluctant to buy MMA tickets in Sudbury for a while.

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  17. papagaio says:

    Freedom Fight’s next event:

    Freedom Fight – Vivian vs Ebejer. The quest for the “W”.

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  18. mark says:


    hhahahaha awesome!!!

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  19. wowza says:

    Vivian should not fight pro MMA anymore.

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  20. jared says:

    pete rodley should speak up and answer some of these questions about the event if he wants to have any credibility as a promoter.
    Fans paid money to see certain fights, they aren’t going to put up with this shit.

    Take more time to come up with a solid card next time. And make sure you have some reliable guys who arent boxing the same week, and pulling out left right and center.
    This card was absolutely horrible!!!!!

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  21. jared says:

    Kyle Vivian vs Jesse Veltri , another Quest for the W

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  22. whywhy says:

    Who’s fault is Vivian’s loss this time? Please tell me no more fights for him.

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  23. Laffe says:

    Roberts was pretty good. I figured he’d get the submission

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  24. Update: Roberts won by RNC. I mistakenly put arm bar.

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  25. @whywhy…Not Vivian’s last fight. Kyle tries to get that first win next month when he faces Firas Zahabi’s brother Aiemann.

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  26. Grease gate says:

    Vivian only lost cause his opponent greased.

    This guy had never lost legit. 0-7 and an excuse each time,

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  27. Wow, really? TriStar? Those guys should know better.
    As one of their alumni says ..”I’m not impressssssssssss”…

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  28. barrie says:

    I never understood why fighters pad their record with fighters less likely to win, its a cowerds way anything in life worth attaining is hard to get and i should expect a different attitude from one of the best camps in the world,be fair.. carma’s a fight away..

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  29. barrie says:

    Whos the internet pussy that hit thumbs down u must wear a pad

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  30. Barry says:

    I hit the thumbs down. You don’t what you’re talking about, at all. My keyboard would beat up your keyboard

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  31. booboo says:


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  32. Bobby Karimi says:

    Fighters pad record cuz fans (especially casual ones) and promotions (incl. UFC) like shiny records.

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  33. wuzjustsayin says:


    We do live in a delusional world don’t we!!

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  34. Guys, no promoter is trying to organize a show that’s going to suck on purpose or none of them are deliberately not working on them. I’m sure Pete was the first mortified by what happened.

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  35. pete rodley says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  36. Brent Fryia says:

    Pete, some of what you said is true some isn’t. I was aware of some of the injuries, some I wasn’t. Kent, Wardog, Basso sure. I read a lot of MMA news and didn’t see anything about Valerie or Mischa being off. I’m pretty sure these two fights that were probably the main draws for a lot of people (they were for me) were never announced as off. If they were, it was quickly skimmed over.
    When you only have 5 fights and only two of them resemble professional level MMA you should understand when people aren’t impressed. When you discuss a lot of things other than the actual fights (special guests, rap concerts etc…) it speaks to the quality of the actual fight card. There were several fighters on that card that don’t belong at the professional level and it was apparent to everyone. If the card had been more solid and didn’t have that type of fighter, those other drop outs wouldn’t have been such an issue.
    Is this criticism? Absolutely, but not personally directed as you might think it is. The people you talked to might have seemed pleased with the show, and that’s fine, but you need to know that almost everyone I talked to was underwhelmed, from other pro fighters to ‘never have seen an mma event’ types. I brought 8 people from Sault Ste. Marie (300 kms away) to support the show. Every one of them paid for gas, hotel, tickets etc… It will be a tough sell to get them to do that again.
    You can take that criticism and do what you want with it… ignore it, use it to make the next show better, call me a hater, whatever.

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  37. Cody Rempel says:

    Just a note about “real media” I’ve had guys from local newspapers and tv stations sitting next to me at fights several times, 95% of the time they’re asking me what’s going on in the ring or cage and don’t know the first thing about MMA.

    Actual quote:
    “Real” media guy: What kind of choke was that?
    Me: That wasn’t a choke, that was an armbar.

    So, yes while they may be “real” journalists with schooling and training in the field many of them really don’t have much credibility when reporting on MMA, because they have no idea what they’re reporting on!

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  38. Ben Leeson says:

    Let’s be careful not to paint everyone with the same brush, Cody.
    I was in that media section Saturday night and while I’m not sure who asked the question you’re referring to, there were others there who took the event seriously and worked hard to cover it well.
    I hold up The Sudbury Star’s coverage, both before and after Saturday’s fights, against anything produced by the MMA media.
    What bothered me more than any reporter’s lack of knowledge was the fact that some seated at that table — which was very crowded, by the way — weren’t reporters at all, or at least weren’t working, and treated the event like more of a night out or a party than an assignment. I heard at least one person admit they weren’t working at all and were just ‘with’ someone who was, and that was apparently good enough reason for a ringside seat.
    In my book, whether it’s MMA, hockey or bowling, the press area is the press area and it’s not a cheering section or a beer garden. You wanna party, go buy a ticket and go party, and let the professionals do their jobs.
    As far as the cancelled fights, I admit I was disappointed with the lack of notice. We printed and posted online the most recent card we had received, which had eight fights listed.
    I understand that injuries happen and cards change, but when those changes happen, it’s best for everyone if media covering the event is notified.

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  39. Cody Rempel says:

    Sorry Ben, you’re right and I didn’t mean any disrespect to the guys who do know what they’re talking about… occasionally the reporters the papers or TV stations send do have some MMA knowledge but for the most part it’s just a sports reporter who is expected to cover everything regardless of his familiarity with the sport he’s covering!

    Also, that quote is not from a reporter at this event, it’s just an example from an event I was attending in Edmonton last year.

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  40. Ben Leeson says:

    Fair enough. I do admit there are reporters who could stand to do a little homework ahead of time, but don’t bother to. Unfortunately, you’re going to run into those guys for a while as the sport continues to grow.

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  41. Kenneth Willis III says:

    ‘Media’ can be used to describe various mediums and its exposure, not to mention anyone with a blog or even twitter page considers themselves journalists. I don’t hear the TMN writers whining. I would not consider the Sudbury Star huge media coverage, but rather a small local paper in a very small city of 150k. They have nothing else to write about besides OHL hockey. Who cares what they think.
    To have a successful show, you need to attract people from all over Ontario or even Quebec or Manitoba ( such as Brent traveling from Sault Ste. Marie or those who would of come from Toronto to see Misha, those from the easy for Val etc). If all they wanted was a local show, maybe they should have had more fighters from local clubs( I didn’t see 1 team shredder fighter on the card and I thought they had the biggest club from there)
    In Mr. Rodley’s opinion, I might not know all the things that happen or occur attempting to run a show, but clearly he could use some advice
    *Side Note* -Who cares that Nate Diaz was there, unless he’s fighting on the card…or in the stands. Secondly, a rap show?!?!? Are you freaking kidding me? This is something you should NOT consider a success to the fight card
    Freedom Fight Oct.27/12= FAIL

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  42. Brent Fryia says:

    Ben used to be a sports reporter in my home town and I can vouch that he a) has legit writing chops and b)knows the sport of MMA very well. He is actually a coaches/fighters/promoters dream; a mainstream media reporter with an interest and knowledge of mma.

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  43. Papagaio says:

    Josten Tardiff, co-main event winner was from Team Shredder. (the only local fighter on the card)

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  44. Kenneth Willis III says:

    No criticism was meant towards Mr. Leeson or his credibility.. It was more towards the vast majority of other so called reporters and the ones who attended the event, with no intention of properly reporting/documenting the event.

    *correction* we have been informed of 1 local team shredder fighter(co-main event by default, not scheduled). My point being, how many fit mma or oama fighters would be on a Gatineau/Ottawa card or tri-star in Montreal, all politics aside

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  45. MKB says:

    Too bad that MMA can’t gain a foothold in northern Ontario. Sudbury seems like a perfect town for it to thrive. There are clubs in Timmins, Sudbury, Soo, North Bay……………how come none of these guys stepped up to fight?

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  46. Papagaio says:

    There are a few clubs in Sudbury. Shredder is the only one which currently has fighters ready for pro fights.

    Sudbury BJJ & Muay Thai Academy has 1 solid prospect in a 17 year old kid named Kyle Fletcher. He just did his first amateur mma fight and won via armbar.

    Sudbury MMA produced Chris St-Jean, but he’s now fighting out of OAMA.

    Both schools are affiliates of OAMA (Renzo Gracie Ottawa)

    Shredder has produced the most so far but I agree, local flavour would have helped this card. Even OAMA fighters would have helped to boost the local crowd, but I think most eligible guys are already booked for the next Wreck MMA card on November 9th.

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  47. Cameron McQueen says:

    Ben Leeson is good for the sport. Did an interview with him and a fighter of mine all the way back in 08.

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  48. Robin Black says:

    @ Cody, Ben and Kenneth-

    DAMN insightful insight guys.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Good stuff.

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  49. Gunner says:

    Those cities are not north lol :) us Thunder Bay folks are in the North.

    And i have been saying for a long long time the first promotion to come up here is ging to have a very successful show as we would 100% sell out and have some of the wildest crazies on the planet as fans.

    That combined with there is nothing better (or else) to do in this city besides go watch some fights

    on top of that with our gym in town and WAMMA & CFC only 6hrs away with lots of great connections just south of the border in Duluth, Minneapolis, Wisconsin all only between 3 to 6 hrs away you would have no trouble filling in a whole card with these connections alone

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  50. Ben Leeson says:

    Thanks for the props, guys. Hopefully there’s another event in the area soon and I’ll see you there.

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