Freedom Fight Weigh-In Results


Freedom Fight is holding a show in Sudbury, Ontario on October 27, 2012. Here are the weigh-in results for the show:

Nuri Shakir (180.6) vs Daniel Roberts (179)
Michael Sledzion (154.6) vs Jorsten Tardif (155.6)
Jared Robb (184.6) vs Pat Gionette (185.4)
Kyle Vivian (137.8) vs Alex Halkias (139)
Blake Nash (261.6) vs Ryan Pokryfry (256.6)

12 Responses to “ Freedom Fight Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    What happened to some of the fights?

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  2. fandom says:

    Only 5 fights? Brutal. Not worth the price of admission.

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  3. jared says:

    holy rip off gong show jebus. this card is garbage.

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  4. @Bobby Karimi…not sure what happened to the fights. Had a hard enough time tracking down the weigh-in results.

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  5. Brent Fryia says:

    Came up with about 8 people from our club and not too happy to be paying premium prices for this card. Only 5 fights including two 0-0 guys (one of whom I know and would consider a poor amateur fighter) and a 0-4 guy. $40 for the cheapest tickets and $70 for the next ones? If I didn’t already drive to Sudbury I’d bail. At least we got to do a little training with the Team Shredder guys.

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  6. harry balls says:

    Valerie LeTourneau isn’t fighting either? And how does Vivian get approved and not a vet with a sub 500 record?

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  7. Jesse the Body says:

    I hear good things about Jared Robb, but other than that, you better hope the ring girls are giving free lap dances to make it worth the price of admission

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  8. mmafanguy says:

    I’m guessing this will be the last Freedom Fight. Terrible card, people will be pissed paying the prices Brent mentioned for 5 fights. There were better fights at Team Shredder this afternoon I bet.

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  9. gorgeous george says:

    Brent Fryia, Can I ask, why weren’t you or your brother on the card? I thought one of you were suppose to fight a guy named McDonald? Don’t know the guys first name? I would think they would want northern ontario boys on the card especially the good ones.

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  10. Brent Fryia says:

    We were originally on the card but fights fell through for a few reasons. Some legit, some not so legit. After a while we were being offered fights that obviously wouldn’t get approved or that we knew for a fact hadn’t been agreed to by the other fighters. It was obviously grasping at straws the closer it got to fight time and it got to be a bit too much. Our manager eventually suggested we just skip the event all together in case it got cancelled like the last one, or ended up being a giant cluster fuck.

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  11. Mitch says:

    I was originally supposed to fight Derek Macdonald. I was told he pulled out for personal reasons.

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  12. gorgeous george says:

    Thanks guys, i look forward to seeing you guys fight someday..Maybe you can get on the score fighting would be great to see more guys from the Soo..I believe Antonio Calvahlo is from the Soo. They make them tough up north! Good luck guys and I don’t blame you for not fighting for FF.

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