Fivestar Fight League 2 Results – Stewart KOs Beecroft


Fivestar Fight League is in Prince George, British Columbia on October 19, 2012 for their second show. Here are the live results from the fights:

Quick Results:
Brad Stewart defeats Jordan Beecroft by KO (Left Hook) in Round 1, 1:21
*** Beecroft out before he hit the mat.

Cleber Luciano submits Chad Freeman by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:59
*** Following the fight, Freeman announces his retirement.

Marcus Hicks defeats Nick Campbell by TKO (Knee to the Body) in Round 3, 2:54
*** Hicks hit Campbell twice with low blows and was deducted a point during the fight.

Shannon Ritch submits Duncan Wilson by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:20
Brandon MacArthur submits Hank Lukyn by Arm Bar in Round 1, 2:40
Travis Matthews submits Mark Delgado by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 3:26
Gary Peck submits Victor Vincelette by Tap Out (Strikes) in Round 1, 1:30
Aaron Barnard defeats Ayrin Avey by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 0:25


38 Responses to “ Fivestar Fight League 2 Results – Stewart KOs Beecroft ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Congrats to Brandon MacArthur! Good job man!

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  2. BDC says:

    b mac and ritch. it must be a full moon.

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Ritch vs. MacArthur next?

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  4. Brandon MacArthur says:

    me like !!!

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  5. Dean Panas says:

    Congrats on the win Brandon!
    Forget about Lotto Max, should of bet a MacArthur/Rich parlay!!

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  6. Brandon MacArthur says:

    but maybe Marcus and me

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Congrats Marcus!

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  8. burred says:

    Congrats to Marcus Lma Hicks on the W tonight. Much Respect

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  9. mymmaopinion says:

    Wow!!! Hicks, Ritch and MacArthur all win on the same card, something sounds fishy here?!?!? Congrats to them all.

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  10. Just Sayin' says:

    Wait a minute, a few days ago Freeman posts he wants to fight Tim Smith for a title and now he is retiring???? I guess that must have been some 59 seconds of hell!!!

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  11. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Congrats to Shannon,& B MAC,who btw him & I have already agreed with the promoter that we will be fighting each other at the nxt 5 Star event. Thnx for the tough fight Nick Campbell,I appologize for the first knee to ur nards,the 2nd one wasnt though. Congrats to my Cleber on his victory,u showed what a whole nother level of bjj is. Thnx to my team & to my coach Gigante(ATT). I feel like all the compliments tonight were because of the last 8 weeks with u. respects to everyone on the card.

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  12. Idolmaker says:

    Still too traumatized to talk Marcus hicks. Congrats on the win MacArthur.

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  13. pgfan says:

    Freeman says he’s a brown belt how much did he pay for that. Why try and guiotine a true BJJ Blackbelt.

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  14. Tank Neal says:

    Fights were overall good…freeman got tapped like he was a rookie and hicks looked alright pretty gassed early though and stewart put the lights out early lol…if the promotors are reading this maybe next time dont charge 175 a ticket and have 5 min breaks in between every fight…keep the action rolling

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  15. Fivestar Canada says:

    Thanks to all the fighters and everyone who came out to support the show last night!
    Was a great night of fights and ended with a huge bang from Brad Stewart!
    Havnt seen a knock out like that in a long time!
    I’d say it’s safe to say Brad is back!!!

    Next event coming soon

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  16. Fivestar Canada says:

    Also a shout out to Chad Freeman, this guy is a class act, and anytime he wants to put the gloves back on he has a home with us.

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  17. Idolmaker says:

    He has a home with you for at least 59 seconds.

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  18. Fivestar Canada says:

    Yes 59 seconds, 5 seconds or 15 minutes, whichever, great guy and a hell of a fighter.
    It’s a fight, someone always loses.

    There always has to be one jackass sitting behind a screan name running guys down on here

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  19. Fivestar Canada says:

    Hicks & MacArthur have both agreed to fight

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  20. Idolmaker says:

    Haha I guess I’m that jackass!!! Fivestar rated 2 stars. Betchya Shannon the cannon becomes a champ in your little promotion!!!

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  21. I'll Say It says:

    Sometimes guys change their mind and retire after a tough loss, Here cOmes fighter bashing again, I could be wrong but I haven’t seen Freeman acting like an idiot, So what he wanted to fight Smith for a title, he has been wanting to fight him for awhile,

    Yes he lost quick but his opponent is a bad ass, like Chad said not many people wanted to fight him his original opponent dropped out. Best of luck Chad

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  22. Idolmaker says:

    Yes he has been.

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  23. Puck says:

    Great show! Hicks/Cambell was fight of the night. Ritch looked good as did Cleber. Stewarts KO was nasty period and I’m glad that Beecroft was ok. The slam Peck did was sweet too.

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  24. Mma Mogul says:

    Idolmaker and Donald Duck, keyboard champions.


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  25. I'll Say It says:

    When Idolmaker?

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  26. Idolmaker says:

    He’s a has neen

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  27. Idolmaker says:

    He’s a has been

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  28. I'll Say It says:

    And Tim Smith is ” A Never Was” who gets protected by the promoters,

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  29. Cody Rempel says:

    Putting him up against a guy like Shane Campbell sure is an odd way to “protect” someone!

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  30. Idolmaker says:

    Shady would have beaten him with ease….

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  31. I'll Say It says:

    Big deal 1 fight and was that not at 170? And how did he do against a reL opponent Smith sucks let’s see who they match him up against his next fight, didn’t I see somewhere people wanted Duggan to fight him for the belt, that’s a great fight lol, Not saying Freeman is the best either but he would beat Smith 9 times outta 10

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  32. Freeman says:

    I had a great camp and had no excuses in this fight! I just don’t have it anymore! I had a great career and I never faught cans and alwAys have it my all! I thankyou Fivestar for the opportunity and thanks to everyone that has supported me! Sounds like there are a lot of haters on here and that’s fine! But even the guys that think I’m no good, I faught hard and I faught everyone that wanted to fight!thanks again!

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  33. Thanks for posting Chad and thanks for all your great fights!

    Sorry to see you go.

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  34. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good luck in your future endevaours Chad, I always enjoyed your fights man!

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  35. Lenny wheeler says:

    Your a good fighter and good guy chad, take some time off who knows maybe you will come back one day. Good luck regardless

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  36. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    Chad ur a class guy,i enjoyed being in the same locker as u & Jordan u guys are both standup class guys. Cleber is an animal & the fight went to his world. U did urself & everyone who supports u proud. Im sure ull be back after some time to reflect,but are a beast remember that. Thnx again 5 star fight league,Im looking forward to the nxt show,back to 185 to stay & my fight with Brandon. Who would have ever thought Marcus having to gain weight for a fight lol

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  37. GBBB says:

    $175 for a ticket is actually commom price. I would def pay it again to see Baker vs Stewart #2 is he signed with BFL or going to fight for 5 star.

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  38. PG Sports says:

    Just to clarify the ticket pricing, dinner table seats were $150 each and regular floor seats were $100 and included dinner as well.
    Ticket Master dropped the ball and had them posted at the wrong pricing and did not say on their website anything about dinner.
    Unfortunate for those who did not get tickets, they missed a great show

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