Unified MMA 14 – Edmonton – December 21


Date: December 21, 2012
Venue: Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta
Tickets: (780) 695-6656

Fight Card:
155lbs- Tim Smith (12-7) vs. Matthew Spisak (4-4)
***Lightweight Title Fight

170lbs- Chase Maxwell (8-2) vs. Jarod Milko (5-2)
160lbs- Merrick Duggan (5-1) vs. Neil Doty (3-2)
170lbs- Josh Dugas (3-1) vs. TBA
170lbs- Mark Drummond (3-1) vs. Cassian Alexy (2-2)
130lbs- Michael Banin (2-0) vs. Corey Knapp (6-17)
155lbs- Cole Campbell (0-1) vs. Brent Haley (0-3)

Amateur Fights:
155lbs- Zach Burroughs (1-1) vs. Justin Nanaquawetung (1-0)
135lbs- Eric Huang (0-1) vs. Josh Tse (0-0)
155lbs- Abel Burroughs (0-1) vs. Will Robbins (0-1)
185lbs- Zacahry Williams (0-1) vs. Travis Hodges (0-0)
140lbs- Bruno Marques (0-0) vs. Matthew Holinaty (0-0)

110 Responses to “ Unified MMA 14 – Edmonton – December 21 ”

  1. Parwez Ghulam says:

    I thought i was Fighting in this card. And great card btw. Glad to see Chase is back. Good luck to merrick and neil on their fight hop to see a good brawl and some blood!

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  2. cavemanbully says:

    Milk man will be delivering a milk jug full of pain and entertainment for the fans!!!

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Dustin Greentree vs. Colton Welsh, Eric Huang vs. Matthew Holinaty, Justin Nanaquawetung vs. Josh Eggie and Josh Tse vs. Brent Clarke

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  4. I'll Say It says:

    170lbs- Chase Maxwell (8-2) vs. Jarod Milko (5-2) is gonna be a great fight

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  5. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    WAR Dustin!

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  6. Jerobe says:

    Eric Huang needs to drop to 125

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  7. Truth says:

    Duggan on a win streak and Doty coming off a 16sec loss. Mismatch of the year.

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  8. LBoutin says:

    Jason Tatlow (12-3) is looking for a fight in December. He’s been out of the scene (competition wise) for a few years, but he’d step up and fight Smith if Unified is having trouble finding him an opponent.

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  9. I'll Say It says:

    Good luck LBoutin they will find a can soon enough for Smith, hope I’m wrong and they actually put in a great opponent, they have their top ticket seller Merrick fighting so now it will depend if they want to give some of that cash away lol

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  10. I'll Say It says:

    @LBoutin I don’t know if u manage Tatlow or what but his record is not 12-3 sherdog has him 9-3 Mma.tv 8-2, go by what his official record is it’s funny does anybody ever notice it’s always wins that are missing off records lol

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  11. LBoutin says:

    Jason’s one of my best friends, I’m just trying to help him find a fight.

    He’s fought 15 times and is 12-3 in MMA.

    Sherdog is missing 3 of his fights (oddly enough 3 wins over the same dude -Elmer Waterhen) I can post every fight and result if that would make you feel better about it.

    I know what his actual record is so Why would i post an incorrect one from sherdog or mma.tv and then be questioned about it later…lol

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  12. I'll Say It says:

    Just saying people who don’t know him may look him up and see what I seen, you should contact sherdog and Mma.tv and get his record fixed just trying to help out

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  13. LBoutin says:

    I’ve contacted both several times about the missing fights.

    They are busy and I’m sure they’ll get to it eventually. I don’t think it’s a priority to either site to add a few fights that happened years ago. It took them over 2 years to get a different fight of mine on their records so I don’t hold my breath waiting.

    I won’t ever lie about his or anyone else’s record though.

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  14. LBoutin says:

    Back to the topic at hand, if Unified is looking for a tough fight for Smith, Jason Tatlow will step up and fight.

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  15. Brandon MacArthur says:

    who’s the contact for this card

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  16. BDC says:

    Didnt u fight luke on unifieds show? Sunny still owns it.

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  17. Chad Laprise says:

    I’d love to fight Tim Smith if they will bring Ontario guys in!

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  18. Brandon MacArthur says:

    no kotc man

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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    Brandon… You’ll wanna talk to Sunny Singh

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  20. MMA fans says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  21. Superfighter says:

    I think a lot of people want to watch Merrick and Doty fight. It’s a good fight, what do you think is so wrong with it?

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  22. BDC says:

    I have only see neils first fight and from that only i figure md would take him down and put him away quickly but i have not see him in his later fights maybe he is much better . Neil shuld be fightin guys who stand and bang for an fun fight to watch. But maybe hes improved alot.

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  23. Truth says:

    Duggan vs Doty is a terrible match up cause stylistically they are very different and skill wise they arent in the same class. This fight makes it past the first round and I will be amazed. Duggan by tko ground and pound within 3 mins

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  24. PUCK says:

    Yes , sherdog can be very inacurate a times, just ask Pat Healy

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  25. Justin says:

    Merrick vs Doty: The most savage beat down of the year.

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  26. mma nuts says:

    Merrick vs Doty lol mis match of the year too

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  27. mma fans says:

    I think we really want Merrick to fight a equal opponent same with the Doty kid too, just fair fights but then again we are fans and one sided match ups are at king of cage i didnt think unified would drop this low, whos next Biggs vs seeing eye dog for belt @ 170 fml MMA is gay be a fighter and fight\

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  28. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Matthew Spisak to take on Tim Smith for Lightweight Title, added Abel Burroughs vs. Will Robbins, removed Rocky Biggs, Denny Houle and Jesse Fox

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  29. hey says:

    What a joke!

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  30. James says:

    the sad part is i bet Merrick dont make weight. not even close. i’ll tell you what if he weighs in at 160 than neil might have a chance. if he missed i hope to fuck the comission does something with him. the last fight was not far when he weighed in way over weight.

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  31. AMLEHTC says:

    That last fight didn’t Troy Sorenson way in overweight as well?

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  32. Cody Rempel says:

    We have it as a 158lbs catchweight on the Unfied 11 weigh ins post but I don’t remember if that was a pre-agreed upon weight or a last minute change because one of asked for a catchweight last minute and Troy came in at 156.6


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  33. AMLEHTC says:

    WHat i heard (once again hearsay) is that Troy was over and wanted a catchweight to fit his weight when he found out he was over as well but before official weigh ins happened

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  34. MMAMAMA says:

    @AMLEHTC…Actually, Troy was prepared to weigh in at 155 and was busy cutting the last few pounds the day of the fight when he heard that Merrick could not make weight. He agreed to fight at a 158 catchweight so that the fight could go ahead because he had been preparing to fight (originally against Shady for the belt – the second time Shady backed out of a fight against Troy, and backed out one more since then). He stopped trying to cut weight when he settled on a catch weight and weighed in at 156.6. He could have easily shed the remaining 1.6 that day to fight at 155. Merrick still weighed in over could not make the catch weight either but the fight went ahead. Troy had a lot of things going against him that fight, disappointment of not having a title shot (again), unfair weight advantage, and other personal stressors, but he still fought.

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  35. MMAMAMA says:

    Thumbs down for clearing up the ‘hearsay’? Tough site…lol

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  36. Superfighter says:

    The Troy Merrick fight was at 155 they only made it a catch weight when both didn’t make 155. The weight was changed beside the scale.

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  37. Oilcity30 says:

    Why was Biggs removed?

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  38. MMAMAMA says:

    Sorry Superfighter, you’re wrong on this one.

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  39. AMLEHTC says:

    No colonel sanders,you’re wrong!

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  40. MMAMAMA says:

    Nope, nope I’m not. I was there. But, I don’t really want to argue this point any longer.

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  41. AMLEHTC says:

    So was I, stop lying and making excuses for Troy. Merrick missed weight. I haven’t mentioned how Troy quit in that fight and asked the ref to stop it when he was getting mashed. No excuses, Merrick missed weight and so did Troy

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  42. MMAMAMA says:

    You were there? Then why did you say “WHat i heard (once again hearsay) is that Troy was over and wanted a catchweight to fit his weight when he found out he was over as well but before official weigh ins happened”… Which is it? Hearsay or you were there? I am confused. And Troy did not ask the ref to stop. The ref thought Troy tapped when he was trying to get up. I am sure Merrick will even testify to the fact that Troy didn’t ask the ref to stop. Troy is definitely not a quitter. Not sure what your beef is…

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  43. MMAMAMA says:

    They agreed on a catch weight about 2 hours before weigh-ins, not at the scales as Superfighter says. Again, in 2 hours Troy had to cut 1.6 pounds. Duggan would have had to lose 6.2 pounds in that time.

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  44. Donald Duck says:

    Get a room already.


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  45. Mma says:

    Get over mmamama! U think Troy is first fighter to ever give up weight to his opponent? We’re talking about 6lbs? Yes it was u professional on merricks end but I know fighters who have given up more than 6lbs and still came out with the victory. Stop useing it as ur scapegoat! And we all know that shady was offered to Troy anyway on the 21at and he said didn’t have enough time to prepare! Weird cause Spisack took it on 6 week notice when no one else would

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  46. MMAMAMA says:

    You are 100% correct that Troy was offered the fight. Troy was offered it beginning of October. Troy started training and adjusting his diet to lose the weight. He kept asking Sunny to send the contract asap because Tim had backed out 3 times before and Troy didn’t want this to be another one of these times he prepared and nothing happened. Sunny kept saying he would send the contract and never did. 2 weeks went by and no word. Troy figured it wasn’t going to happen so started eating regularly again. He got word the other day that Sunny was ready to send the contract. Troy did feel that 5 weeks wasn’t enough time to prepare for a title shot so he passed on the opportunity. That is great that Spisak feels it is more than enough time for him to prepare. I think we are missing the point of how this conversation all started. Above, James stated that he bet Merrick will weigh over again and that if he does the commission should do something to him. Then someone commented that Troy weighed over too. I simply stated that he did not weigh over for the agreed upon catch weight so I was uncertain why Troy’s name was being used as an example of a fighter weighing over when there are guys out there who lately have been weighing in 6, 7, 8, 10+ pounds over. That is all.

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  47. Mma says:

    First of all he backed out 3 times? Weird cause as I look through the unified cards it was unified 11 Troy fought Merrick. The card he was suppose to fight shady so that’s once. And what the next 2 unifieds he backed out against Troy? What did Troy do that earned him this tittle shot anyway? Also if I had the chance to fight Troy or Shane def know the choice I’d make…. Odvisouly the one that’d better my carrier. U also said Troy was dieting waiting for the contract that sunny haven’t sent. Then upon non receiving it he started eating regularly.. What’s his regular? Mcd’s? Cause what else could it b that he couldn’t re correct it back to diet mode? Also Troy only fights tittle fights I mean ur already training for a fight dieting down for it if he didn’t think unified is gonna happen y not look for a fight in another organization as there’s cards every weekend?

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    There was talk of fighting Shady in October, didn’t happen. Troy was to fight another time but Shady had injured himself. And the third time he was supposed to fight Shady, Shady said he was busy with his work and family and didn’t have time to train properly (I can appreciate this fact). They were fights that were in discussion with Sunnny. No, Troy doesn’t only fight title shots. He just wanted this one since it never went through before. Yes, perhaps he is choosier about fights now because he lost against Freeman and Duggan. He also probably wants to retire not too far down the road as he is pushing 40 and wants to leave the sport with a winning record and another shot at a title. Troy is not interested in fighting every weekend on any card. He has a young family with 3 kids and a business to run and sometimes, yes, their schedules occupy his time. What has he done to deserve a title? Not my call on that one. Not Troy’s fault he has been offered them. He is 5-4. Two of those losses were when he fought at 170. Spisak is given a title shot and he is 4-4. Talk to the promoters if you don’t like it. Not sure how this thread became a hate on for Troy seeing as he is not even on the card. Sorry I even started the discussion. I have been married to the guy for almost 17 years and will always be his biggest supporter. Good luck to all the fighters on this card. Someone will be going home with a nice shiny belt for Christmas:) And speaking of belts, will someone offer Tyler Davis a title shot already, geez, what does the guy have to do??? Just my 2 cents.

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  49. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Steve Dubeck replaces Spencer Jebb against Josh Dugas, Added Corey Knapp vs. Michael Banin and Cole Campbell vs. Brent Haley, Mike Bell vs. Jevon Marshall and Ryan Rother off the card

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  50. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Travis Cardinal replaces Colton Welsh against Dustin Greentree, Josh Tse replaces Matthew Holinaty against Eric Huang, added Zachary Williams vs. Travis Hodges

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