Bellator 76 Play-by-Play – Fabiano Advances


Wael Saghir is cageside at Bellator 76 in Windsor, Ontario. Here is his play-by-play:

Eddie Alvarez vs. Patricky ‘Pitbull’ Freire
Round 1 – Both immediately take the center of the cage. Alvarez is the first to strike with a leg kick. Alvarez counters a low kick by Pitbull with a right straight that drops the Brazilian. Pitbull immediately gets up and tags Alvarez and rocks him. He rushes Alvarez and gets him up against the cage. Alvarez looks dazed. Alvarez separates and clinches Pitbull against the cage to try to recover. They separate and are both hesitant to strike after getting rocked. Alvarez lands a strong right hand. Solid low kick lands by Pitbull. Alvarez shoots for a takedown but is unsuccessful. Superman punch attempt by Alvarez misses. Pitbull lands a nasty straight. Straight right to body kick combo lands for Pitbull. Alvarez steps in with two right jabs that connect but Pitbull lands a knee. Alvarez goes in firing and Pitbull counters with a couple straights. Alvarez throws a head kick and it lands right on the button as Pitbull drops and the fight finishes. What a crazy finish to an awesome fight.
Alvarez gets the knockout victory at 4:54 of the first round

Nazareno Malegarie vs. Rad Martinez
Round 1 – Malegarie is the early aggressor as he’s firing off jabs and low kicks. Martinez throws a two punch combo that was unable to land. Martinez gets Malegarie up against the cage but is unable to do anything as they separate shortly after. Martinez is hunting him down. Martinez goes for a takedown but Malegarie stuffs it. He continues pushing forward trying to get Malegarie’s leg but is unsuccessful. Martinez lands a nice body punch. Martinez counters a low kick with a straight right. Martinez lands a nice low to high combo. Malegarie lands a few solid shots that push Martinez back. Malegarie clinches and throws a knee but it does not land. What he releases, Martinez lands a nasty hook that has Malegarie wobbling. He continues pushing forward and landing big shots on Malegarie. Malegarie beginning to fire back. Malegarie slips after throwing a right hand and Martinez gets him up against the cage. Martinez continues to batter the Brazilian’s bloody face. Martinez lands a takedown to end a very solid first round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Martinez

Round 2 – Martinez pushing forward and just misses a solid high kick. Malegarie pushes Martinez up against the cage but Martinez is able to reverse the position. They separate and get in tight to exchange punches. Malegarie gets the better of Martinez in the exchange. Another exchange occurs and Martinez lands the better punches this time. Malegarie shoots for a takedown and Martinez fires off several punches but Malegarie is able to complete the takedown. Martinez easily makes his way back up. Martinez continues to land at will. He shoots for the takedown but Malegarie is able to get away. Martinez fires in and lands a couple jabs. Malegarie pushes forward with a few jabs but is unable to land. A nice low kick to punch combination by Martinez. They both land with straight’s. Malegarie is starting to land a bit more and is now pushing forward. He was able to get Martinez up against the cage and land a couple jabs before moving in for a takedown. Martinez reverses positions and separates. The round ends with Martinez once again looking great.
Top MMA News scores another round for Martinez 10-9

Round 3 – Early exchanges are favouring Martinez. He shoots and takes down Malegarie. Malegarie reverses with a phenomenal sweep but Martinez scrambles to his feet. Martinez lands a couple nice stiff jabs. Malegarie pushes forward and begins to throw his hands a little more. Martinez clinches and puts the Brazilian up against the cage. Malegarie lands a nice jab. Malegarie is starting to push forward and he shoots for a takedown. Martinez reverses and gets Malegarie up against the cage. They separate and start to throw bombs. Martinez is definitely getting the better of these exchanges as he pushes Malegarie back. Martinez goes low for a takedown but is unable to complete. He has him pushed up against the cage. He moves off and throws a jab. Martinez lands another jab and Malegarie falls. He is able to get back to his feet but Martinez shoots and completes the takedown. The round ends with Martinez in top position.
Top MMA News scores the third and final round to Martinez and the fight, 30-27
The judges score the contest 30-27 for Rad Martinez who will be the fourth and final Featherweight Tournament Semi-Finalist

Featherweight Tournament Bout
Akop Stepanyan vs. Wagnney Fabiano

Round 1 – Fabiano is the first to swing as he misses a couple of straights and shoots for an unsuccessful takedown. Akop showing some nice hands and lands a solid low kick. Both fighters are having trouble finding their range. Akop lands a solid straight but Fabiano counters with a right hook. Fabiano fires in with a takedown attempt and gets Akop up against the cage. He struggles but finally gets the trip takedown and immediately takes side control. Akop manages to scramble back up but Fabiano refuses to let go. He gets Akop back down and gets back into side control. Fabiano mounts Akop and attacks his arm. He gets a strong hold on it and works on an arm bar. Fabiano flips Akop over and gets the arm bar. Akop refuses to tap for a while but eventually is unable to handle the pressure as he taps. That was a very impressive return to MMA for Wagnney Fabiano.
Fabiano gets the arm bar victory at 3:24 of the first round as Wagnney Fabiano moves on to the Semi-Finals of the Featherweight Tournament

Featherweight Tournament Bout
Jeremy Spoon vs. Mike Richman

Round 1 – Richman shows off his quick jab early. Spoon gets inside but is unable to connect. Richman throws a head kick and lands, knocking Spoon down to the ground. He lands one more shot before ‘Big’ John steps in and stops the fight. Mike Richman has some NASTY striking.
Richman gets the knockout win at 23 seconds of the first round as he advances to the Semi-Finals of the Featherweight Tourney

Simon Marini vs. Ali Mokdad
Round 1 – Marini lands a couple early jabs. They are exchanging early. Marini drops Mokdad with a straight and jumps on top. Mokdad is trying to defend himself but Marini continues to throw. Mokdad gets back to his feet. Mokdad counters a leg kick with a couple nice jabs. Marini lands another big right. He is landing at will and Mokdad so far has no response. Mokdad starting to throw more kicks effectively. He is landing his low kick with consistency. Mokdad pushes forward and lands a few nice straights and gets in a few knees in the clinch. They separate and Ali is beginning to find his range. They both clinch and land a few short shots. Marini slips but Mokdad is unable to take advantage. They are both lands nasty hooks inside. Marini lands a late takedown to secure the round that was getting closer despite the early knockdown.
Top MMA News scores the round for Marini 10-9

Round 2 – Mokdad fades back and avoids a couple of jabs from Marini. Mokdad is effectively using his push kick to help him keep his distance. Mokdad throws a few low kicks. Marini is the aggressor so far but has not been able to do much. Marini lands a nice hook as Mokdad continues to use his kicks. The exchanges have mostly consisted of Mokdad with kicks and Marini going high with punches. Mokdad lands a nice straight right. Mokdad lands a nice high kick that has Marini back pedaling. They both exchange inside and Mokdad goes for a takedown but steps back out. They are both trying to land but neither has been able to effectively land. Mokdad and Marini go in with a wild exchange but Mokdad got the best of him. Marini goes in for a takedown but was unable to finish. He shoots in for another but it is also stuffed.
Top MMA News scores that round for Mokdad 10-9

Round 3 – Mokdad comes out early using his push kicks once again. They both land low kicks. They are beginning to throw combinations at a higher volume. Mokdad comes inside and lands a short hook. Marini lands a nice jab as Mokdad counters with a body kick. They both come inside for a nice exchange where they both land. Marini lands a nice straight right. Mokdad throws a few low kicks that land. Mokdad gets inside and lands a couple nice straights. The fans are chanting “Ali” as Mokdad moves forward and begins to throw his hands a bit more. Marini throws a combination but is unable to land. Marini ducks in for a ttakedown but Mokdad is able to stuff it. As they separate, Mokdad lands a high kick. He is now the aggressor as he has Marini up against the cage. They are both lands but Mokdad seems to be getting the better of the exchanges. Marini lands a nice hook that pushes Mokdad back. Marini shoots for a takedown but it’s once again stuffed. Mokdad finishes the round strong in what was an exciting back and forth bout.
Top MMA News scores the bout 29-28 for the hometown favourite, Ali Mokdad
The judges score this bout 29-28 all across the board for Ali Mokdad as the fans are very pleased to hear the decision.

Featherweight Tournament Reserve Bout
Nayeb Hezman vs. Magomedrasul Khasbulaev

Round 1 – Hezman starts out quick as he lands a couple of nice punches. Khasbulaev counters Hezman`s low kick and throws a nasty overhand that knocks down Hezman. He jumps on top and lands a few punches before the ref steps in and stops the bout.
Khasbulaev gets the quick finish at 24 seconds of the first round

Featherweight Tournament Bout
Cody Bollinger vs. Shahbulat Shamhalaev
Round 1 – Bollinger throws a front kick and slips to the ground but immediately gets up. Bollinger throws a kick that goes low and hits Shamhalaev right in the cup. The fight continues and Shamhalaev throws a nice high kick that misses. Bollinger throws another front kick and Sham catches it and drags him to the ground. He jumps into Bollinger`s guard and Bollinger begins to utilize a rubber guard. He attempted to move into a gogoplata but released it. Shamhalaev is now laying in top position as Bollinger holds him down. Shamhalaev postures up and lands a few punches but Bollinger brings his head back down. Shamhalaev postures up against and begins to throw haymakers on the ground. Shamhalaev is connecting with some nasty ground and pound. Bollinger is trying to scramble away but Shamhalaev is controlling him and continuing to land. Shamhalaev lands a knee to the body of Bollinger and continues to rain down punches. The ref stops the bout as Shamhalaev gets the TKO victory.
Shamhalaev wins the fight via TKO at 4:49 of the first round as he advances to the Semi-Finals of the Featherweight Tournament

Dom O’Grady vs. AJ Matthews
Round 1 – O’Grady moving forward early and trying to be the aggressor. Matthews lands a nice straight but O’Grady continues pushing forward. Matthews lands a powerful leg kick after dodging a couple of O’Grady’s punches. O’Grady is throwing a high volume of punches and getting the better of the exchanges early. Matthews shoots for a takedown and completes it but O’Grady moves for a guillotine. Matthews slips out. O’Grady then throws up a triangle but Matthews gets up and stands. They are back on the feet and O’Grady moves forward. O’Grady throws a few nice combinations that land. Matthews shoots for a takedown but O’Grady is able to stuff it. O’Grady is trying to avoid the clinch and shoots for a takedown unsuccessfully as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores a very close round to O’Grady 10-9

Round 2 – Matthews lands a head kick early that drops O’Grady but was unable to capitalize. They are back on the feet. Matthews lands a big knee in the clinch and is getting the better of the exchanges early in this round. He then continues to land a left hook. O’Grady continues pushing forward but he has been far less successful early in this round. They both move in and land. O’Grady jumps in with a hook but misses and gets jabbed by Matthews. O’Grady lands with a nice body to head combination. O’Grady lands a couple more jabs and has Matthews back pedaling. O’Grady fires in with a nasty combination and drops Matthews and takes top position. O’Grady is pushing Matthews’ head up against the cage and landing a few short punches. He attempts to move into side control and finally gets it. O’Grady is frustrating Matthews from the top and has stolen the round after struggling early.
Top MMA News scores another round for O’Grady 10-9

Round 3 – They both land big in early exchanges. Both fighters are pushing the pace now and seem to have found their range. O’Grady’s boxing has been the difference so far. Matthews lands a nice short hook. They both land big shots in an exchange but O’Grady pushes forward and lands a few more. A nice punch and leg kick combination lands for Matthews. They are both landing some light jabs. O’Grady swings for a couple haymakers and unsuccessfully shoots for a takedown. O’Grady slips under a hook from Matthews and lands a short jab. Matthews beginning to throw more leg kicks. A flying double knee by Matthews barely misses. O’Grady and Matthews both land big hooks. Both continue to land to a nice finish to a solid fight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Matthews and the fight for O’Grady 29-28 in a very close one.
The judges score the fight 29-28 for Matthews, 29-28 for O’Grady and the final judge scores the fight 29-28 for Dom O’Grady

Chad Laprise vs. Ainsley Robinson
Round 1 – Both fighters hesitant to engage. Robinson throws a haymaker that misses. Robinson lands a right hook and Laprise moves back. Laprise steps in and they both land. Robinson is getting the better of the early exchange as he throws wildly. Robinson is landing with his right hook consistently. Laprise connects and drops Robinson. Robinson begins to throw bombs and holding on for dear life. Laprise is starting to pick apart Robinson with hooks and uppercuts. Robinson desperately shoots for a takedown and after struggling, finally completes it. Laprise gets back to his feet. Laprise lands a nice elbow. Laprise gets Robinson up against the cage and starts to connect consistently. Robinson goes for another takedown and cannot complete it. Laprise drops Robinson but was unable to finish. Robinson gets back to the feet but is wobbling. He shoots again but was unable to finish. Laprise continues dominating Robinson on the feet to finish the round.
Top MMA News scores the round for Laprise 10-9

Round 2 – Both guys start the round slowly and are looking for openings. Robinson pushes forward with a flurry of punches but was unable to connect on any. Laprise ducks under an overhand haymaker by Robinson and lands a short jab. Laprise has found consistency in his range. Robinson goes for a takedown but it is stuffed. Robinson lands with a couple of nasty hook and clinches with Laprise. Laprise separates and tries to clinch. Robinson is just throwing wild bombs and is starting to land. Laprise lands a couple nice straights and avoids another haymaker. They both landed on wild exchanges. Laprise had Robinson up against the cage and shot for a takedown. Laprise stuffed it and continues to pick him apart. They are both landing now as Laprise clinches. Laprise has him wobbled once again and Robinson shoots for another failed takedown.
Top MMA News scores another one for Laprise 10-9

Round 3 – Robinson comes out aggressively throwing and misses with a big head kick. Laprise patiently trying to find his openings. Robinson lands with a powerful body punch. Laprise is now moving forward and pressuring Robinson. Laprise has Robinson covering him. Robinson trying to slow down Laprise with leg kicks. Laprise lands a nasty straight. Robinson looks gassed. Laprise finished a solid trip takedown by Laprise to take top position. He moves into the half guard and is trying to move into the mount. He mounts Robinson and takes his back and tries to lock in the choke. He does not seem to have the choke locked in. Robinson scrambles out but Laprise takes his back once again. Robinson finishes the round from top position but was unable to do anything as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores another round for Laprise as he should be able to win this 30-27
The judges score the bout for Chad Laprise 30-27 all across the board

Jason Fischer vs. Kyle Prepolec
Round 1 – Front kick by Prepolec. Fischer moving forward and throwing kicks. Fischer clinches with Prepolec and goes for a takedown. Fischer continues to position for a takedown up against the cage. Prepolec is trying to cause separation using knees. Fischer throws a high kick. They both land straights. Prepolec gets a big takedown and is working for half guard. Fischer begins working for an arm bar and then switches to a heel hook. Prepolec escapes and gets back to his feet. Prepolec throws strong straight left. Prepolec is now landing up Fischer with jabs. Fischer ducks under and gets a takedown. Prepolec is active from the bottom. Fischer moves and attempts to go for side control but gets stuck in the half guard. He is now moving towards the mount and ends the round getting some nice ground and pound.
Fischer steals the round late 10-9

Round 2 – Fischer ducks under a head kick and gets a big takedown early in the round. Prepolec manages to get back to his feet and gets Fischer up against the cage. Fischer pushes back with a clinch and they separate. Fischer immediately moves forward and gets another takedown. Prepolec locks him up in the guard while Fischer throws some short elbows. Fischer continues throwing from top position. Prepolec scrambles and gets Fischer down and takes side control. He did not maintain a heavy base and Fischer was able to scramble and get a Prepolec on his back. Fischer takes side control and begins pounding the hometown favourite. Fischer goes for a kimura and Prepolec scrambles out of it. He takes top control but Fischer moves for a triangle arm bar.
Fischer takes another round but this time more dominantly 10-9

Round 3 – Fischer comes in aggressively and lands a nice straight right but misses with the head kick. Fischer lands three kicks to the body and pushes Prepolec back. He forces him up against the cage. Fischer pulls Prepolec off the cage and gets another nice takedown. Fischer is active from top position and moves to the half guard and throws body shots. Fischer throws a few short elbows to get some separation. He pops out of the guard and takes side control and moves to the mount. Prepolec is trying to turn out of the mount and Fischer attempts to lock in an arm triangle. He locks it in and forces the tap out.
Fischer wins via arm triangle choke at 3:19 of the third round

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  1. KeeSmyth says:

    This was an awesome Bellator card, Mike Richman and Eddie Alvarez had sick knockouts

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  2. Great performance by Fabiano as well.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Wagnney is a killer.

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  4. woodrow says:

    awesome event……….all 4 fw tourny fights were fun to watch!!!! Alvarez is an animal!!!

    props to the local guys too, Chad Laprise, Dom Ogrady, Ali Mokdad, Simon marini and Kyle prepolec!!! all put on good fights, proud to clal them friends!!!

    the armbar fabiano had on was hard to watch!!!! ouch

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