Havoc FC 1 – Calgary – December 14


Date: December 14, 2012
Venue: Century Casino in Calgary, Alberta
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Pro Fights:
170lbs- Nathan Gunn (9-3) vs. George Belanger (5-4)
155lbs- Wolfgang Janssen (2-0) vs. Aaron Armstrong (4-2)
130lbs- Mike Davis (9-3) vs. Adam Bodwell (2-2)
155lbs- Dia Grant (5-8) vs. Curtis Blackmore (2-4)
170lbs- Chris Mattock (1-0) vs. Matt Krayco (4-3)
145lbs- Andrew Bard (2-3) vs. Jesse Arnett (1-2)
170lbs- Elvis Vukaj (0-0) vs. Tyler O’Brien (1-4)

Amateur Fights:
185lbs- Dusty Kramps (1-1) vs. Cody Evans (0-0)
170lbs- Dan Westbrook (0-1) vs. Donovan Hack (0-0)

220 Responses to “ Havoc FC 1 – Calgary – December 14 ”

  1. PUCK says:

    ?…..So anyone have anything relevent to speak about…maybe the fight card?

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  2. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    good luck to my teammate and monster Andrew Bard. KP baby building beasts.

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  3. Machine says:

    @puck Well There’s pro and cons to this card. ONE we will get to see a cocky, delusional bum who trains on a chair get smashed in Bodwell. War Mike! Two we don;t have to watch Oneill fight as he is a complete bum. Other then that rest of the card looks entertaining.

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  4. Update: Added Chaleur Jones vs Sarah McRann,

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  5. harry balls says:

    If you guys weren’t so lazy, you’d know Mike Davis’ training vid has been up on youtube for ages…..

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  6. Tyler Davis says:

    One word….intimidating

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  7. cavemanbully says:

    i clicked on the link beliving it was an actual Mike davis Training video …and it was. Mike you should never of shaved off the stash

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  8. Tyler Davis says:

    Who can keep that pace

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  9. Ryan Machan says:

    It’s Lynnell House vs chaluer jones

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  10. Taylor Bonogofski vs Andrew Kloot is off.

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  11. Bobby Karimi says:

    I will be at this event cheering on Gunner and Mike Davis!
    Glad to see Nathan back out west were he’s built a good name and following for himself. Win or lose Gunner puts it down and always give a solid performance.

    Also, I’ll be the by far best looking & sexiest guy at one of the tables if anyone wants to come by and chat or punch me in the face.

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  12. booboo says:


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  13. tyler davis says:

    I’ll be at the table behind BKB throwing things at him………lol jk Fighters can’t afford tables lol

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  14. Mike Davis says:

    “Taylor Bonogofski vs Andrew Kloot is off.”

    Shame this fight was going be great.

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  15. Tyler Davis says:

    Taylor Bonogofski THROWS DOWN!!!!! very entertaining fighter too bad that got scrapped. im sure it would have been a brawl

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  16. Havoc FC says:

    On behalf of myself and Havoc FC we’d like to apologize to Chaleur Jones and Lynell House for the cancellation of their bout. As big fans of women’s mma we were greatly anticipating their bout on Friday night. Unfortunately ,Lynell’s participation in an amateur bout in Edmonton precluded her from competing in Calgary without a mandatory 90 day suspension and a MRI ( a 1200$ cost)
    Lesson learned for us as a promotion but it’s also a bit of a warning to those amateurs who may be considering fighting in Edmonton, that they will be limiting themselves from fighting in ammy friendly promotions in Calgary.
    Fortunately we still have a fantastic line-up of fights on Friday night and are looking forward kicking back and seeing some killer battles. Any guesses for fight of the night?
    Gary Vig
    Co Director
    Havoc FC

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  17. tyler davis says:

    Wolfgang and Armstrong for fotn

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  18. ASSASSIN says:

    MRI is $750 in Calgary. We paid for one for a Medicine Hat fighter to compete Nov 2.

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  19. Havoc FC says:

    Thanks Steve good to know.

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  20. At a private clinic in Edmonton about 300

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