KOTC: Genesis – Weigh In Results


King of the Cage makes their return to Calgary tomorrow night. Tyler Davis looks for his 7th straight victory in the main event against Phil Descahmbeault. Here are the weigh in results for tomorrows event:

Pro Fights:
150lbs- Tyler Davis (149) vs. Phil Deschambeault (141)
145lbs- Noah Ali (144.5) vs. Jesse Veltri (145.5)
155lbs- Adam Farr (157, 156 2nd try) vs. Curtis Blackmore (155)
143lbs- Agostino DeNatale (142.5) vs. Mike O’Neill (143)

Amateur Fights:
135lbs- John Young (137.5, 137 2nd try) vs. Austin Ryan (135)
135lbs- Ryan Williams (134) vs. Douglas Monfee-Smith (134.5)
155lbs- Jemark Brady (153.5) vs. Adam Wills (153)
155lbs- Trent House (155) vs. Cody Brown (158.5, 156.5 2nd try)

30 Responses to “ KOTC: Genesis – Weigh In Results ”

  1. stanley says:

    LMAO what a pityful card. More like queen of the cage. pathetic

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  2. Freddie says:

    141? How much smaller is this guy? If he not cutting weight, Davis will be 20-30 pounds heavier at fight time. Poor matchmaking IMO

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  3. papathongo says:

    dislike my comment if you like but this card is pretty bad.

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  4. liam says:

    You obviously don’t know who these guys are, most of the guys on here are fucking beasts

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  5. 80085 says:

    @ liam….who are the beasts you are talking about? Tyler davis? 8-2 taking on phil 4-5 weighing in at 141 lol what is he doing! that was set set for 145 guess tyler knew he wasn’t going to make it and stupid phil ok’d that weigh in day? jeez phil’s going to get beating to a pulp and wont even get 25% extra for it.
    who’s the other beasts? auggie? a beast at bantam weight for sure or as a straight kick boxer.
    Is Veltri one of the beasts?
    I’m not going to say this is a awesome card as it was before the cancellations. It’s only falls short for one reason bad timing theres to many other shows this month in the area

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  6. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Agostino DeNatale is a beast

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  7. Cbrown15 says:

    I’m gonna have fun fighting Trent house

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  8. Just Laughable says:

    C Brown first you better learn how to fight off the dunkin donuts and make weight

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  9. G.O says:

    It’s to bad about this card it was looking like it was going to fight through and be a memorable show. On the bright side of it all there are still some diamonds in here.
    unfortunately i dont think the main event is one of them, as it’s going to be very very one sided.
    The fights i think will be the ones to see, are in (going to take heat for this but i think Noah and Veltri will shock people and may not be as one sided as all may think. But clearly DeNatale vs O’Neill (should honestly be the main event)
    will be a crazy good fight. DeNatale IS a beast at any weight class and will show it tomorrow, that being said despite what others think O’Neill has proven to be no push over and is going to be the biggest test to Agostino since his lone loss to jesse gross (a bigger fighter) Problem with O’Neill is he’s like (i said LIKE) Vitor Belfort only in that you dont know which O’Neill is going to show up are we going to get that aggressive guy who swings first and jumps right in and finishes a guy quick or are we going to get the guy who fought Fisette and be passive for the most part. Any ways hate the comment or like it i dont care there just my thoughts pretty sure saying the Veltr fight will be good hung myself tho lol

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  10. Just Laughable says:

    Please never insult Vitor again like that!!!!!! How disrespectful of you

    All Oneill has ever proven is he makes and has excuses about weight cuts and being sick before EVERY ONE of them and also has a top knotch excuse for every loss.

    Oneill is not talented enough to carry Gross’s water bucket

    The only advantage Oneill has in this fight and it is a BIG one is he will have major size advantage at fight time

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  11. Jerobe says:

    Yup Tyler Davis loooooooves taking tough fights…. lol lol

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  12. Idolmaker says:

    I’m glad because after he miraculously beat Quinn, he wouldn’t shut up for a month. Almost like he won the silver medal in synchronized swimming or something.

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  13. ginger says:

    Rumor has it Tyler has a violence bonus in his contract so one sided or not its gonna be fun to watch. Noah is a beast and always puts on a good show Adam Farr hasn’t fought for about 3 years its gonna be fun seeing him back in the cage, cavemans last fight was a disgusting head kick right of the bat plus a bunch of great ammys always ready to put on a show its going to be a wicked night of fights even without the major star power

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  14. Cbrown15 says:

    win or lose i’ll put on a good show, i can guarntee that

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  15. G.O says:

    What is just laughables issues with constantly bad mouthing fighters? the guy is doesn’t fight so cant back up any of his banter, He never moves on ether it seems as for my comment clearly pointed out LIKE belfort only in the way of you dont know which guy is coming to fight, thats called a comparison and a comparison of 1 trait and if i were to compare him to some one who no one knows it wouldn’t make sense to much people or get my point across, jesus It’s Idiot haters like you who have no place in life. It’s never intelligent on constructive it’s always something stupid.
    Move on guy, dont be a douche bag your whole life. most of us who go on here are fans or recreational guys who train it not competitive fighters. And i dont think your ether you come across as a guy who has inferiority complexes.

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  16. idol says:

    Agostino and Tyler Davis are the only.beast on this card….

    Overall this card.sucks.for king of the cage. Hard luck.

    And @ G.O – mark my words and I want you to come back on here tomorrow and apologize . Ali will destroy Veltri inside one round.

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  17. Cbrown15 says:

    i’ll fight justlaughable in the cage, someone set it up

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  18. Robin Black says:


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  19. Robin Black says:


    I am sorry.

    (Do not mess with any Denetales)

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  20. Robin Black says:

    but seriously watch this guy fight man you guys are in for a treat

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  21. stormy says:

    Is this streaming anywhere by chance? I want to sit home with my chips and dip and watch viper veltri corner dudes after his mysterious injury that is about to happen backstage. But seriously….is there a stream?

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  22. Gunner says:

    Keith do we have anyone there to keep us updated on the fights ?

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  23. Konrad says:

    Tyler never takes tough fights??? I guess Quinn is a bum??? I thought Quinn was in top 10 or just outside of it and it wasn’t miraculously it was skill and hard work. And that’s funny idol maker I don’t know your real name but assume u have never even had a fight and won’t shut up

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  24. idol says:

    like i said, Ali inside one round! G.O. you’re fuckin mental

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  25. Idolmaker says:

    Konrad, you piece of shit lint hanging off Tyler’s nutsack, go fuck yourself! That is all!

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  26. G.O says:

    lol yes Ali won in the first but i never said jesse’s going to win. All i stated was it was not going to be a crappy wash through fight it was a decent and entertaining fight and i wont apologise for having an opinion about it. I wish i would of predicted O’Neill to win and win big if auggie didn’t grab the fence he was going to get slammed HARD lol

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  27. idol says:

    pow right in the kisser

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  28. Cbrown15 says:

    hats off to trent house, hes a fucking beast, im sure he can do well against alot of pro 155er’s, this was my first fight in the cage, and i couldnt be happier with the opponent i faced, he was strong and very good standing up, he fucking gave it to me, i took alot of his best shots, and kept coming at him, i have alot to work on, but im happy i fought trent, and enjoyed every second of being in the cage, thanks to king of the cage canada for having me, and to everyone who came out and supported trent, and thanks to trent for beating the shit out of me, which is going to make me a better fighter

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  29. real talk says:

    good luck

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  30. real talk says:

    being on weight is step one!

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