Slamm 1 (Tristar Fights) – Montreal – November 30


Date: November 30, 2012
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Tickets: TicketPro

Fight Card:
170lbs- Alex Garcia (7-1) vs. Stephane Lamarche (8-12)
155lbs- Olivier Aubin-Mercier (2-0) vs. Jordan Jewell (2-1)
170lbs- Dominic Trépanier (0-0) vs Jordan Turcotte (0-0)
155lbs- Mandell Nallo (0-0) vs. Joseph Latour (1-3)
135lbs- Aiemann Zahabi (0-0) vs. Kyle Vivian (0-5)
145lbs- Ryan Hall (0-1) vs Phil Deschambeault (4-5)
145lbs- Mario Pereira (0-0) vs Michael Dufort (0-1)
135lbs- Robin Black (3-5) vs. Derek Charbonneau (0-0)

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  1. sorry…its the 30th of November. Not the 23rd.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Robin Black vs. Derek Charbonneau

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  3. Mike Davis says:


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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added updated fight card and name changed to Slamm 1

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  5. gorgeous george says:

    Blows my mind…a guy with 8 fights against a guy with 0 fights. It would never happen in Ontario.

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Ya Ontario would probably turn it down because they’d worry he’s got too much experience for me.

    His 9 amateur boxing and kickboxing fights and 8 amateur MMA fights vs my 3 pro wins.

    Yep, you’re right, the Ontario commission might think I’m not ready for him.

    I still think its a pretty fair one tho so I accepted despite all that.

    What do you do in MMA in Ontario george? Have you faced these kind of challenges before?

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  7. Robin Black says:

    The statistically and anecdotally informed nerds over at have 53% of the action on me and 47% on Derek making it the closest (numbers-wise) contested fight on the card so far.

    Fortunately we don’t fight with numbers and that crap is irrelevant.

    I’m beyond excited and I plan to win.

    Back to training have a great day.

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  8. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Is there an error with Garcia’s opponent(record)?

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  9. ottawa fun says:

    Lamarche is a tough tough competitor and has faught some talent guys in his time its a mistake to underestimate him he’ll be ready for garcia

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  10. Just Laughable says:

    Holst is a small 170 and he handled Lemarche easily, Garcia will destroy him and quickly

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  11. MKB says:

    A lot of these fights seem like mismatches.

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  12. @MKB…Let’s just say that Tristar will have a good night.

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  13. gorgeous george says:

    Robin, I am just a huge fan of MMA and former boxer that can never fight again. I just hear from other guys on here that OAC is very tough about the number of fights each fighter has..All i saw on here is you have had 8 pro fights? and the other guy has had none? and that is all i see or anyone else’s sees..It doesn’t mentioned anything about the amature fights he has had or you have had. At the end of the day…Good Luck and hopefully we get to see you fight in Ontario. Anyone that gets in a cage earns my respect…It takes balls to step in a cage.

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  14. Kru Truth says:

    I don’t think that’s a former boxer Robin I think that’s Garnet Ace but don’t let it bother you Robin lotsa people behind you work hard and you will prevail.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    lol that’s not Garnet!

    Poor Garnet, whenever someone posts who sounds like they have a touch of promoting experience someone says its Garnet.

    Garnet is a good dude.

    Doesn’t bother me man, george is probably right (and I was being facetious earlier) Ontario would be hesitant, even with his amateur experience.

    But I know its a fair fight for my sorry 43 year old ass, and I’m really excited for it.

    I’ve fought a couple guys like Perez and Laudiscer that are upper tier guys, and I’ve fought guys close to my level. Never asked for an easy fight and don’t want one.

    I want a realistic fair fight that I will lose unless I perform well and Derek is that. Hell, he went to a 3rd round with Aiemman Zahabi.

    At this point this is for the love of it and to acquire more real world experience that I can bring to my real job, calling fights. I’ve never had a decision, never seen a 3rd round, never knocked someone out, never landed an elbow, never been poked in the eye, lots of holes in my experience.

    This is going to be a great show and I am so happy to be a little part of it.

    Btw, I am winning this or my name isn’t Sean Quinn.

    Party on.

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  16. Brodes says:

    Good post^^^
    how can anyone not like this guy? Robin is one of the best things to happen to Canadian mma.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Eeeeaaaasssy Brodes.

    An overexcited and waaaaaay overstated “one of the best things to happen to Canadian mma” is liable to get us both mocked mercilessly. Or worse. (And rightly so.)

    Still man, thank you for saying that brother.

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  18. mike kent says:

    funny how you can go from foe to fan but this robin black character is growing on me , lol how can anyone not like this guy. When im not training im fighting , when im not fighting im watching fights , when im eating im talking fighting or typing nonsense on here becuase i love it lol

    you get that same feeling from RObin , he shaped his life around MMA and you cant deny his passion for it

    Hope you go out there and put on an ass kicking robin

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Mike you fukkin sonovabitch :)

    We will get drunk together and watch fight soon I hope.

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  20. Demitri (trev) says:

    Some days I really like robin some days I think he’s the biggest douch. But I do like how he whole heartedly wants the best for the sport.

    Robin, question though. I know it’s been a while since you fought. But with 8 fights, why are you fighting a guy with 0? Does he have an ammy background of anything?

    This is not knock, just curious

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  21. Jamie Locke says:

    ^ Check post #6…

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  22. Kru Truth says:

    With all due respect to Robin, he’s never exactly been anywhere near a top fighter.
    He’s coming back on a 2 fight losing streak after an 18 month layoff due to a battle with thyroid cancer from what I understand (and I notice he isn’t making a big deal outta that either).
    Fighting a debuting guy with 7 or 8 amateur kickboxing fights and half a dozen amateur mma fights sounds about right to me.

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  23. Robin Black says:

    Thanks (I think?)


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  24. gorgeous george says:

    Hello Robin, Sorry if I offended you in any way. My real name is Joel and I am fan off WWE Gorgeous George. Most of the young people on here would’t know who he is or was. Wish you continued success in and out of the cage.

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  25. jay says:

    Dont let Lamarche record fool you,, His fight with Holst was on very short notice. Usually a guy wont even take a fight like this in that short notice. Garcia he had time to have a proper camp and is an absolute animal. I think :Lamarche is gonna suprize alot of people….. Good luck to all fighters on this card.

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  26. Updated the card with weighs and ticket link.

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  27. Casper says:

    Almost every fight is a mismatch

    Wow, Jordan Jewell…I say his last fight…six years ago

    Zahabi trying to get his brother any easy win

    3 guys making debuts fighting 0-4 and 1-3 fighters…great job done by their managers…horrible matchmaking by the promoters

    Garcia and Simms are animals, no matter who they fight

    Robin Black is an international superstar sensation/intergalactic rockstar. It is a privilege just having him in the building, let alone fighting on the card

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  28. barrie says:

    Shame on you tri star for setting this card for your guys, most fans of mma will never know the diff but i do and think you guys should feel a little slimey for the courageless matches hre, this is ahainst everything that a martial artist should stand for.. There is no reson for most of these fights, no testing of skill here. just greaszy matchmaking

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  29. barrie says:

    If u put thumbs down for this one i know where you keep that thumb , one of two places take your pic..

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  30. smash says:

    I think they brought in Jewell to lose, however he hasnt stopped training since his last fight 35 years ago. He an extremely talented very well rounded mixed martial artist. Im willing to bet he smashes that francophone.

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  31. barrie says:

    Yhere is one match that is fair and that is the robin workblack vs derrick charbaneau fight. derrick use your sprawl and come back with hands after every take down attempt itl work

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  32. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Aubin-Mercier is a serious com

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  33. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Serious competitor. He’s a high level judoka and has very high level bjj with decent striking.

    Great fight.

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  34. barrie says:

    I absolutly agree but he will win without testing his skill and heart easy fight for him

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  35. smash says:

    Then this should be a great tilt Marc-Andre!!!

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  36. PUCK says:

    I don’t like being a hater but this card looks like a whole lot of mismatches to me? Weird for Tri-star being such a high level gym they would even be into being a part of this? The whole card will only last 8 mins or so?

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  37. Joseph L says:

    I am not sure where this is coming from to be honest with you all, I am on this card with a 1-3 record all three losses coming from 2 people. I always put on a show and I never remember feeling like being outclassed or matched in any of my fights, granted I’m being flown in to lose to a tristar native but why is this a surprise I have never fought in my native Ontario so even as a Amateur I was always suppose to lose (according to the promoters) just one of the perks of fighting a hometown guy. My opponent is super tough and talented but the day my opponent isn’t I will just stay home and wrestle with my little sister. You you aint never losing that means you aint fighting the right people. At the end of the day were all pros and none of us are training to lose. What one guy does to another has no impact on what happens if he fights another, people match up differently. Obviously Trisstar is going to try as hard as they can to get there pros starting with a winning record, there are fighters in Alaska with 18-0 records who dont know how to throw a jab your actual fight record means nothing to me, who’s on your record tells the real story. Just my Humble opinion.Good luck to all my collegues currently training to lose in a combined 8 minutes.

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  38. Oilcity30 says:

    Curious with all I’ve heard about zahabi why they would feed this poor Vivian guy to him. I know he hasn’t fought pro yet but come on o-5 think he can handle a little challenge can’t he. What an
    upset if Kyle pulled this off

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  39. randomlol says:

    is kyle even getting paid to still fight or does he pay them now lol

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  40. barrie says:

    Every fighter pays a price one way or another, you dick chrw, do you fight or only with your index finger

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  41. harry balls says:

    link to buying tix?

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  42. Its there on the card. Ticketpro

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  43. Updated the card. Couple TBDs now.

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  44. PUCK says:

    I do truely mean no disrespect to any fighter on this card it just seems a bit one sided is all? I would love nothing more than to see a whole card of upsets….but I’ll put my money on the guys with winning records almost everytime.

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  45. Tuffman says:

    @robin and georgeousgeorge. Let’s be honest MMA is a scrap when two grow ass men sign a contract to agree to fight eachother all records aside its time to bang. If in Ontario these two guys met in the street and it would have to go down, no record matters. Gotta respect all fights because at the end of the day it’s still a fight! That’s why you always respect fighters like. Bj penn, Diaz bros, and Anderson silva. They don’t backdown from no one fighting everyone even out of their weight classes

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  46. Updated the entire card

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  47. MMAmgmt says:


    I agree with smash, anybody that overlooks Jewell is in for a surprise. I’ve seen him preparing for this fight and he looks like all he’s been doing is fighting for the past 6 years.

    Aubin-Mercier is in for a long night on Friday

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  48. I’m excited to see both Robin and Jordan back in the cage. They both did part of their training at Para Bellum, and they looked very sharp. Both of these guys are sparing regularly, and at a high intensity level, with competitive active fighters. They are both ready to fight, and both their opponents are in for a long night.
    Robin is great for MMA, his love of the sport is infectious. Jordan is one of the most intense hardest working guys I’ve had the pleasure of training with, and he is a natural killer.
    Some of the other match ups are questionable to say the least.

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  49. EPerez says:

    Zahabi has a tough test on his hands.

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  50. Franchise says:

    Is this viewable live online?

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