TJ Grant Recaps UFC 152 Fight of the Night Performance


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While  his fight with Evan Dunham may have been bumped off the main card for UFC 152 last Saturday, TJ Grant was able to put on the best performance of  his career.  Not only did he get a unanimous decision win and stay unbeaten as a Lightweight, he was also able to win a $65 000 bonus for fight of the night.  When getting his thoughts on the fight Grant knew something special was going to happen.

“It was everything I expected the fight to be and I knew Evan was going to bring the fight and I knew I was going to bring the fight and it had the recipe for a great fight on paper,” says Grant.   “Obviously my goal out there was to win and finish the fight but half way through the first round I pretty much realized I was in a fight of the night.  I was still trying to take him out with every shot, but I knew we were going to both stand in front of each other and throw down and that is pretty much what we did.”

What made the fight so great was that Grant decided to keep it on his feet and showcased his striking.  Grant really did not even try and take it to the ground where he has had success for most of his career.  As to why he decided to keep the fight standing, it is basically the evolution of his fight career.

“I think at this point fighters in the UFC better be well rounded and they have to assume you are well rounded,” says Grant. “Anything can happen when you stand up and throw punches.   If you were just to fight me and look at my record and say oh he has a bunch of submission wins, he is just a ground guy, you would be in for a rude awakening.  At this point, all of my opponents are studying film and they know what I am all about and they know how I fight and how my skills have come along and I do the same thing.  If I see something on video that my opponent does or doesn’t do well, I assumed they fixed  it since the last fight.  You always have to expect your opponents to evolve and become better and be more dangerous.  I always want to fight the best guy. I expect them to be at their best that night and I got to prepare accordingly.”

With the win Grant gets a big boost in the Lightweight rankings in the UFC and, as a result, he should get main card billing against one of the top level guys in the Lightweight division in his next fight.  The win on Saturday could possibly have him battle for the top spot in the Top MMA News rankings for Lightweight.

As for any plans with the bonus money Grant said he has no plans for it but that it is nice to have it there because you never know what is going to happen.  I am sure for now he will not mind taking a little break to spend some quality times with loved ones and getting a chance to catch up on some NFL football and make sure his fantasy team has as much success as he is having in the UFC.

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