Fortin and Rama Battle for Right to Face The Honey Badger


Fortin connects against Kilkenny (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Fighters never like to look ahead. They have a smart and simple approach – focus on the fight in front of them, worry about future battles later on.

Figuring what may lie ahead is the job of writers, pundits, talk show hosts, and bloggers. So when fighters like Smealinho Rama and Ryan Fortin get down to business at MFC 35: Explosive Encounter, they’ll have nothing else on their minds other than the brawny opponent staring back at them from the other corner. Those sitting at ringside have the duty of forecasting the future.

And when it comes to Rama and Fortin, there is easy equation for what their future may hold. The answer is Mike Hackert.

Rama (4-0) and Fortin (6-3) square-off in much-anticipated heavyweight clash at MFC 35 taking place on Friday, October 26 at the Mayfield Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, and live on AXS TV across the United States. The card will then air on tape-delay across Canada on TSN2.

Rama and Fortin are regarded as two of the most prominent heavyweights in Canada. Hackert (6-1) is far and away the consensus top dog amongst Canadian heavys, climbing all the way to No. 35 ( in the world rankings after his first-round destruction of Tim Hague at MFC 34.

Rama made a good first impression in his organizational debut, dispatching hard-nosed veteran Lee Mein in short order. While he has big power thanks to his formidable size, the Calgary, Alberta, product might be better served taking his opposition to the ground where his frame can be used to cement a ground-and-pound attack or submission game (Rama holds two wins via tapout).

On the other hand, Fortin has all the tools to be a real threat to top-rated heavyweights. Seeded No. 92 in the world rankings, Fortin has imposing size at six-foot-six and 265 pounds of beef to move around not being an easy task. But a Fortin win is by no means a given despite the more solid resume that includes a knockout win over hard-headed legend Dan Severn.

The Wetaskiwin, Alberta product, who now lives in Fort St. John, B.C., hasn’t reached big-time potential mostly due to a lack of qualified training. Imagine where and what he’d be with a few stints at a renowned camp like Jackson’s or Tri-Star. Fortin has been given golden opportunities before, but while he’s a perfect 3-0 under the banner of feeder system Heat XC, he is 0-3 under the MFC lights, losing twice by decision and once via second-round submission.

When it comes down to Fortin, a win or loss will entirely rest on his own shoulders.

And so while Fortin and Rama size each other up, those on the outside of the ring can play “what ifs” with Hackert being the end result.

Hackert put forth a fantastic performance in his much ballyhooed rematch with Hague and earned a result that fittingly marked his first victory by way of stoppage after five wins all coming via decision.

So “The Honey Badger” will get to sit back and wait for his next foe. Whoever that will be will surely need to find a way to handle Hackert’s fast hands and potent inside striking game which lit up Hague in their rematch. Hackert and his next opponent will know their respective fates following Explosive Encounter.

Tickets for MFC 35 are on sale now and available exclusively through the MFC Ticket Hotline by calling (780) 504-2024.

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  1. MFCRocks says:

    Fortin vs Rama somebody is going nighty, night

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  2. very good fight.

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  3. Idolmaker says:

    3 comments on the “number 1” promotion in Canada…. Bush league!!!!

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  4. MMA Madness says:

    Number 1 MMA promotion that never leaves Edmonton, uses a boxing ring and is run by a markup wearing wanna be gangster prick.
    Total bush league!

    Also, Fortin will run thru this guy

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