Brad Cardinal on “Genesis” Main Event: “Wherever the Fight Goes…I’m Ready”


Brad “The Bonesaw” Cardinal will be looking to further entrench his status as one of Canada’s leading lightweights on October 5th, when he faces off with Shawn Fitzsimmons at King of the Cage Canada’s “Genesis” card. When Cardinal steps into the cage to fight the American Fitzsimmons, the established fighter will be hunting for his third straight victory and 17th pro win.

“I don’t like to look past the opponent that’s in front of me,” said the 34 year-old Cardinal, when asked whether he’s hoping to work his way into the KOTC Canadian title shot mix with a win. “He’s a tough opponent, so right now my crosshairs are on Shawn.”

Cardinal, who began competing professionally in 2004, is coming off a first round armbar submission win over Travis Briere, which took place at KOTC Canada’s “Unified” event in April.

“I’d be open to it,” the Champion’s Creed fighter added while discussing his title shot aspirations. “It’s something I’d be in to; the UFC is the direction I’d like to go and this could be something that will help me get there.”

Fitzsimmons is also coming off a win, as the Las Vegas fighter scored a second round, submission win over Paul Bird, while competing for a Millenium Events card in August. The only man to defeat the former welterweight in his last four fights is the highly regarded UFC veteran John Alessio.

“I only know what I’ve seen on Youtube,” said Cardinal, when asked to break down his opponent. “It looks like he’s been fighting a long time; he’s got fights that date back quite a long ways.”

“I’ve noticed a ton of improvement lately,” added Cardinal, who is 7-3 in his last 10 fights. “Obviously you’re pretty green when you start but he’s come a long ways. Looks like he’s in really good shape, he’s aggressive and comes forward to push the pace. I’m expecting a tough and exciting fight.”

A review of Cardinal’s extensive resume demonstrates his abilities to finish a fight, as only one of his 16 pro victories has come via decision.

“I think you have to know where you’re strong and where you’re weak, but with a guy like Shawn you have to be ready to fight anywhere,” noted Cardinal. “In MMA your opponents change so regularly, it happens all the time with injuries, even in the UFC, it’s best to be as well rounded as you can. Wherever the fight goes, against the cage, on the ground, stand-up, doesn’t matter, I’m ready.”

Fitzsimmons will be the third competitor to head north to fight Cardinal in his last five bouts, as the Calgary veteran battled American vet Tony Hervey and current UFC fighter Daron Cruickshank in 2011.

“I think the sport is growing and the level of competition is going up everywhere,” said Cardinal, who holds wins over Canadian veterans like Jesse Gross, Myles Merola and Thierry Quennenville. “I’m excited more than anything. I’m hoping to put on a show.”

Cardinal continues to instruct and train out of the renowned Champion’s Creed gym, which is home to several of Canada’s more accomplished fighters.

“It’s been going well,” Cardinal noted about his training camp. “I’ve been preparing with my team; Clay Davidson, Trent House, he’s an up-and-comer also fighting on the card, Noah Ali, he’ll be on the card as well.”

The main event fight will take place at Calgary’s Century Casino, and as a result, Cardinal will have his home town’s support behind him.

“It doesn’t really affect me to be honest; I do this for myself and the competition,” said Cardinal. “But it’s fun, I’m happy that my friends get to come see me, and that after, I get to hang out with people I care about and the people that helped prepare me.”

Tickets for KOTC “Genesis” can be purchased by calling 403 287 1183.

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