Tyson Steele Talks Jarod Milko, Gregor Gracie Fights


photo: Jim Beattie

Top MMA News caught up with Tyson Steele the day after his win over Jarod Milko at Aggression Fighting Championship 11 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Steele discusses his unanimous decision win over the Milkman on September 15 and then talks about his upcoming fight against Gregor Gracie on the World Series of Fighting’s debut event on November 3.

3 Responses to “ Tyson Steele Talks Jarod Milko, Gregor Gracie Fights ”

  1. KeeSmyth says:

    I thought Tyson Steel was going to fight Ryan Ford in Bellator on the Windsor card

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Ryan Ford announced his opponent today… Chris Curtis from Ohio

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  3. Adam Lorenz says:

    Tyson has been signed with WSOF for a long time but he never had a fight scheduled with them so he was able to fight in the mean time for AFC and he would have for Bellator too but then they scheduled the Gracie fight.

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