Aggression FC 11 Play-by-Play – Doerksen, Brigham Win Hometown Fights


Keith Grienke is cageside at Aggression Fighting Championship 11 in the Winnipeg Convention Centre.   The main event of the AFC’s first foray into Manitoba features two UFC veterans: Hometown hero Joe Doerksen and British Columbia native Kalib Starnes. Good crowd in attendance of this show.

Top MMA News will be posting the live play-by-play right here. Make sure to keep refreshing this page (and supporting our sponsors) throughout the night!

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Joe Doerksen vs Kalib Starnes (honorable mention: Henderson vs Sutherland)
  • Submission of the Night: Curtis Brigham submits Matt Trudeau (honorable mention: Mark Durant)
  • KO of the Night: Agostino DeNatale forcing Chucky Mady to tapout due to strikes

185lbs- Joe Doerksen vs. Kalib Starnes
Starnes comes out to C is for Cookie by The Cookie Monster. Fun stuff!
R1. Leg kick by Starnes and a harder one by Doerksen. Overhand right by Doerksen drops Starnes and Doerksen jumps on him. Doerksen in Starnes’ half guard. Doerksen stands up and the two stand. Overhand right again by Doerksen. Jab by Starnes lands. Overhand right again lands by Doerksen. Right hook then left lands. Doerksen’s overhand left smashes Starnes ear right behind his guard. Starnes to trip Doerksen down but Doerksen gets right back up and hits the overhand right. Leg kick by Doerksen. Doerksen leaves his feet twice looking for flying knee but does not throw it.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Doerksen
That overhand right is called a Cobra Punch by CFC coach Giuseppe DeNatale. Used it to drop Powell in his last fight.

R2. Starnes throwing the left jab and going for the high kick but it sails wide. Doerksen with the leg kick, right hook. They trade leg kicks. Low kick by Doerksen caught by Starnes and he takes Doerksen down with it. Not for long as Doerksen reverses and gets on top in Starnes’ guard. Left shots by Doerksen score. Not much happening with Doerksen on top. Starnes gets off the bottom and the two are standing, smiling at each other. Big rights by Doerksen and a big right by Starnes. Doerksen has the upper hand on the feet so far. Hard leg kick buckles Starnes’ leg but Starnes lands a right and so does Dirte.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Doerksen

R3. Overhand right and head kick by Doerksen. Head kick missing and Doerksen moving well in the third. Starnes breathing heavy but lands a leg kick. Knee by Doerksen and the two are really fighting now. Starnes lands a hard right. Both throwing hard. Rights and lefts by Doerksen. Gutsy performance by Starnes who is giving good right now in the third and has not fought in over a year. Nothing boring about his style. Joe throwing and Starnes saying “I can take it.” Both fighters bleeding and putting on one hell of a performance. Doerksen cut under eye and Starnes hits him hard. Uppercut right by Doerksen and Starnes returns the favors. Both trading rights. Combos by Doerksen land but Starnes has him reeling. Doerksen realizes the tide is turning and goes for his first takedown. Palm strikes by Starnes from the bottom to Doerksen’s skull. Body-head-body by Doerksen in a great fight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Starnes
Great performance by two great Canadian Middleweights!!!
Joe Doerksen defeats Kalib Starnes by Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 29-28)

140lbs- Curtis Brigham vs. Matt Trudeau
R1. Right grazes Trudeau and Trudeau responds with a right and then shoots on Brigham. Stuffed. Low kick by Brigham hits Trudeau in the groin and the fight stops. Hard ball shot. Trudeau rises to feet after few minutes. Good to go. Double jab by Brigham. Hard right by Trudeau. The two clinch up and Trudeau puts Brigham’s back against the fence. Trudeau with a high double and Brigham sitting against the fence. Brigham goes for an ankle and he lets go and Trudeau regains top position. Trudeau lands some strikes but Brigham works to the top in half guard. Brigham lands some right body shots while trying to work to side control. Brigham lands a right and ends up in full guard. Trudeau gets up and Brigham lands a knee and a trip takedown. Looking for a kimura and then gets Trudeau’s back and quickly taps him out with a RNC.
Curtis Brigham submits Matt Trudeau by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:56

170lbs- Tyson Steele vs. Jarod Milko
Serious talent cornering here. Bongfeldt and Wall for Milko and Weenk and Lorenz for Steele.
R1. Steele takes Milko down but Milko scrambling to his feet. Alliance MMA fighter pushing him against the cage but Milko takes Steele down. Steele going for an arm bar. Its off and Milko throws some rights. Another arm bar attempt from Steele. Milko breaks through again and sits in Steele’s guard. Crowd chanting “Milko, Milko” but not much happening so far other than maintaining top position. Milko with some lefts and Steele is cut on the left side. Steele throwing some left elbows but eating some hard gnp from Milko. Minute left of Milko’s round. Milko ground and pounds the round and he is up 1-0.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Milko

R2. Time called before start to examine Steele’s cut. Doc sees no problem. Fight on. Steele kicks Milko’s legs out and immediately gets top spot. Quite the scramble and Milko attempts a Guillotine but Steele gets side instead. Steele gets Milko’s back and has a body triangle on. Attempting the RNC but Milko is fighting his hands. Steele tries softening him up and then getting that arm under. Milko defending HARD and Steele is relentless! Milko right in front of his corner so they are helping big time. Milko can’t get this monkey off his back. Elbow to the ear by Steele. 30 seconds left and it looks like Milko will survive. Steele on his back for 4.5 minutes of that round. Tied up!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Steele

R3. Frantic start and the guys are winging punches and kicks. Two leg kicks by Milko as they settle down a bit. Leg kick by Steele. Body kick by Steele and a leg kick by Milko. Milko pushing Steele against the fence. Steele now with the position and then the takedown. First takedown wins the round in this fight. Steele has Milko’s back again with hooks in. Repeat of round 2 with Steele on Milko’s back trying to get that RNC. Milko briefly gets to feet but cannot shake Steele from his back. Milko throwing punches over his head to hit Steele behind him. Round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Steele
Tyson Steele defeats Jarod Milko by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

135lbs- Agostino DeNatale vs. Chucky Mady
R1. A bunnyearless Energiza Bunny enters the cage. Hard leg kick by DeNatale greets Mady. Mady lands one too. Hard takedown by DeNatale after a similar attempt by Mady. Half guard for DeNatale, who feeds Mady some lefts. Mady bounces him off and gets top position. DeNatale gets up and Mady tries to toss him but ends up on the bottom. Some elbows by DeNatale who remains in full guard. Three rights to Mady’s noggin land. Big elbow by DeNatale. Mady goes for an arm bar but DeNatale escapes after some discomfort and some more rights by DeNatale in side control. DeNatale going for side choke but figures punching will do the trick.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 DeNatale

R2. Right by DeNatale scores. High kick by Mady grazes. The lock up and throw knees. Huge right lands and hurts Mady bad. Kick to mid-section follows and DeNatale is dominating this round. Jab is landing and then DeNatale lands in side control. He lets Mady up and gives him a huge body kick. DeNatale picking him apart and Mady was almost out on his feet. Mady knocked to the ground and DeNatale punching him out on the ground. Mady taps out to strikes.
Agostino DeNatale defeats Chucky Mady by Tapout Due to Strikes in Round 2, 2:08
During interview, Agostino DeNatale says that all he “cares about now is if the KFC drive in is still open.”

150lbs – Yoon Heo vs. Dominick Blais
R1. Two experienced vets here. Check out the guys Heo has fought! Ball shot starts things off. Restart. Blais drops Heo with a shot to the chest. Bounces back up. Ball shot x 2 by Heo. Restart. Right by Blais and a left to Heo’s body land. Blais lands another left to the body. Heo closes the distance and clinches but Blais pushes him against the cage. Heo lands several knees and they break. Leg kick by Heo. Left by Heo connects. Knee by Blais in a fast tempo fight. Leg kick by Heo x 2, 3, 4, 5. Blais with the body shot. They break and Heo pulls shorts up. Three hard lefts by Blais and Heo is in trouble. Two more lefts by Blais. Heo recovers and lands a left. Front kick by Heo. Blais takes down Heo at the end of a entertaining round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Blais

R2. Leg kick by Heo. The two exchange hooks. Blais catches Heo and pushes him against the cage. Blais and Heo exchange knees. Big right by Heo lands after many jabs by both miss their marks. Exchange of leg kicks. More leg kicks from Heo. Three shots by Blais land after a front kick by Heo. Uppercut by Blais stumbles Heo. Knee by Heo. Leg kick by Heo. Double leg by Blais and Heo is on his back with Dom in his guard. Slower round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Blais

R3. Leg kick by Heo. Heo landing some front kicks. Blais goes back to the body with that left. Leg kicks by Blais. Heo takes Blais down but Blais slapped a Guillotine on. Heo slips out. Blais pushes him off with his feet and they are up. Jab by Blais and he follows up with a slam. Blais lets Heo up then goes for a takedown which Heo stuffs. Now Heo is on top. Heo in side control not really pouring it on. Dom tries to get up and round ends. Close round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Blais
Dominick Blais defeats Yoon Heo by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

135lbs – Louis Fisette vs. Allan Munroe
R1. Munroe with a jab and a body shot. Fisette leg kick. Body kick by Fisette lands hard. Munroe with fast hands drops Fisette with a left hook but Fisette bounces back up. Munroe cut bad. Not sure if it was a head clash or what caused that. The two clinch and Fisette drops down for a leg. Fisette gets him down and gets his back. Fisette locks on the RNC and gets the comback win after being dropped.
Louis Fisette submits Allan Munroe by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:41
Fisette says he does not know how Munroe got cut during the post-fight interview.

145lbs- Dwight Sutherland vs Jon Henderson
R1. Sutherland races out and the two lock up with some knees by Henderson. Sutherland gets a guillotine on and Hendo slips out. He immediately goes for an arm bar and Hendo escapes. Henderson bashes him a few times but Sutherland still has that arm bar. Henderson gets out and walks away. Now they are in Henderson territory. Right by Henderson lands and Sutherland shoots but is stuffed but Henderson jumps into his guard for some bad reason. Hendo gets up and Sutherland shoots. He is stuffed and Hend kicks his thighs. Right by Sutherland lands. Henderson feeds him a steady diet of rights and lefts. The two clinch and Henderson ends up in full guard. WOW. Great scrap. Big elbows by Henderson who is now in Sutherland’s full guard.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Henderson

R2. Sutherland is cut up. Henderson’s striking is great and he is taking Sutherland apart. Short elbow lands. Sutherland shoots and grabs an arm again but Henderson escapes. Henderson lets Sutherland back up. Hard left body shot by Henderson. Toss by Henderson who lands in side control but Sutherland gets Henderson on his back. Henderson should not be hitting that canvas as he is eating Sutherland alive on the feet. Sutherland standing and goes for a heel hook but it is not close. Two big rights from Henderson while both are sitting on their asses. Hendo now on top. Big elbow by Henderson who stands up. Both on feet. Three punch combo by Henderson. Dwight with the takedown but Henderson goes for the shoulder lock! Elbow by Sutherland while on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Henderson

R3. “Jab, jab, jab,” etc… shouts the Henderson corner who clearly want their fighter to stand. Big leg kick by Henderson and Sutherland shoots but is stuffed. Huge right rocks Sutherland’s head back. Sutherland clearly cannot stand with Henderson who is finally not following Sutherland to the mat. Sutherland shoots and finally gets Henderson down. Henderson is elbowing Sutherland and winning this exchange from his back. Hendo tries to throw up a triangle that allows Sutherland to push his legs aside and pass to half guard. Henderson powers out and puts Sutherland on his back. Double hammer fists from Henderson who stands up after. Body shot by Henderson and Sutherland pulls guard to the disdain of the audience who yells “get up”. 1-2 by Henderson and who smashes Sutherland as the bell sounds. The two hug at the end of a great fight. Best cornering I have heard from CFC Gym.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Henderson
Jon Henderson defeats Dwight Sutherland by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Joseph Keesick vs Mark Durant
R1. Leg kicks exchanged and then Keesick goes high. More leg kicks exchanged with Keesick’s having a lot more pop to them. Keesick shoots and gets the takedown. Keesick in mount but a tremendous buck by Durant and he reverses Keesick. Durant in full guard but Keesick scoots across his back and gets his hooks in. Durant turns and is back on top in Keesick’s guard. Keesick with an omoplata but then looks for a triangle. Durant works his way out and gets side control. The two get to their feet after some fun grappling! Durant with the Guillotine attempt or the “Transcona Sleeper” as yelled by the audience. Keesick taps. Durant with the sub!
Mark Durant submits Joseph Keesick by Guillotine in Round 1, 4:17

155lbs- Corey Houston vs. Tristan Connelly
R1. Intense stare down to start things off. Huge right landed by Houston. Another punch lands and a successful takedown by Houston. Houston stacking Connelly against the cage and lands a right. Connelly lands some rights from the bottom. Houston in Connelly’s half guard. Houston with some lefts but Connelly reverses and puts Houston on his back. Connelly landing a knee to Houston’s side. Connelly with side control but Houston continues to work hard to get out. Connelly in full guard. Connelly passes to side and lands a left and gets Houston’s back. Connelly locks a rear naked choke on and Houston taps with less than 15 seconds left.
Tristan Connelly submits Corey Houston by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:47

170lbs- Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz vs. Dejan Kajic
R1. The two exchange rights and then exchange leg kicks. Right hooks by Ksiazkiewicz land. Front kick misses by the lengthy Ksiazkiewicz. Kajic leg kick scores who moves very well. Straight left by Ksiazkiewicz lands. The two exchange inside punches and break apart. Hard left by Ksiazkiewicz. Body shot by Kajic. Ksiazkiewicz pumping that jab out using his length than punishing with the left. Ksiazkiewicz takes him down but Kajic tries to work his way up the cage. Ksiazkiewicz gets his back but no hooks in. Ksiazkiewicz lands two knees and then a knee to the thigh. Kajic escapes his grasp. Ksiazkiewicz punishes with three strikes and eats a Kajic right. Kajic shoots and is stuffed. Ksiazkiewicz pushes Kajic against the cage and wins the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ksiazkiewicz.

R2. Head kick by Ksiazkiewicz is partially blocked by Kajic. Ksiazkiewicz stalking Kajic around the cage and lands two punches. Kajic smiles as a front kick sails by. Body kick lands by Kajic, who is being cornered by semi main eventer Matt Trudeau, but Ksiazkiewicz throws one in return. Ksiazkiewicz in control landing several punches. Right by Kajic lands. Jab lands by Ksiazkiewicz. Hard body shot by Ksiazkiewicz who waves Kajic on. Kajic works hard and gets the takedown with a minute and a half left. Kajic likes talking while fighting and throwing rights to Ksiazkiewicz who is still underneath him. Ksiazkiewicz working the kimura but lets go. Big elbow by Ksiazkiewicz from the bottom. Flurry of lefts and rights from Kajic before the buzzer sounds. Kajic stole that at the end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Kajic

R3. Left lands by Ksiazkiewicz. Body kick by Kajic lands. Kajic shoots and is stuffed. Leg kick by Kajic scores. Left hook by Ksiazkiewicz lands. Ksiazkiewicz lands and pushes Kajic against the cage but Kajic pulls the switch and grabs a Ksiazkiewicz leg. Ref breaks them up. Right by Kajic lands and he follows up with an unsuccessful takedown. Kajic shoots and gets his opponent down against the fence. Ksiazkiewicz gets up with no damage. Marz with a single and dumps Kajic on his ass. Ksiazkiewicz drags an elbow across his fence. Ksiazkiewicz still in guard but Kajic gets up. Ksiazkiewicz lands a knee and lands some hammer fists to the thigh as bell sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ksiazkiewicz
Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz defeats Dejan Kajic by Unanimous Decision (29-28×3)

140lbs- Sarah Moras vs. Christina Barry
R1. First women’s fight in years in Winnipeg. The two girls come out swinging as Barry goes through Moras’ leg kicks. Moras lands a vicious knee on Barry and the two clinch. Barry gets Moras down but Moras locks on an arm bar. No tap from Barry. Moras locks it on harder and Barry screams tap and the fight is stopped. Right after Barry yells “I shouldn’t have tapped!”.
Sarah Moras submits Christina Barry by Arm Bar in Round 1, 1:33

170lbs- Martin Trendota vs. Chris Jones
R1. Leg kick lands by Jones. Nice body punch by Trendota but Jones lands a right. Trendota with a takedown that took referee Valel by surprise as he goes to his knees. Trendota in Jones’ full guard locked down pretty well. Trendota lands several rights as he stacks Jones against the cage. Trendota advances to full mount and lands repeated rights. Back to full guard by Jones, who is still in trouble. Jones lands a few lefts from bottom but cannot get off his back. Round ends with Jones throwing some bottom elbows.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Trendota

R2. Leg kick by Jones but Trendota feeds him three body shots. Jones catches a leg kick and takes Trendota down. Trendota locks a Triangle on and Jones taps out.
Martin Trendota submits Chris Jones by Triangle in Round 2, 0:43


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  1. Sean Quinn says:

    “A bunnyearless Energiza Bunny enters the cage. ”

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  2. Jake204 says:

    Impressive performance by Agostino!

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    Thanks for the pbp

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    congrats joe on a great fight !

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    Way to go chucky!!!

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  6. Mistake Alert: Across the cage, I thought I spotted Kurt Southern and wrote that. Turns out I was wrong, Southern did not make the trip with Alliance MMA.

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    But I am sure that my buddy/training partner Sean was flattered Keith lol!

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    Jon Henderson THAT GUY DONT LIKE TOO TAP, some of those subs were tight. Very impressed with his stand up and his toughness not to mention the amount of tattoos he has

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  9. Joe Doerksen says:

    That crazy Auggie and his damned KFC…

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  10. Only thing I like tapping is a fine piece of ass. And kegs of brewski. Thanx for the kind words and Big ups to my Team Mates, The Black Wolf, The Bull and Mr Takin Care of Bizzness Joe El Dirte Doerkson

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  11. Joe Doerksen says:

    I did not see Henderson’s fight, but my close friends have told me that as good as the main event was, Henderson and Sutherland deserved fight of the night.

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  12. Hendo/Sutherland was an awesome fight.

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    I voted for Hendo/Sutherland being FOTN, but Keith had a valid point that with the exception of the close sub attempts Hendo dominated that fight, where as Doerksen and Starnes was more competitive.

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