Canadian Rumour Mill – September 10


photo: Jason Bouwmeester

Well it sure looks like Canadian MMA has finished its summer break and really starting back up strong. FIVE shows this coming weekend and Mike Hill and Mike Ricci on TUF 14! (

  • Fast rising Jason Saggo’s next bout will be against Eric Moon for Score Fighting Series in Sarnia.
  • As well SFS – Sarnia will debut the first Ontario flyweight (125lbs) fight since MMA was legalized in that province;  Malcolm Gordon will take on Tyler Kirk at that event.
  • Speaking of AFC, look for Paul Cheng to take on Ryan Hunter in a HW match up at the November AFC 12 show.
  • I’m hearing more and more that AFC may be the only show held in Winnipeg this year… NO CFM? NO CFC? NO SFS? :(
  • There’s been some WRECK MMA chatter on the site this last week, so here’s some stuff for you guys…
    • Also, we have seen a couple of OAMA fighters fight for UK based Cage Warriors (Jordan and Ukraine shows).  Now rumours are out there that WRECK and Cage Warriors are talking.  Could this lead to the first Cage Warriors show in Canada in the future?
  • So Mike Schiavello said that Mike Kent had retired due to repeated broken hands.  No word if this is true or a mistake by The Voice. My thoughts are that The Voice is wrongo!
  • Shane Campbell is in need of high level opponent for his October 5th Unified MMA bout.
  • Tristar Fights may debut as early as November 30th with Alex Garcia making his return from injury on the card!
  • Who will fight Advin Omic for the 170 lb AFC title at the Calgary AFC show in November?
  • The next Aggression show in Edmonton will be November 23rd.
  • Kurt Southern will not be appearing on the first World Series of Fighting card.  He’s pencilled in for the second WSOF card tentatively scheduled for January. Hopefully Southern gets a fight in before that, it’s already been over a year since his last fight!
  • K-1 Results: Gabriel Varga defeated Lerdsila Chumpairtour by unanimous decision, while the on weight Markhaile “Showtime” Wedderburn was defeated by Jeremiah Metcalf via KO (knee to the body).

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

39 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – September 10 ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Who will fight Advin Omic for the 170 lb AFC title at the Calgary AFC show in November?

    Where’s Medler for this one?

    It looks like Mike Davis will take on Eric Wilson at 130lbs on the same Unified MMA show.

    That’s a fun fight.

    Congrats to Gabe Varga!

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  2. mike kent says:

    Not retired – I can actually hold my hamburger with either hand now so that’s really promising

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  3. Gossip Queen says:

    just added a good rumour about Tristar Fights and Alex Garcia. Did not want to wait until next week!

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  4. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Jamie,

    Only Darren can confirm? He might too busy in Winnipeg to confirm/deny any rumors!

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  5. woodrow says:

    yes it is official the bout between kirk/Gordon at flyweight. It is also the first SFS flyweight bout in Ontario but i do believe this month in Toronto the title fight between mighty mouse and Benavidez is the first official bout at that weight under the OAC!!!!

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  6. Frenchy says:

    Rama’s coaches and I haven’t decided yet where he was gonna fight next!!! Stay tuned on TopMMAnews to find out or check


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  7. Jake204 says:

    I’m optimistic that another promotion will hold an event by year’s end in Winnipeg. Here’s to hoping! *crosses fingers*

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  8. jared says:

    Wreck MMA November 9, 2012

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  9. Adam Lorenz says:

    ^I actually already found this out talking on the phone with my mom…she was wondering if I knew of him and I told her she watched him fight on the same show as me once Haha!

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  10. Num1fan says:

    Mike kent will always be retired When it comes to fighting somebody with a winning record or somebody that he stands no chance against . But I’m sure if he gets the right fight we will see him in action again .

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  11. Sandman says:

    No.1Fan is correct

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  12. Idolmaker says:

    Haha…. That was the Romero fight right Adam. Isn’t that the night Owen Carr gave Keenan 2 ball shots, and the fight was a no contest?

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  13. Mma f an says:

    Did mike kent get released by MFC?

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  14. EPerez says:

    Speaking of Owen Carr, he hasnt tried to play matchmaker and rearrange a fightcard he was on to get out of a fight recently. Any word on him?

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  15. mike kent says:

    Do any of you guys have any ideas how hard it is to be 8-0 and never fought anyone ? The thought and energy that goes into picking and choosing the easiest fights possible deserves respect ! Bow down bitches

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  16. num1fan says:

    If mike kent did released from the MFC he will for sure come out of retirement that means he does not have to face high level compaction and can pick his fights again . By the end of 2013 he should be 15-0

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  17. mike kent says:

    Lol you can ask any promotor I’ve fought for I’ve never asked for specific competition or easy fights. I just racked up a bunch of fights in a one year period on the east coast circuit. Then never fought since . I never ask for “easy”fight.
    When healthy I’m down to fight whoever

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  18. num1fan says:

    your down to fight whoever ????? hahah you have retired what 3 or 4 times now ? and i dont believe any of those retirements came before you fighting a guy with a losing record or somebody you new you would beat . every time you have retired it was before a fight you have had lined up with a good opponent. DUMB ASS

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  19. mike kent says:

    I’m done arguing over something dumb . The only time I ever didn’t fight or said I might be done isafter disappointingly having to pull out of my krahn fights .

    I’m not retired . I will be fighting again and will fight good competition .

    How is someone that has never fight making fun if who I fought

    Dumb Ass

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  20. Num1fan says:

    I must say your pretty smart mike kent you have pulled out of so many fights and retired so much that you will now never have to fight anybody that’s any good because no real fighter will even sighne a contract to fight you because it’s a waist of time because they no there’s a good chance you wont even show up .

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  21. mike kent says:

    Ive pulled out of two fights ever. my last two with hand problems thats it. if you gonna be a dickhead atleast try to know what the fuck your talking about.

    i fought 8 times in a little over a year and never got injured or pulled out

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  22. Num1fan says:

    Mike kent your full of shit and you no it and everybody els knowns it do everybody a favor and stay retired because your not a fighter your a clown with horrible tattoos :)

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  23. papaglowstick says:

    Why is everyone hating on this mike Kent guy. I personally don’t know him. But he is 8-0 and you guys disrespect him like he’s a nobody, and half of you never fought before. Keyboard warriors!!!

    Who cares if he fought easy guys? Who cares if he took the right fights to build a record. 8-0 looks good on paper, its a solid MMA record..soooooo give this guy a break and let him fight whoever, whenever he wants.

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  24. papaglowstick says:

    Ask anyone with a brain, its good to protect your record when you begin a career in MMA. take fights that will help you progress each time. Not everyone wants to just jump in there and scrap with top guys right away, walk away with a loss and look like a fucking moron. It’s not always wise to just take any fights. Some guys are in this for the long haul, trying to build a name for themselves and make money to feed their families.

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  25. Num1fan says:

    Ya that’s what I fighter should aim for In his career is to look good on paper .

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  26. papaglowstick says:

    Lick the sweat bubbles from under big John’s tits ypu wanna take tough fights and get beat on

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  27. papaglowstick says:

    Shouldn’t aim too look good on paper, dick. I didn’t say that! You need to take fights that make sense and build a solid record to get recognized. Not just jump in there with a top guy in your first couple of fights and get schooled

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  28. papaglowstick says:

    That’s why you’re a fan, num1fan , and not a fighter. You’re too lazy to put in the work but you sit on your computer , type, try to make fighters look bad. Get a fuckin life, coward

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  29. num1fan says:

    haha yep your 100% right i should shut my mouth

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  30. Darren Owen says:

    EPerez, Owen Carr is scheduled to fight on AFC 12 Calgary Nov. 2

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  31. num1fan says:

    hey papaglowstick are you a fighter?

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  32. EPerez says:

    Darren, maybe when you return after the show here he may have some suggestions for you on a new opponent?

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  33. Brent Fryia says:

    I met Mike when I fought on the east coast, just before he moved out west and his hand looked like hamburger. No way he could have fought with that thing, guys accusing him of not fighting because he’s scared are idiots. The only way you keyboard warriors would understand a hand injury like that is if someone kicked you in the ass.

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  34. mike kent says:

    Thanks brent, it doesnt bother me on here when people talk shit and say im a bum that hasnt fough anyone and stuff like that , thats fine but when people say im faking injuriers to duck fights it does cother me becuase it really upset me to have to pull out of those fights with cody and it sucked for him to have to prepare twice for me and to have the fight not happen . anyone that knows me or has seen me in person can attest that my hand has been through some tough times .

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  35. Hudson Fan says:

    According to his Facebook page,the WarDog officially weighed in this morning @ 267.7lbs. His opponent 235lbs.

    Eat’em up WarDog!!!

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  36. Hudson Fan says:

    Wow what a fight,Hudson lost a close decision after having a point takin away in 2 nd.
    Rill was a gamer, fast feet, fast hands, but couldn’t handle the size and strength and Pressure from the WarDog,
    That point cost him the fight, both men were very impressive

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  37. John Davis says:

    It says Shane Campbell was looking for a high level opponent for the Unified MMA belt… I heard the undefeated Ryan Dickson offered to take the fight and turned Campbell down?? Does an opponent get more high level? Fight politics I guess….

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