Battle for the Border Play-by-Play


Bobby Karimi-Busheri is in Cranbrook, British Columbia to see the debut event from Battle for the Border. Here is his play-by-play of the event:

Here we go! Show starts off with the greatest Ring Girl entrance of ALL TIME!  Three girls come out riding on the back of Harley Davidsons and get introduced one by one to the very raucous crowd by the heavy rumbling baritone of tonight’s ring announcer.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night – Aaron Armstrong vs Derek Boyle
  • Sub of the Night – Smealinho Rama’s kimura victory over Jordan Tracey
  • KO of the Night – Chase Degenhardt’s TKO victory over Sheldon Doll

Pro Fight Card:

Aaron Armstrong (4-1) vs. Derek Boyle (8-5)
Rd1: Boyle lands a body kick to start the main event of Battle for the Border.  Armstrong answers with a body kick of his own.  Both fighters clinch up, with Boyle pushing Armstrong against the cage and working for the takedown.  Boyle is trying a double leg with Armstrong answering with a switch.  Boyle manages to take him down but Armstrong immediately gets up.  Fighters meet in the middle of the cage and Boyle lands a left kick to the cup of Armstrong.  Big John stops the fight and gives Armstrong time to recover.  Armstrong motions he’s ready to go.  Both fighters trade kicks and Armstrong slips.  Armstrong up and just misses a spinning elbow.  Boyle tries a short elbow of his own that comes up short.  Boyle gets the Thai clinch and fires several hard knees to Armstrong.  He continues his attack his a machine gun like sequence of punches that have Armstrong in trouble.  Armstrong pushes him off and Boyle once again gets the clinch by diving in with a nice left hook  to the body and fires some serious knees to Armstrong’s head.  Boyle just keeps up the attack of knees to his opponents head.   Armstrong lowers his head and eats more knees as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Boyle.

Rd2: Armstrong over extends himself with a strike attempt and Boyle simply slides around and takes Armstrong’s back.  Boyle has both hooks in and has Armstrong’s back in the middle of the ring.  Armstrong is leaking blood in the middle of the ring but defending very well.  Boyle realizes he doesn’t have the choke and hops off the back.  Armstrong shoots in for a take down, but Boyle defends very well.  Armstrong still attempting the single leg.  Boyle slides his leg out and takes his opponent’s back.  Armstrong escapes and shoots in again.  Boyle meets the shot attempt with repeated knees to Armstrong’s face as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Boyle.

Rd3: Body kick by Armstrong kicks off the round.  Armstrong lunges in with a punch/kick combo and is met with a Boyle right hand.  Boyle continuous his attack and backs up Armstrong to the opposite side of the cage.  The quick flurry overwhelms Armstrong and nearly finishes the fight.  Armstrong gets back to his feet but not for long as Boyle dives in for the successful single leg takedown.  Boyle moves to improve position, flirting for a crucifix for a second before going for the back.  He loses position and Armstrong drives for Boyle’s leg.  Boyle defends the takedown attempt once again, and takes Armstrong’s back.  Armstrong is pouring blood all over the cage.  Both hooks are in by Boyle as he just pounds away non-stop, only breaking to quickly see if a RNC is there.  It’s not and Boyle continues to slug away while riding Armstrong’s back to close the final round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Boyle.
Derek Boyle defeats Aaron Armstrong by Unanimous Decision.

Boyle closes the show by dedicating this victory to his friend and mentor, Wyatt Lewis, “who will always be in his heart”.

Ryan Machan (16-8) vs. Brandon MacArthur (6-22)
Rd1: Both fighters mainly exchanging feints to start the fight. Two leg kicks land by MacArthur. Another two leg kicks (inside/outside) by MacArthur with Machan throwing a overhand that misses.  Machan misses on a 1-2 attempt and immediately shoots in taking MacArthur down. Machan in arm triangle position, but MacArthur manages to regain his guard.  Machan moves him against the cage and moves to half guard.  MacArthur puts his opponent back in full guard.  Light GNP by Machan leaves and opening for MacArthur who throws up a good armbar attempt.  Machan pulls up and out and is back in MacArthur’s guard.  He stands, controls MacArthur’s feet and lands heavy GNP.  MacArthur loses his guard and Machan moves into side mount.  He creates space to get back onto his knees, but Machan slips in an arm-in guillotine that looks deep.  MacArthur taps to the submission.
Ryan Machan submits Brandon MacArthur via Guillotine in Round 1, 4:05

Chase Degenhardt (6-3) vs. Sheldon Doll (1-2)
Rd1: Degenhardt fires a leg kick and Doll answers. Degenhardt fires a 4 punch combo, that backs up Doll.  The two fighters square up and Degenhardt counters a Doll left with a straight right that stumbles Doll and follows it up with a leg kick as Doll retreats to the cage.  Degenhardt notices that Doll is hurt and rushes in throwing in another 4 punch combo, right/left straights followed by right/left hooks.  Doll covers up, and Degenhardt grabs a Muay Thai plum and fires a vicious knee right down the middle dropping Doll in a heap.  Degenhardt moves to finish his downed opponent, landing two punches to his prone opponent as the ref jumps in saving Doll from further punishment.
Chase Degenhardt defeats Sheldon Doll by TKO (Ref Stoppage) in Round 1, 0:48

Jordan Tracey (3-1) vs. Smealinho Rama (3-0)
Rd1: Rama start the fight with a left head kick and then a right head kick, both kicks are blocked. Rama clinches up and attempts a standing guillotine.  Tracey frees himself but eats a right hook for his troubles.  Rama clinches onto Tracey and lands a couple knees and follows that up by throwing Tracey to the ground.  Rama moves to full mount, postures up and rains down punches, Tracey gives up his back and Rama attempts a RNC.  The choke attempt is unsuccessful and Rama moves back to mount.  He flattens Tracey and throws shots to Tracey’s head.  Tracey attempts to escape but is forced back and flattened once again.  More GNP strikes by Rama lead to Tracey attempting to spin out.  Tracey is trapped in side control.  Rama transitions to nort-south position and Tracey tries to get to his knees. Rama latches on a kimura as Tracey attempts to escape back to his feet.  The kimura is locked in tight with Rama sitting on Tracey’s head.  Tracey has no option but to tap.
Smealinho Rama submits Jordan Tracey via Kimura in Round 1, 3:24

Curtis Blackmore (2-2) vs. Lee Morrison (10-3)
Rd1: Blackmore starts the fight by attacking Morrison with a flurry of punches, Morrison covers up and shoots in.  Blackmore defends well and attempts a guillotine choke, he scrambles and takes Morrison’s back.  Blackmore only has one hook in and Morrison slips out and into Blackmore’s guard. A wild scramble ensues with Morrison going for a knee bar attempt, that is defended well. Blackmore attempts a kimura, but Morrison manages to free his arm.  Blackmore with elbows to Morrison’s head off his back.  Morrison answers with punches to Blackmore’s head.  Morrison manages to pass Blackmore’s guard and move to half, then to side control. Blackmore shifts his hips and gets half guard back.  Morrison passes Blackmore’s guard again and gets knee on belly then moves to full mount.  But once again Blackmore manages to get his guard back by shrimping out just before the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Morrison.

Rd2: Great leg kick by Blackmore to start the round followed up by a straight left that stuns Morrison.  Morrison shoots in but is caught in a very deep guillotine.  Both fighters go to the ground but Blackmore still with the deep guillotine.  Morrison struggling and seems in trouble but stays calm and manages to move to his side and slip his head out.  Now very hard and quick GNP punches by Morrison.   Morrison unrelenting in his attack, with the ref looking at the action very closely.  Blackmore throws up two consecutive triangle attempts, with Morrison backing out and away after both, then coming in aggressively with non-stop punches to Blackmore’s face.  Morrison postures up and fires away, mainly with right hands and elbows.  John Braak has seen enough and steps in to stop the GNP attack.
Lee Morrison defeats Curtis Blackmore by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 2:53.

Amateur Fight Card:
Nik Ramsey (1-1) vs. Teddy Ash (1-0)
Rd1: Ash with a body punch to start the fight. Ramsey shoots in and has Ash against the cage, getting him down with a single leg.  Ash back up to his feet and has a crossface. Ramsey unrelenting and drags Ash back down with a single leg and is in his opponents full guard.  Ramsey with shots to Ashes body.  Ash defending well with head control, Ramsey with punches to the ribs and follows that up by posturing up and throwing a couple big shots to Ash’s head.  Ash manages to regain his guard and John Braak steps in to stand up the fighters just before the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ramsey.

Rd2: Just prior to the 2nd round starting the referee, John Braak waves the fight off.  Currently there is some confusion in the cage as to what the decision is as both fighters seem fine.  Here is the decision:
Teddy Ash defeats Nik Ramsey by TKO (Exhaustion) in Round 1, 3:00

Mike Seguin (0-0) vs. Joshua Strate (0-1)
Rd1: Flurry of punches by Seguin, Seguin the aggressor. Strate misses a headkick and lands on the mat, Seguin pounces on Strate and fires numerous shots on the covered up Strate.  Strate gets up but is trapped in a head arm choke and gets thrown to the ground.  Segiun still with the head arm choke but doesn’t seem sure on how to finish and has the hold wrong, finally he tires out and gives up the hold, fighters stand and Seguin with the slam takedown.  Seguin attempts some GNP but leaves his arm and head in too deep and is caught in a triangle, it is deep. Strate has Seguin in trouble but hears the 10 second clapper and releases the deep sub. Realizing the round isn’t over, he wraps his legs right back around Seguin and again has a deep triangle just as the round ends and with Big John hovering above.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Strate.

Rd2: Body kick by Strate blocked. A quick flurry by both follows. Seguin gets in close and picks up Strate and slams him to the mat, he transitions to the back and pounds away. Segiun takes Strate’s back and gets hsi hooks in. Seguin with RNC attempt but Strate has his chin down and defending well. Strate attempts a lotus (ankle lock) from that position while defending but nothing comes of it. Seguin gets the choke in deeper and forces a tap from his opponent.
Mike Seguin submits Joshua Strate via Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:40

John Mackinnon (0-0) vs. Ryan Foster (0-1)
Rd1: Foster runs in for the clinch, both fighters clinch up and turn it into a hockey fight just pounding away at one another with uppercuts and hooks.  Foster lands a solid right hook but walks into the clinch. Mackinnon steps back and throws a head kicked that is blocked by Foster. Fighters clinch again, a nice uppercut by Foster pops his opponents head up but Mackinnon comes back with 1-2 combo. Foster with a  great upper cut and now turning up the speed. He  has great inside boxing and starting to tag Mackinnon with shots.  Mackinnongoes for a guillotine but it’s easily defended by Foster and both fighters stand, trading again on the inside, this is an absolute war! Foster is relentless with his attack and Mackinnon firing back continuously. fighters clinch up again as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Foster.

Rd2: Foster clinches up and throws 2 right hooks, he works for the take down and lands a heavy slam, as he postures up he is caught in a deep armbar.  Foster lifs Mackinnon up in the air and slams him heavily on the mat but doesn’t escape, only deepening the hold.  He finally manages to pull his arm out and throws down some heavy GNP on MacKinnon.  Foster with big lefts and rights on a scrambling Mackinnon, Mackinnon gets up but is chased across the ring by an unrelenting Foster, who drops Mackinnon with a right and throws some heavy bombs on the downed Mackinnon. Mackinnon still trying to defend and puts up a desperation arm bar attempt that troubles Foster.  Foster steps over and gets out ending up in side control position, Foster fires numerous right hands and forearms to the face of Mackinnon forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight. Fantastic fight!
Ryan Foster defeats John MacKinnon by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 2:40

Chris Darula (2-1) vs. Dave Crawford (0-1)
Rd1: Dave Crawford charges in with punches and goes for clinch, Darula fires back and throws Crawford hard to the groun. Crawford manages to get to his feet but almost immediately steps into a deep standing guillotine by Chris Darula, forcing the tap.
Darula submits Crawford via Guillotine in Round 1, 0:27 


2 Responses to “ Battle for the Border Play-by-Play ”

  1. Dave Bastian says:

    I would like to thank the entire crew at House of Pain for one of the most enjoyable and well executed fight cards I have been involved in.
    The preparation that went into this was evident, and much appreciated by your visiting teams. We never had to run for ice, water, a matted area, or warm up area.
    The Commision was professional and cordial. The staff at the event was great.

    The card itself was top knotch all competive and exciting bouts, and the officiating was stellar.

    The crowd in Cranbrook was loud and involved with very fight, it was a great night.

    I know I speak for everyone at Independent MMA when I say we would love to be a part of your next show. Hats off to Cranbrook, they did it right.

    thank you again
    Wai Krup
    Dave Bastian

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  2. Frenchy says:

    wow!!! Jody and Isaac from HM production were amazing promoters….there for every fighters needs and came through with every promises they made… i will bring our guys there anytime in a heart beat :-)

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