Respected MMA & BJJ Veteran, Wyatt Lewis, Dead at 37


Wyatt Lewis (left), Victor Daychief (right)

Top MMA News is saddened to report of the untimely passing of Wyatt Lewis in Lethbridge, Alberta. Wyatt, a much respected and talented veteran of Alberta’s MMA and BJJ scene passed away early Saturday after being fatally stabbed while trying to break up an altercation. A Calgary native, Lewis was 37 at the time of his passing.

His long time friend, Brad Wall, describes Wyatt’s character and the shock of his sudden death by saying

“He was a true friend and advisor, doing anything to help a friend. It’s just sickening to think he died saving a friend”

A veteran of the sport for nearly two decades, Lewis started his training with Trevor Hardy, then joined Brad Wall as a founding member and instructor of Progressive Fighting Academy (PFA) in Lethbridge teaching BJJ and MMA.  As Brad Wall states,

“Where there is BJJ in southern Alberta, there is lineage to Wyatt Lewis”.

Wyatt debuted at the very first Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC 1) in 2001 and continued his trailblazing path by appearing on Rumble in the Cage’s predecessor show Roadhouse Rumble 2, as well as appearing on Rage in the Ring 1. Wyatt battled it out with some of Canada’s best in the early days of Mixed Martial Arts in Canada, fighting Mike Yackulic, Nick Ring, and Krzysztof Soszynski amongst others. Later, Lewis trained under Anderson Goncalves in Calgary.

Anderson Goncalves and Wyatt Lewis

Along his long MMA/BJJ journey, Wyatt Lewis trained with many of Canada’s finest as they prepared for their fights or simply worked on their martial arts.  Just a small sampling of the people that Wyatt touched in the MMA/BJJ world are Trevor Hardy, Brad Wall, Anderson Goncalves, Chase Degenhardt,  Kris Harker, Victor Daychief, Ricardo Alas, Derek Boyle, Jason Day, Jay Whitford, and Seven Quesnelle.

His friend Jake Hirsch remembers the special person that Wyatt was and the connection he made with people by commenting,

“Wyatt had an amazing effect on everyone he met. He was one of the most gifted, intelligent and genuine people I knew. He also was one of the toughest guys I knew, but you wouldn’t know it by just hanging out with him. He was the best family man I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. The many lives he touched will be remembered for years to come.”

Wyatt is survived by his wife and four children.  Top MMA News would like to express our deepest condolences to the Lewis family as well as all of Wyatt’s many friends and training partners throughout Canada.

“Wyatt it was an honour to know you!”  – Brad Wall

6 Responses to “ Respected MMA & BJJ Veteran, Wyatt Lewis, Dead at 37 ”

  1. Dan chambers says:

    I trained and wirked with Wyatt for the first 2 years here in lethbridge , he was a great guy always willing to train and improve every one he rolled with. One of the nicest smartest guys i have known, it’s a shame this has happened…. See ya on the other side my friend

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  2. Jake - JHEG says:

    Great post Dan. Wyatt thought really highly of you and all the guys from back home in Lethbridge. He used to call me on Saturday mornings and say “call the guys and tell them to come train open mat today, Dan and Jay Day are coming up to train for their fights”.

    He was always helping other people out and we used to share stories after class about Lethbridge as we used to run in the same circles down there. Gonna miss him.

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  3. Jay Powers says:

    Awful news. I never met the man but was aware of his reputation. Godspeed Sir, godspeed.

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  4. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    RIP Wyatt

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  5. Carl Swartz says:

    Wyatt was on my coach and a personal friend of mine, he would have given shirt off his back and it sad to say that he gave his life for his friend………..I miss you my friend

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  6. Dan chambers says:

    I have a lot of good memory’s of the time I spent with Wyatt, some of the stories of our bar days working together are pricless

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