Honor Fight – Saskatoon – September 15


Date: September 15, 2012
Location: Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Amateur MMA
145lbs MMA
0-0 Scott Gunn (Way of the Dragon, Saskatoon) vs 2-0 Sam King (Complete MMA, Regina)

155lbs MMA
0-0 Mackenzie Clare (Way of the Dragon, Saskatoon) vs Clint Diekema (Diekema TKD, Saskatoon)

155lbs MMA
0-0 James Nelson (Way of the Dragon, Saskatoon) vs 0-0 Serga Kanisan (Complete MMA, Regina)

150lbs MMA
0-0 Alfred Delgado-Lopez (Way of the Dragon, Saskatoon) vs 0-0 Keshtin Eaglesmith (Diekema TKD, Saskatoon)

145lbs MMA
0-0 Steve Prococyk (Diekema TKD, Saskatoon) vs 0-0-1 Evan Isbester (Complete MMA, Regina)

160lbs MMA
0-0 Oliver Morgan (Way of the Dragon, Saskatoon) vs 0-0 Phil Rivers (Diekema TKD, Saskatoon)

135lbs Female MMA
0-0 Alex Delgado-Lopez (Way of the Dragon, Saskatoon) vs 0-0 Andrea Davis (Life Endeavor Martial Arts, Biggar)

170lbs MMA
1-0 Joe Alisaukas (Way of the Dragon, Saskatoon) vs TBA

185lbs MMA
0-0 Nathan Henry (Diekema TKD, Saskatoon) vs TBA

175lbs Muay Thai
0-0 Lucas Berg (Way of the Dragon, Saskatoon) vs 1-0 Nicolai Heise (Mike Miles, Calgary)

160lbs Muay Thai
0-0 Chris Sturge (Ferrer Martial Arts, Saskatoon) vs 0-0 Blake Wiegel (Mike Miles, Calgary)

155lbs Muay Thai
7-6 Dwain Soon (Mike Miles, Calgary) vs 6-5 Wayne Pokorniuk (Pride Muay Thai, Winnipeg)

200lbs Muay Thai
0-0 Osama Rageh (Mike Miles, Calgary) vs 0-1 Derrick Fisher (Pride Muay Thai, Winnipeg)

185lbs Muay Thai
0-0 Conon Baptiste (Redman MMA, North Battleford) vs 0-2 Dylan Bastain (Mike Miles, Calgary)

75lbs Boxing
Austin Kopas (Nelson Boxing, Saskatoon) vs Davonte Auger (No Limits Boxing Club, Wabasca)

152lbs Boxing
Humed Habib (Regina Boxing Club, Regina) vs Josh Fraser (Cougar, Edmonton)

144lbs Boxing
Isaac Copeman (Lonsdale Boxing Club, Regina) vs Ben Auger (No Limits Boxing Club, Wabasca)

131lbs Boxing
Chayse Ross-Williams (New Line Boxing Academy, Regina) vs Nick Abboud (Cougar, Edmonton)

133lbs Boxing
Blake McPhee (Sweet Science, Fort McMurray vs Austin Grundner (Cougar, Edmonton)

155lbs Boxing
Demitrious Nolen (Top Dog Boxing Club, Saskatoon) vs Regan Auger (No Limits Boxing, Wabasca)

175lbs Boxing
Adam Merrier (No Limits Boxing, Wabasca) vs Alex Basiliadis (Cougar, Edmonton)

201lbs+ Boxing
Chad Selkirk (Nelson Boxing, Saskatoon) vs TBA

200lbs Boxing
Simon Craig (Hub City Boxing, Saskatoon) vs TBA

54 Responses to “ Honor Fight – Saskatoon – September 15 ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    I missed half of this somehow.

    @Jerry- if 27 barely trained kids die over the next 2 years in some ‘amateur mma promoter”s quest to make money, will your opinion change a bit?

    3 young men have died in ‘amateur mma’ over the past 2 years. That number may be too small to affect people for some bizarre reason but don’t worry, if promoters continue to find small town karate yellow belts to fight bouncers in their quest to make money, it’ll go up much higher.

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  2. Graham Weenk says:

    Hope it all goes smooth, good luck to Dave and everyone else putting on the show, good to finally see Muay thai happening in Saskatoon again, its been a long time!

    Provided big phil and Dez are officiating i have no doubt the fighters safety will be 1st and foremost, these guys are both great officials.

    Hopefully in the near future Sask will get a commission together like the rest of the country and be able to host pro events with more experienced pro fighters.

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  3. Marv says:

    Anyone have weigh in results?

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  4. kinger says:

    Redman MMA is saskatchewans version of Hammerhouse lol

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