One FC 5 – Quick Results – Bibiano Wins Decision


One FC is holding their 5th event today in The Philippines.  The event features UFC veterans Phil Baroni, Rolles Gracie and Jens Pulver also on the card is a fourth bout between Heavyweights Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski. In the main event is the Brazilian who now trains out of Vancouver, Bibiano Fernandes who takes on Gustavo Falciroli.

Quick Results:
Bibiano Fernandes defeats Gustavo Falciroli by Unanimous Decision
Eduard Folayang defeats Felipe Enomoto by Unanimous Decision
*Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia ends in a No Contest (Illegal Kicks) in Round 2, 5:00
Eric Kelly defeats Jens Pulver by TKO (Body Kick and Punches) in Round 2, 1:46
Rolles Gracie submits Tony Bonello by Rear Naked Choke in Round 3, 1:33
Jung Hwan Cha defeats Igor Gracie by TKO (Elbows and Punches) in Round 3, 1:03
Soo Chul Kim defeats Kevin Belingon by Unanimous Decision
Gregor Gracie submits Nicholas Mann by Armbar in Round 1, 3:28
Phil Baroni defeats Rodrigo Ribeiro by TKO (Soccer Kick and Punches) in Round 1, 1:00
Shannon Wiratchai defeats Mitch Chilson by TKO (Punch and Soccer Kick) in Round 2, 2:03
Honorio Banario defeats Andrew Benibe by TKO (Body Kicks and Punches) in Round 3, 3:47

*Arlovski dropped Sylvia to all fours with a combo, Arlovski followed up with a pair of soccer kicks but referee Yuji Shimada had not signalled “open attack” yet and therefore the kicks were deemed illegal. Sylvia was given five minutes to recover but declined to continue after the recovery period and the fight was declared a no contest.

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  1. Heisenberg says:

    I am a huge pulver fan. But it’s time to wrap it up bud. Call it a career. It makes it hard to remember him as a the lightweight UFC champ when he I loosing hardly known fighters.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more.

    Was cool to see Baroni get the big win today.

    He’s gotta be pretty close to done now. But how was that win over Menne one of the coolest finishes ever?

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  3. Heisenberg says:

    Agreed. Baroni has had a very up and down career. Nice to see him take the W. hard to believe that some of the UFC, pride and Wec guys are still tryin to live out their career in small shows, and not even winning in some cases(Pulver)

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    “but referee Yuji Shimada had not signaled open attack yet”

    Can someone take a stab at explaining this to me?

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    In this event kicks to the head on the ground are legal but the referee must first signal “open attack”

    -from MMA Torch
    “The open attack rule is a ridiculously unnecessary and detrimental rule for a fight, and ONE FC obviously didn’t do a very good job in explaining it to Arlovski beforehand. Having to delay your instincts to wait for a referee signal only allows the fighter who got knocked down to recover. In this situation, Arlovski thought the soccer kicks were legal, and that’s what he went for. You either allow them or you don’t, but adding an extra step screwed Arlovski over here, as Shimada failing to call for the ridiculous “open attack” cost him a victory. And that’s the other thing here, as well, because had soccer kicks simply been illegal, Arlovski would have pounced with punches and the win would still be his.”

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  6. Donald Duck says:

    Thanks, the reality is even dumber than I thought it could be. Is this the same Yuji Shimada from Pride?

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    Yup… pretty sure it’s the same guy!

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  8. Anybody else been watching Fight Factory?

    Pretty neat show with a cool behind the scenes view of AKA. Lots on Baroni in the first few episodes.

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  9. Lance Bass says:

    Thats a lame rule, U either do it or dont do it

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  10. Very silly rules. I agree Lance.

    I’m a fan of the unified rules of MMA.

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  11. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Good Q & A Donnie and Cody! Did you guys get a chance to watch the fight (if available)? Sylvia had a full 5 minutes to recover and still declined to continue! Wow now we get what a 5th fight?

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  12. Donald Duck says:

    I didn’t, I’m in the office all day so I’ve been getting texts PBP.

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  13. BDC says:

    That is probly the most fuckin stupid rule and makes no sense. If the ref dosnt allow the kicks shouldnt he be stopping the fight anyhow…and as a result jump in. Or is the ref suppost to determine hes only kinda on queer street and you can hit him with a few bombs but no kicks.

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    I did watch the fight… it was better than I expected! Arlovski dropped Sylvia with a huge three punch combo, I could have almost seen it being stopped just after the punches. Arlovski definitely should have been given the victory. You can’t expect a fighter to stop and wait for the ref to tell you it’s okay to continue your attack.

    I think Sylvia was smart to say he couldn’t continue and take the no decision, Arlovski was picking him apart in the second round and probably would have finished him if the fight had continued… and yes they both agreed in the post fight interview that they would meet again!

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  15. During the Baroni fight I didn’t see him making sure the ref was giving clearance for his head kicks, but it’s possibly he was verbally letting him know it was ok?

    Who knows. Stupid way to do it. Like Lance says, allow them or don’t.

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  16. harry balls says:

    Is Pulver that broke? It’s sad to watch him go out there and tarnish anything he had left as far as a legacy.

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  17. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Thanks MAD!

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  18. Donald Duck says:

    Just watched the Pulver fight.


    Then again he’s ‘phoned in’ a few fights in the past.

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  19. Heisenberg says:

    Pulver…. Why u do this to urself. We all cried while watching ur movie. Now stop. Ur hurting our feelings.

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  20. Lenny wheeler says:

    The guy pulver fought I met in my travels in Asia, Eric Kelly and everyone from team lakay are very high level strikers. I was lucky to be able to train with them in baguiou Philippines. Eric Kelly and iphis old team mates are world champions in xanda. For those who don’t no it’s a kickboxing fight wiht takedowns. Because mma is so rare in Asia some of these guys have 50-100 fights in other martial arts. Xanda , muay thai, boxing.

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  21. Cody Rempel says:

    One FC has eliminated the “open attack” rule and will be using the Pride rules for soccer kicks from now on!

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