Aldo Meets Edgar in New Headlining Title Fight At UFC 153


UFC Press Release

Frankie Edgar’s decision to drop to featherweight has not gone unrewarded, as Edgar will get a long-rumored title shot in his first outing at 145 pounds.

That title shot will come sooner than expected, as Edgar is stepping in to face champion Jose Aldo at UFC 153 in October. Aldo was scheduled to meet KO artist Erik Koch, who has been forced to withdraw from the event due to injury.

“I’m pumped,” UFC president Dana White told USA Today. “I think that people are going to be very excited for this fight.”

“This main event is now not only a world title fight but also a super-fight that has long been a dream match for many fans,” said White. “Aldo and Edgar are two fantastic fighters who are always a part of the pound-for-pound debate.”

12 Responses to “ Aldo Meets Edgar in New Headlining Title Fight At UFC 153 ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    This is the only first fight at 145 that IMO made sense for Edgar…

    Should be a decent war! Edgar by UD.

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  2. Looking forward to this one and the following automatic rematch that happens after every Frankie Edgar title fight.

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  3. BDC says:

    Haha aint that the truth

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  4. steve hill says:

    I think frankie is great…but after back to back losses how do you jump into another title fight??

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  5. Dean Panas says:

    He is in a title fight because he deserves it. Not everybody looks at records, stats are for losers as they say. I know some cards have not been the greatest lately, but the UFC knows better than anybody that they are in the entertainment business. They scout and sign exciting fighters, and they want their main events and title fights to sell tickets.
    This fight will sell! That’s what it’s about.

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  6. Idolmaker says:

    There are no other challengers in this division. Edgar doesn’t need anyone’s Approval.

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  7. mike kent says:

    Both “losses” were debatable .in my mind Edgar clearly won the last fight and should be the 55 pound champ

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  8. BDC says:

    If you go off that, he deserves it why didnt silva fight the 205 champ? I think your other reasons a valid but how do we justify it to the other 45 ranked fighters when he has no 145 ranking and is not the 55 champ moving a weight class. Just a reasom why not as uve stated why it shuld be allready (it will sell)

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  9. Idolmaker says:

    It will sell. Does John Fraser have the same stature at 145, as he does at 135, the answer is yes. This despite the fact that most of his recent wins are at 135. Sometimes there are exceptions to the rule, deal with it.

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  10. FLEX says:

    Edgar doesn’t deserve to drop a class and get a title shot right away…he should earn it at 45!

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  11. Idolmaker says:

    It’s happening too fucking bad

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  12. steve hill says:

    Not the question whether or not its happening….not the question whether it will be a good fight…frankie always brings it…and aldo is amazing….not even a question if frankie will add to the talent pool at 145…hes a stud

    I think flex is sayin what about the other 145 ers who bust there ass to climb the ladder and get passed over……

    but it doesnt matter ….cause its happening and will be a great fight , or 2 , or 3

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