Josh Hill Recaps John Fraser Victory


Top MMA News‘ Don Wilson catches up with ‘Gentleman’ Josh Hill after his Score Fighting Series bout.  In this interview, Hill, who dons the ‘Big Win’ vest, discusses his:

  • win over John Fraser,
  • dominating fighting style,
  • future plans for his fighting career.

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  1. steve hill says:

    @ BDC…my comments !! right , wrong ,or otherwise are mine…and have to bearing on josh….on an open forum such as this everyone gets to cherp everyone….its the nature of the beast ..
    so if you guys make what I persieve as a derrogatory comment about my nephew I ,m cherpin back…

    I have nothing but love and respect for any fighter that climbs in that ring and lets it hang out…..

    If I was over the top with any of my comments…sometimes emotion gets the best of you….however Karimi will always be a moron….lol

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  2. Robin Black says:

    I believe both Curtis and Richard Nancoo have the skills abilities and attributes to beat every other Bantamweight in Canada.

    But its an odd and interesting situation when 2 of the best sat on the shelf for so long. But get 2 or 3 wins and they are back in conversations about the best guys and rightly so.

    We shouldn’t disrespect fighters at all, but especially these original guys, these guys who were there and part of the formative years of the sport in Canada.
    Oh and, for that matter, can we not disrespect a great fighter like LC Davis?
    Josh’s team can fight hm or not fight him for a million reasons, but Josh’s supporters shouldn’t knock a great great fighter like Davis.

    On the original topic, Hill is a fantastic talent and a proven winner. IMO he looked phenomenal in his last fight, especially considering how tough and talented we know Fraser is.

    And when it comes to conversations about Josh and ‘excitement’, I found that last one tremendously exciting. Aggressive. Busy. Ornery. High impact.

    If someone didn’t enjoy that display of great takedowns, positional mastery and brutal gnp, I don’t know what ta tell ya.

    Lookin forward to josh’s next fight and the ones after that.

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  3. wuzjustsayin says:

    Hey Robin, is it common for the Score Fighting Series to waste their time and the fighters time to issue a contract agreement without a verbal agreement from both fighters to agree to the matchup?

    Why would they send out the contract to one fighter and not the other?

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Man, that’s not my department.

    From my experience a good matchmaker (and Alex is a very good matchmaker) will only send contracts after he gets what he interprets as a verbal agreement from both parties.

    The thing is this is an inexact science because there are a few steps in the chain. Fighter. Manager. Coach. Mom. etc. And sometimes they talk without conferring with each other.

    At different points in that chain things get misinterpreted.

    A fighter may tell his coach and his manager ‘yeah I’ll fight that guy’ and one of them tells a matchmaker and he sends contracts. Then they talk to each other and want the fighter to go another way. This is one of 30 possible ways the broken telephone-like conversations mess up the process. Very common.

    The process to get 2 contracts signed and a fight approved is a long one, and it meanders and changes sometimes.

    Really, until both are signed, its all talk and negotiations. All parties change and shift and move.

    The key thing is that the promoter should NEVER announce a fight until it is signed and approved because saying ‘yes’ or ‘I’ll fight any of those guys’ or ‘maybe’ or ‘send me the contract’ does not a fight make.

    Its all just talk till 2 guys sign and a commission approves.

    Again, the only strict rule is that a promoter does not talk about unsigned fights because it is misleading to the public, it badly affects fighters, and it causes a lot of problems.

    If fighters talk about their processes and ups and downs of trying to make a fight happen that’s up to them.

    There’s 3 or more sides to every story and most of it is meaningless conjecture until a fight is finalized and announced by a promoter.

    I hope that helps but I’m not sure I even understand what I’m saying here. Sorry man.

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  5. wuzjustsayin says:

    Thanks Robin.

    That was a good insight to the process form a managers point of view.

    I hope it helps others to realize the importance of the negotiation timeline and how critical it is to have the negotiations completed in a timely fashion.

    Just as important is the negotiation process to be started in good faith in order to limit the waste of valuable time that a fighter commits to, time that could be invested to another opportunity.

    This process proved to be pretty shitty for LC Davis and probably could of been avoided.

    Your opinion, right or wrong is valued as always!!

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  6. Robin Black says:

    thanks man appreciate I that

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