King of the Cage: Genesis – Calgary – October 5


Date: October 5, 2012
Venue: Century Casino in Calgary, Alberta
Tickets: Century Casino (403) 287-1183

Pro Fights:
145lbs- Tyler Davis (8-2) vs. Phil Deschambeault (4-5)
145lbs- Noah Ali (1-1) vs. Jesse Veltri (1-4)
155lbs- Adam Farr (4-3) vs. Curtis Blackmore (2-3)
143lbs- Agostino DeNatale (3-1) vs. Mike O’Neill (2-2)

Amateur Fights:
135lbs- John Young (1-0) vs. Austin Ryan (0-0)
135lbs- Ryan Williams (1-0) vs. Douglas Monfee-Smith (1-2)
155lbs- Jemark Bradly (1-0) vs. Adam Wills (2-1)
155lbs- Trent House (1-0) vs. Cody Brown (0-0)

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  1. Jets says:

    I find hilarious how all you need to say to get a bunch of thumbs up is make fun of Jesse “Viper” Veltri lol

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  2. Bianco Nero Photography says:

    I’ll be there taking pictures.
    If any of you want copies please contact me through my Facebook page Bianco Nero Photography

    Thanks & see you all soon in Calgary !

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  3. Josh Machan says:

    Yes Brad Cardinals fights is cancelled we got screwed By a manager that lined up shawn fitzsimmons. Was working with him on fights lined up shawn sent out contract and was working on a co-main event with him when he just stopped returning emails and phone calls he has fallen off the face of the earth we found a contact for Shawn and found out he had just had shoulder surgery. Not sure what this manager was trying to pull But I can say no one should ever work with Big fight Management Will Hammond, Wade Hampel, and Pat Wilson obviously cannot be trusted. I apologize to all fight fans and brad cardinal who was training very hard for this fight. Its unfortunate that there are people like Big Fight Management representing this sport.

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  4. Josh Machan says:

    Patrick wilson contacted me shortly after this was posted and apoligized for miscommunication and because he had a family emergency which he had to attend to and did not communicate that he was leaving with his partners.He said shawn is not actually under him and he had not been informed that he was going in for a surgery.I guess this was just bad communication and poor timing.

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  5. cavemanbully says:

    Cant wait for weigh ins to be done!!!! lol

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  6. LOL says:

    Veltri again? UGH embarrassment


    (fart sound)

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  7. papathongo says:

    co- main event too. LOL what a state king of the cage is in

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  8. Pat Wilson says:

    I took my time to respond to Josh’s comments about myself and 2 partners Wade and Will. As Josh stated when I received a couple calls about his statements I checked out the site for myself and contacted him right away, I am a big fan of this site but I decided not to post on here just read through everbody’s comments and great stories.

    Now as for Josh’s statements yes we were in talks about 1 of our fighters for the fight against Brad, as I told him we had another offer for this client so we would have to get going on it, we ran into some problems over the MRI, so after about 2 weeks that client decided to take the other fight to ensure he would have a fight in October.
    So we moved on I submitted a few names and Josh did not seem interested in them so I said I would try to find some guys through friends of mine, And Shawn Fitzsimmons was brought in, from there we waiting roughly a week and finally got the OK,(during this time Shawn was healthy and had his apt set for his MRI at the Clevland Clinic in Vegas) well talking with Josh for a possible opponent for Mike Kent he then went back and stated that Brad had wanted bigger named opponent since he is nearing the end of his career(so fight is off)this being just a few weeks out from the fight. I backed awy from finding Mike an opponent and did not hear from Josh for a bit, I did have a personal emergency I had to take care of so was unavailable for a little while but did take care of everything that needed to be done before I left Shawn not being 1 of them. When I return I come in to this big mess, I do not want to get into all details about the deal but feel that he made FALSE accusations about myself Will and Wade. Canadian MMA is a very tight community and takes a lot of hard work to keep moving forward, but you can loose everything you work for by 1 false claim. I hope this helps clear a few things up,
    I know that I am newer to the Canadian MMA scene most of my clients are from the States but do have some great Canadian talent on our roster. My company is about bringing big fights to our clients and the fans, A few of our clients are Cyborg Santos, Macaco, Charles Oliviera, DJ Lindermn, Tim Hague, Matt Riddle. I hope that this clears up some of talks and if anybody has questions please feel free to ask thank you

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  9. I'll Say It says:

    Something went wrong with that deal to bad for Brad but looks like it worked out a lot better for Brad in the long run

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