Evolucao Thai Explains Vieira vs Whitlock Fight Cancellation



August 27, 2012, Toronto- Today, Evolucao Thai would like to clarify the cancellation of Fernando Vieira’s fight against Lyndon Whitlock.

Fernando Vieira and the entire Evolucao team gives its sincere apology to The Score Fighting Series, Lyndon Whitlock and the fans for the short notice cancellation of the fight.

Before the fight, Fernando Vieira was to undergo medical examinations in Montreal, Quebec. However, since Fernando’s immigration process is still incomplete, the cost of the exam was extremely high – $4,000 more than the purse he was going to receive for his upcoming ght. Fernando went to get the same examination done in Montreal for a fairer price, however, the test results was not available in time for the ght. Fernando was then directed to an alternate clinic in Toronto that would do the test again, how-ever these results would also not be ready in time. Therefore Fernando was left unable to compete for his ght, due to the complications with the necessary medical exams.

The Evolucao Thai team would like it to be clear that they did everything within their ability to assist Fernando in preparation for his fight. There was nothing more that the Evolucao Thai team and Fernando could do to receive the documentation in time.

It is an immense disappointment for all of us to have cancelled the ght. As we all know Lyndon Whitlock and Fernando had trained very hard in preparation for the event and we hope to never run into this type of situation ever again. Once again, we apologize to everyone involved, especially The Score Fighting Series and Lyndon Whitlock.

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  1. dissapointed fan says:

    back to bjj tournaments :(

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  2. cliff claven says:

    Actually Fernando was directed to clinics in Montreal and Buffalo. Buffalo was not a valid option due to citezenship issues but he refused to return to Montreal again, which is somewhat understandable. However thru a lot of hard work and phone calls (not by Fernando or his team)it was set up that a clinic in Hamilton would take the blood and that as long as the test was completed before 1130am on Friday the clinic would have the samples expedited rush to the testing facility (who was alos contacted, not by Fernando or his team)and the results would be ready by the next morning. Fernando showed up at 1pm even tho he had an appointment at 11. Once there he argued that the price was to high and he refused to pay the full price. The Score later agreed to cover the cost for the slim chance that the results would be complete, again Fernando did not get the tests done. All of this and the fact that as this was taking place Fernando was still 10lbs over weight just goes to show that he wasn’t seriously interested in fighting the next day. These facts have all been given by a person very close to the situation and to think that Evolucao Thai can release something like this in attempts to try and “trick” the fans and The Score instead of just admitting their fighters lack of professionalism and willingness to do what ever it takes to fight is just plain sad.

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  3. M.F.M. says:

    Cliff’s post is 100% accurate.

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  4. Lance Bass says:

    Sounds like he didnt want to fight Lyndon to bad.

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  5. Donald Duck says:

    What the heck is a ght?

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  6. smash says:

    Its how Brazilian’s spell ‘fight’

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  7. Jamie Locke says:

    He could have had his meds done immediately once he agreed to the fight.

    I don’t understand why someone would want to leave this until the last minute if they want to fight.

    ANY fighter I know, both pro and am, that are looking for a fight have their medicals ready to go at any time. If they are coming up on expiry, either their coach or manager should be reminding them it’s time to head back to the lab.

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  8. MMAmgmt says:

    At the weigh-ins in front of all the fighters, managers, fans and media:

    “Not only will Fernando Vieira never fight for The Score again, Fernando’s grandchildren will not fight for The Score either”

    Doesn’t sound like The Score felt that Fernando or Evolucao Thai “did everything within their ability” to make this fight happen.

    Evolucao should be ashamed of themselves for trying to down-play the unprofessional way that their fighter and their team handled this debacle.

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  9. Idolmaker says:

    Ght = hgh???

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  10. uncle rugz says:

    suck it vieira

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  11. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    This is worse than an ECSC press release.


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  12. Mash says:

    Tell him to get the licensing done then maybe he can
    Be believed for future. Poor lyndon

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  13. lyndon whitlock says:

    Ok well I have never posted here and probably will never again but I feel the need to say a few things

    For starters what cliff claven said is true. It blows my mind that someone wrote this thinking it would be a good enough excuse! Your apologies mean nothing! Yours sorrys will not pay my bills, and will not make up for the time I wastes getting in shape for such amateurs. If you guys where really sorry you would of cams to the weigh ins and apologised then. Yes I would be been mad but I would of respected that u where man enough to say it to my face

    If you sign a contract the only excuses for not fighting are serious injury, or family death. Anything less then that is being a coward.

    The score has said they will never bring Fernando back but if they ever do I will be deeply disrespected. I would also like to ask any Canadian orgs out there to not deal with Fernando! Give the opportunity and please of fighting on some of the great events we have to hungry hard working Canadian fighters.

    I am sorry to the fans that support me and didn’t get to see this fight. But I did everything I could .. even making weight on Friday.

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  14. Fan says:

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  15. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Your a true warrior Lyndon…and nothing but professional!..can’t wait to see you step in the cage again!

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  16. MMAmgmt says:

    Speak your mind Lyndon, you’ve earned the right to!

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  17. Rick Johnson says:

    Yeah Vieira should pay Lyndon his fight purse.

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  18. Robin Black says:

    I hear Mr. Viera is back in brazil and is no longer involved with evolucao.

    I do t know what the story is with Mr. Viera and I’m not sure I want to know.

    But I do know that Evolucao is a great team with great coaches and really good people who are honest and trustworthy.

    Whatever may have happened with Mr. V here should not reflect on the good people at Evolucao.

    All the best to the coaches and students and team. Great to see your strength and unity and positivity going forward.


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    If you want to post that, send your name/number to news@topmmanews.com. I will call you and talk to you about it. Then I will re-add your post with your real name.

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