Score Fighting Series – Play-by-Play – Ronson Tops Ricci, Hill Stays Perfect


Hamilton, Ont: August 25 2012 – “Big Win” Don Wilson is on location at the at Hamilton Place Theatre for the Score Fighting Series event in Hamilton, Ontario this evening providing us with up to the minute play by play.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night – Jesse Ronson vs Alex Ricci
  • Sub of the Night – Kyle Prepolec’s Triangle Choke on Jason Meisel
  • KO of the Night – Ryan Dickson TKO over Chris St. Jean

Josh Hill vs John Fraser
Rd1: Fraser lands a hard leg kick but plays right into Hill’s game as Hill lands the takedown. Hill landing some big ground and pound punches. Hill turning Fraser away for the cage and continues his top position dominance. Hill continuing to work on top landing some big punches, Fraser tries some elbows off his back but has no power. Hill cuts Fraser open at the corner of the eye with one of his shots.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hill

Rd2: Fraser catches Hill with a nice straight right. Fraser moving in a out landing shots and escaping the takedown attempt. Hill finally times Fraser’s movement and nails the takedown. Hill passes to half guard. Fraser fights his way back to his feet but Hill keeps the waist lock and takes him right back down. Hill trying hard for an Americana off his back but Hill defends and continues to control the action on top. Hill passes to half guard again and finishes out the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hill

Rd3: Fraser oddly stalking Hill around the ring which play right into a Hill takedown and we’re back to the canvas. Hill lands a big punch on Fraser trapped against the cage. Hill is continuing to land some big punches to the head. Hill again passes to half guard. Hill mounts Fraser And unleashes a barrage of strikes. Fraser regains his guard but Hill continues to blanket the Fraser fire. A UFC chant by the crowd starts in the final 30 seconds as Hill easily secures himself a 30-27 unanimous decision.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hill
Hill defeats Fraser via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Jesse Ronson vs Alex Ricci
Rd1: Ricci kicking to the body to get us going. Ronson hunting for the body shots tagging Ricci in the mid section. Ronson almost knocks Ricci to the mat with a hook to the body then two more clubbing rights and he looks to take the fight to the mat but Ricci defends. Ricci tries to come in again but is dropped by another vicious right hook. Ricci recovers and is back to his feet where he scores a takedown of his own landing a few knees to the body as Ronson stands back up. Big knee by Ricci lands in a exchange. Head kick by Ronson knocks Ricci back 3-4 steps and Ronson secures the takedown and rides it out as the round finishes off.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ronson

Rd2: Ricci rips a kick to the body and Ronson responds with an over hand. Up against the cage Ronson is looking for the double leg, Ricci defends but eats a Ronson cross on the way out. Ronson flurries in with a combo that pushes Ricci back into the cage then Ronson lands a double leg putting Ricci on the mat. Ricci tries for a combo but Ronson kicks his lead leg out. Ricci firing back with inside leg kicks and jabs but Ronson is digging to the body any chance he has and is frustrating Ricci. Ricci comes back with a big hook that rocks Ronson. Ronson ends the round pressuring Ricci against the cage.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ronson

Rd3: Ricci comes out swinging but Ronson absorbs it and pushes forward to put Ricci against the cage. Action is briefly halted to fix the cage. The action is restarted and Ronson drops Ricci to the ground by chopping his legs out. Ricci attempts a arm bar but Ronson easily escapes. Ronson is pressuring Ricci into the cage ripping leg kicks and hooks. Ronson gets Ricci back to the canvas and passes to side control bloodying Ricci up with short elbows and hammerfists. Ronson now in Ricci’s guard. Ricci texts back up and starts to pressure Ronson landing hooks,overhands and jabs then lands a takedown right at the horn but little too late as Ronson shows off why he is known as the “Body Snatcher”
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ronson
Ronson defeats Ricci via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Rick Glenn vs Tristan Johnson
Rd1: Glenn comes put firing on all cylinders big body kick and right overhand that wobbles Johnson. Glenn shoots in lands the takedown and goes for the ankle lock but Johnson defends, escapes and takes over top position. Back on their feet both men are swinging Johnson tags Glenn with a solid over hand right. Both men trading hooks and jabs with Glenn landing more often. Glenn looks for the single leg but Johnson defends and counters with a takedown of his own slamming Glenn to the mat. Glenn pops right back up and finishes off the round with a down ward punch.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Glenn

Rd2: Glenn landing with leg and body kicks then drives in and takes Johnson to the canvas. Glenn stacks Johnson against the cage and lands some big bombs on his downed opponent. Big hammerfists by Glenn. Back on their feet both men slugging hard but Glenn landing the better shots and once again dives in picks Johnson up and slams him down. Glenn in Johnson’s half guard just punishing Johnson with big powerful punches until the ref is forced to intervene and save Johnson from further abuse.
Glenn defeats Johnson via TKO (punches) @ 4:26 of Rd2

Elias Theodorou vs Simon Marini
Rd1: Marini comes out slugging away forcing Theodorou against the cage. Marini landing some knees to the mid section from the clinch. Theodorou secures the body lock, transitions to the Thai plum and lands some impressive knees. Back against the fence Theodorou lands some big punches and knees on Marini. Marini fires back and Theodorou just misses with a head kick. Theodorou gets a brief takedown but Marini pops right back up as the horn sounds. A round filled with grueling cage clinching.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Theodorou

Rd2: Theodorou cracks Marini right on the chin to start us off. Back against the cage, Theodorou is pressing the action landing knees to the thigh and mid section and switches to the Thai plum for big knees. Theodorou grazes him with a head kick. Marini responds with some big hooks but again Theodorou forces his back to the fence. More Thai plum action from Theodorou but Marini lands a flurry to the body and escapes. Both men throw and miss punches and kicks for the last 15 seconds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Theodorou

Rd3: Marini pressuring to start off the third landing some solid leg kicks and jabs. Marini continues to back up Theodorou but Theodorou lands a solid head kick. Theodorou looks for the shot but slips and Marini escapes the takedown. Back against the fence Marini now pressuring but Theodorou pummels under and turns him. Theodorou ducks under a big right from Marini and forces the fight back against the cage. Marini turns the tide and punches his way out. Marini looking for the big punch while Theodorou backs away. Marini cuts off the cage but Theodorou uses teep kicks to keep Marini off him until the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Theodorou
Theodorou defeats Marini via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Kyle Prepolec vs Jason Meisel
Rd1: Meisel punches his way in but Prepolec forces the against the cage. They break off the cage and both men start throwing. Prepolec gets the body lock and forces the fight to the fence. Meisel pummels under and turns Prepolec. Prepolec lands some vicious shots on Meisel forcing Meisel to look for the single. Prepolec reverse Meisel takedown attempt but Meisel rolls with it and winds up in top position. Meisel tries to take Prepolec’s back but Prepolec throws him to the ground. Meisel gets up and looks for the double leg but Prepolec defends then lands to solid head kicks and a jab. Against the fence Meisel lands some knees to the thigh. Prepolec breaks free lands some big punches as the horn signlas the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Prepolec

Rd2: They square off and Meisel lands a inadvertent low blow and the action is halted. Meisel comes on straight off the restart but Prepolec wisely goes for the takedown. Meisel escapes back to his feet, sucks his hips out and takes him down but Prepolec sees it coming and sets up the triangle and locks it in. Meisel tries to to slam his way out of it but Prepolec tightens it up and forces Meisel to tap.
Prepolec submits Meisel via Triangle Choke @ 2:58 of Rd2

Jason Saggo vs Eric Attard
Rd1: Attard feeling out Saggo with leg kicks. Attard lands a solid cross which causes Saggo to force the action to the fence and look for the double leg but Attard fends it off. Attard loses position while going for the plum which allows Saggo to grab a Thai plum of his own land 2 knees and change levels for the takedown. Saggo secures the takedown, takes the back, sinks in the hooks and squeezes until Attard is forced to tap.
Saggo submits Attard via Rear Naked Choke @ 3:24 of Rd1

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Ryan Dickson vs Chris St. Jean
Rd1: After a brief exchange Dickson gets a quick takedown over St Jean. Dickson rainy down the elbow strikes on top. St Jean makes it back to his feet but Dickson has his back, Dickson takes him back down sinks in the hooks, flattens him out and rains down bombs until the ref is forced too save St Jean from further abuse.
Dickson defeats St Jean via TKO (punches) @ 2:42 of Rd1

Adam Assenza vs Taylor Solomon
Rd1: Assenza lands a spinning back elbow but can’t finish the single leg and Solomon forces him against the cage. They break away from the cage and Solomon lands a crisp knee. Solomon lands a few more knees against the cage before Assenza takes him to the canvas but Solomon is quickly back to his feet. Back against the cage both men fire haymakers that land flush. Assenza starting to land big hooks on Solomon against the fence and some how Solomon tends off the single leg. Solomon now looking for the single but Assenza stays up right. Solomon looking for the Thai plum but Assenza flurries hard to the body. Assenza muscles Solomon to the ground just as the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Assenza

Rd2: Solomon comes forward and eats to big punches from Assenza. Solomon shoots in for the double but Assenza fends it off. Solomon lands a knee from the plum can’t hold the position. Assenza goes for the takedown but Solomon reverses and takes top position but can’t hold Assenza down. Solomon looks for the single, Assenza falls back to guard attempting a guillotine but misses and gives Solomon top position. Assenza grabs a nice arm bar but Solomon escapes while Assenza makes it back to his feet. Again Solomon looking for the takedown this time Assenza tries the Kimura defense and again loses the submission on the way to the canvas. Solomon holds top position until the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round Solomon 10-9

Rd3: Assenza is able to land a takedown of sorts to start off the round but Solomon is back to his feet quickly. Solomon looking for the double but being battered by Assenza until Assenza grabs his legs and sends him ass over tea kettle. Big elbows and hooks to Solomon’s head rock him but everyone should know you can’t KO Solomon so Assenza takes him down. Solomon back up moving forward but has no power left throwing weak knees and arm punches at Assenza. Assenza almost takes Solomon’s head off with a big haymaker. Assenza lands a weak takedown right at the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Assenza
Adam Assenza defeats Taylor Solomon by Split Decision(29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Frank Marques vs Eric Montgomery
Rd1:Marques comes out ala a Diaz brother with his hands down and chin up but quickly drops down for the single leg and takes the fight to the mat. Marques avoiding Montgomery’s sub attempts and up kicks while landing some steady shots. Marques improves to half guard but Montgomery uses the inertia for a picture perfect sweep. While trying to stand Marques eats a huge knee from Montgomery that opened him up and drops him down like a sack of potatoes. Marques recovers quickly escapes a weak guillotine by Montgomery. Marques postures up and lands a few shots before the ref halts the action to check his cut.
Eric Montgomery defeats Frank Marques via TKO (doctors stoppage due to cut) @ 4:20 of Rd1

Jeff Sharkey vs Robert Thomas
Rd1: Thomas starts us off with a leg kick that’s lands flush, he follows it up with a head kick that misses and Sharkey lands an over hand right that pushes Thomas into the cage. Thomas with a body lock turns Sharkey and starts landing knees from the clinch. Sharkey breaks away and Thomas chases him down with dual head kicks that miss their mark. Thomas misses a flurry and Sharkey tosses him to the ground, takes half mount and lands a flurry of his own before Thomas makes it back to his feet. Thomas misses another head kick and Sharkey bull rushes him into the cage. Sharkey is now hunting Thomas around the cage with finishes right hands and one finds the mark and puts Thomas on his back. Sharkey follows him down, takes half guard and lands some shots. Sharkey stands back up and kicks his downed opponents legs until the horn sounds.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Sharkey

Rd2: Thomas lands a solid body kick. Thomas throwing weak leg and head kicks until Sharkey sets the pace with a full swing head kick that misses. Big overhand from Sharkey finds the mark but Thomas lands a right hook on exit. Both fighters trade leg kicks. Thomas lands a jab to the body and over hand to the head. Nice combo by Thomas that ends with a weak head kick. More leg kicks are traded. Sharkey eats a leg kicks then fires back to big over hand rights. Another big over hand from Sharkey drops Thomas to the canvas ala round 1 and again Sharkey follows him down to the ground. Riding out the final 10 seconds in Thomas’ guard.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Sharkey

Rd3: Sharkey traps Thomas against the fence and clubs away with 3 big hooks. Thomas looking to use his jab to create distance but Sharkey keeps moving forward. Nice teep kick to the face by Thomas. Big head kick from Thomas lands but Sharkey plays it off. Sharkey catches a knee from Thomas lifts him up and slams him to the ground. Thomas makes his way back to his feet and starts firing off some flurries with kicks. Thomas lighting Sharkey up with some straight jab combos. Thomas jumps in with a flying knee and lands the horizontal elbow on exit. The horn sounds as Thomas lands another flurry.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Thomas
Jeff Sharkey defeats Robert Thomas by Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

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    @gladius…sounds like you and @fightguy are either one in the same or sitting side by side just waiting for Shane to post.

    I actually called Shane cause I wanted tickets to Craig Boxing debut, and I actually asked him. What’s with all the hate from this guy named fightguy. He said he wasn’t sure, but figured it was coming from a certain owner of a certain gym in Burlington , based on the way he left from coaching there. Wouldn’t get into specifics, but he’s pretty sure that there are a few aliases being used either by the owner or a cpl of his minions as he put it.

    He also stated they he could be wrong. But from your post @gladius I can pretty much guess his assumption was right.
    Owner or minion without using your real name you just sound like an angry little kid on the school yard who got his turn on the teeter totter takin away!

    Now I don’t know all the issues. But I am a fan of Craig Hudson, and he has stayed with BTP. And from what I can see most people on here like Craig. And if he decided to stay with Shane,there must be good reason, because if he was as bad as you all say I think Craig would be smart enough to leave.

    So again these attacks all seem to personal. To be just not liking what someone posts.

    And on another note, I really can’t wait to see Craig make his Pro Boxing debut!

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    I don’t need aliases to come on here…not my fault you guys have nothing better to do than slam me…I won’t talk personally on here about anyone…all though I could…I could stir a lot a shit up for a lot of people in the mma world but don’t cause its none of my business how others want to act…fightguy,gladius I’m quit sure by your posts who you are…say whatever you will…say whatever you want…I’ve gotten angry before on here and said something’s I probably shouldn’t have…did I roll with josh hill yes for a rd…very fast transition…very technical…josh is a great guy…I made a prediction about the fight…did say I could be wrong and was and was very hyped about it….my assessment of Marini’s striking might have been a little harsh but…since he’s at TapouT …I thought Gavin Hesson would have been working with him…Gavin= awesome striking coach have nothing but respect for him…so to make it easy on you guys…I will come on here to post whatever about whoever in mma I want to….and you can slam me all you want…with no verbal threats or abuse from me any longer …you are entitled to your opinions…atleast I won’t post using an assumed name…whether any of you are garnet Ace or not or his employees …Mine and Garnets business is no one else but ours …if he needs to say something to me …I’m sure he will ..he knows where to find me…if I need to say something to him…I know where to find him…you guys enjoy your day!… And I’ll enjoy the rest of mine!

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