Score Fighting Series – Weigh in Results – August 25


Hamilton, Ont: August 24 2012 – “Big Win” Don Wilson is on location at the Score Fighting Series Weigh-Ins in Hamilton, Ontario today. Tomorrow, SFS will showcase their talent at Hamilton Place Theatre.

The SFS weigh-ins did not go as smooth as hoped for, with the bout between Lyndon Whitlock (7-2) and Fernando Vieira (7-2) being called off due to Vieira having incomplete medicals. Also both Alex Ricci and David Douglas missed weight for their respective bouts, with David Douglas vs Will Romero being called off by the commission.

Main Event:
Josh Hill (134.8) vs. John Fraser (135.4)

Jesse Ronson (155.4) vs. Alex Ricci (2nd attempt 156.8) (1st attempt 158)***
Tristan Johnson (145.4) vs. Rick Glenn (145.2)
Will Romero (145.8) vs. David Douglas (2nd attempt 150lbs) (1st attempt 150.4)*** (CANCELLED)
Jason Saggo (156) vs. Eric Attard (155.6)
Elias Theodorou (185.4) vs. Simon Marini (183.2)
Jason Meisel (155.8) vs. Kyle Prepolec (155.2)
Ryan Dickson (168.8) vs. Chris St. Jean (169.6)
Frank Marques (139.2) vs Eric Montgomery (139.8)
Robert Thomas (168.8 ) vs. Jeff Sharkey (170)
Adam Assenza (156) vs. Taylor Solomon (154.6)

***Missed weight
Alex Ricci weighs in at 156.8llbs on 2nd attempt, missing the LW divisional weight limit.
David Douglas weighs in at 150lbs on 2nd attempt, missing the FW divisional weight limit. (Commission has called off Romero vs Douglas bout)

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  1. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Wow…didn’t think Ricci would miss weight…still getting Ko’ed by Jesse in 2nd

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  2. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    And Douglas that just disrespectful and unprofessional

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  3. Nigel Guerin says:

    Wow…..sad day for Romero and fans!

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  4. Adam Lorenz says:

    I think a couple big mistakes were made:

    First, your show is taking a big risk if you are going to fly in a lightweight who is using your card as an attempt to be a featherweight. You gamble and sometimes you lose…or in my experience most of the time you lose lol.

    Second, I assumed this was common practice but I guess not…have your fighters submit to you their completed medicals in advance. I have always sent my COMPLETE bloodwork, eye exam, CAT scan, ECG and whatever the heck else is needed to the promoter and then my coach has brought our own with him on weigh in day and I don’t see why more shows and the fighter don’t do this more often. I don’t want my fight getting cancelled at the weigh in…

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  5. mike kent says:

    Brutal that Romero doesn’t get to fight . He’s always one of the hilights of every card he’s on .

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  6. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Missing weight seems to start to be common practice lately I feel bad for Whitlock and Romero…I know they both trained really hard for this ….Any other shows in the next few weeks would be silly not to try and pick these 2 up….all ready to go!

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  7. The Main Attraction says:

    Man that sucks that Romero and Whitlocks’ fights fightps got cancelled. Keep your chin up boys. you are both great fighters!

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  8. Obviously says:

    They should have fought each other!

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  9. markk says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. markk says:


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  11. mike kent says:

    The main attraction makes it to ufc by 2014 ! You heard it here first . Already a great win over imperato. One of the best up and coming fighters in all of canada ! Mike malott = my man crush

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  12. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Kent

    Hope you meant 2013! Earlier the better!

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  13. harry balls says:

    unprofessional . good on the commission for scrapping the fight

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  14. Donald Duck says:

    Clearly no one told Fernando that he was expected to act like a professional. Shitty deal for Whitlock, hopefully he resists the temptation to smash this clown and moves on to another opportunity.


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  15. cliff claven says:

    For anybody interested, here its what Lyndon posted on his Facebook wall.

    Everybody has been sending messages asking what happened. Below I will try and explain what went down today. So here it goes…..
    I busted my ass 6 weeks to get into shape. I cut all my weight, then found out that Fernando did not get his blood work done! ( Evolucao Thai MMA School – I do understand it is not Evolucao but this us the best wa to get Fernando to see this). My manager ( Scott Macovi) worked very hard getting Fernando appointments in Buffalo, Montreal and Hamilton. Fernando did finally show up to the clinic in Hamilton (today at 1pm) 2 hours late. He then argued with the clinic on the price of the tests. The price was $100, which is exactly what Ive paid for blood work at the same clinic. As all of this is going on Fernando is still 10lbs over weight! I had made weight by 2pm today and the second I stepped of the scale my manager had the privilege of informing me that my fight was cancelled. I was extremely heartbroken to hear the news, then became enraged to hear the reason.
    The Score Fighting Series did as much as they could possibly do to make this fight happen. Once cancelled they then offered to bring Fernando back for another event if I really wanted this matchup. Every part of me wants to get in there with him so on live tv people can watch me beat the shit out of him. But as a professional I will never give this man, who doesnt respect me, the Score or the sport a chance. So with a few swear words I respectfully told the score no thank you.
    Every fighter has to deal with last minute bullshit from the commission. If you dont wanna fight then don’t sign the contract and don’t waste other fighters times that depend on fighting to make a living. The score is taking care of me but I still stand to lose out on thousands.
    I’m very sorry to all of my friends and family that support me, all my sponsors. The support you give makes this tough sport easier. I thank you all!!!!!!!

    and finally us as fighters literally have 3 jobs, 1. make sure your medicals are done. 2 make weight and 3 get in the cage and leave it all on the line. if you are unwilling to do any of these no problem dont sign the contract, and leave fighting to the professionals.

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  16. Anon says:

    heh. How did Douglas go up in weight on the 2nd attempt?… did he attempt to cut more weight at all?

    Seems crazy, I read a post from Viera that said he had his bloodwork done a while ago but it was lost and he was surprised to find out that his blood was not submitted (If it did get lost and he is telling the truth, I could see his frustration with having to have it done again and paying for it – though at the end of the day this is costing him more than the test). Nothing about being over weight, im surprised if he could not make 145, he does not seem all that big. If he did not ever get it done in the first place (or what Whitlock says it accurate), either Viera or someone in his camp or both should be ashamed.

    Crazy stuff.

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  17. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Anon

    He lost .4 pounds on second attempt! Not much I know, I’m sure he tried cutting but it wasn’t the cut that was the problem probably dieting during camp.

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  18. interesting says:

    so Romero in his last fight i believe was what 4 or 5 pounds over and even refused to try to cut anymore but yet now he has a fight and it is canceled for wow what do you know his opponent is 5lbs over cliche…… romero a tough guy but a sissy in the sense of giving a shit for the better of the sport unless he is on the better end of the stick.. so the ontario commission cancels this fight “apparently” but yet same situation in reverse his last fight and he is even an arrogant shit to say he cannot even attempt to cut any more and the commission does not even say a word ….!!!!

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  19. markk says:

    fernando sounds like a real class act. commission should suspend this dirtbag

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  20. Real interesting says:

    I agree with interesting re: Romero and Douglas! Romero was looking for a way out? In the same breath the Ontario commission seems to be adding to the problem ..

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  21. Darren Owen says:

    Wouldn’t it make sense to just to do Romero vs Whitlock? Sounds like both their medicals were in and I’m guessing they could both make weight.

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  22. Really Interesting says:

    More like Douglas found his way out. He did not even try to make weight. Pathetic. “Fighters” like him have to start putting more thought into their training camps. This is getting old.

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  23. K. RASMUS says:

    I respect promoter’s that blackball idiots that don’t make weight .

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  24. Unbelievable. I walk around comfortably at 190-195lbs. For most of my professional career I had fought at 155 and ALWAYS made weight (because that is what I agreed to fight at in my contract.) I’ll tell you, many of those times I was near death….but that is what I agreed to make, and always did. I do not understand what is going on in these younger fighters minds nowadays…either suck it up and go through the agony of the weight cut, find some expert help in how to cut weight properly, or move up a weight class. Later in my career I decided to do the later because in my mind, I’d rather be the smaller man in the fight with a gas tank, than the bigger one who is exhausted from the cut.

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  25. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Why did the commission call off the Douglas vs Romero fight?

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  26. kevin smith says:

    romero is a fucking bitch.He was over weight for his last fight.he knew he was going to get beat up

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  27. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ TNT,

    That is exactly how a PROFESSIONAL treats their line of work! Perfectly worded, you’re all class TNT!

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  28. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    The article says the commission pulled the bout. How would that make Romero a bitch Kevin?

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  29. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Maybe the Commission, Score or the fighter’s couldn’t agree to a Catchweight!

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  30. Nigel Guerin says:

    How does it work? Romero is 145 and his opponent is 150, so I was under the impression that the commission called it of because the gap was too big – 5lbs!

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  31. uncle rugz says:

    whitlock and romero train together i thought? why would they fight each other?

    and the commission called off romeros fight due to the 5lbs difference in weight… think ontario allows a 4 lb differential between fighters… someone can confirm? thats why when romero fought overweight at bellator he was within that 4lb limit of his opponent

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  32. UPDATED: Will Romero’s camp did not accept the fight with an overweight David Douglas.

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  33. Updated: Will Romero’s comments on facebook.

    Thanks everyone for the support and positive vibes!!! Feels good to have people that care for u and want what’s best for u! I love this sport and I would blindly fight anyone cus I feel every chance is a blessing and opportunity. But I’m blessed to have people like my coach Alin to guide me down the right path. My day will come again n ill b angry to destroy more than ever before! Lastly… For all those that think I bitched out… I’ve fought the best in the country, in the world and asked to fight these men but on FAIR terms! Yes I’ve missed before by 2.8lbs, I was ashamed n fortunate the fight still went down. But 4.4 lb diff against a natural 155 vet tryin 145 isn’t a wise move for my career. I came to bang stronger n better than ever!!!! If u don’t believe that, eat a d#c@!!!
    LOVE everyone showin me love n STILL lovin those that hate my success! Ya’ll need it the most!
    God bless us all!

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  34. Adam Lorenz says:

    I am surprised that a guy who was over weight in his last fight would turn down fighting his next opponent who came in only 1.2 pounds more heavy then when he missed weight (148.8 vs 150).

    Maybe next time Alex is on here explaining why he wouldn’t put me on his cards he can remember that if he did you’d still be seeing Douglas fight tonight.

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  35. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    I heard this guy rolled into town at 170.

    I wish more fighters would do what Will did. There needs to be more accountability switched to the guys who didn’t make weight and do their job.

    Weight Divisions are 9 pounds in range typically, made no sense the commission wouldn’t allow the fight.

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  36. Bobby Karimi says:

    Romero basically did the same thing that Douglas just did, in his last fight. I’d understand if Romero hadn’t missed big himself then ok be the White Knight of weight accountability, BUT you just did what Douglas did. So although Big Will is a cool and nice guy and a good fighter, that was a hypocritcal and bitch move!

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  37. Bobby Karimi says:

    Great post by Adam Lorenz, agree with every word.

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  38. Lorenz would have flown in and made weight and put on a fight for the fans. Good Canadian boy!!

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  39. HardCore says:

    How about Lorenz vs Romero next score card? Or Whitlock?

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  40. cliff claven says:

    Yes its to bad Hamilton didn’t get the honor of watching Adam Lorenz lay and pay another fight.
    We all know Whitlock would love to fight lorenz. But it seems like Lorenz is to busy internet shit talking to fight.

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  41. real talk says:

    Adam Lorenz maybe theres a reason Alex wont fly you in! Nobody knows u or has heard of u except for on these forums. Ur a boring fighter wishing to fight on the big show! I watched the romero fight and u laid n prayed hard for 2 rounds and when u werent doing that u ran around the cage like a pussy scared to get hit.

    After that shit boring snoozefest of a fight u went on to get dummied by Robinson in seconds. Get real with yourself… U suck! Ur attitude sucks and i hope Alex does fly u in so that Whitlock or romero can emberasse ur ass like Robinson did n shut u up for good!

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  42. Jane says:

    Even though Douglas was over weight they still could of fought if Romero would have agreed. They tried throwing $ at him but he wouldn’t take it. Romero got scared!

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  43. boxing fan says:

    Gyms & fighters need to be educated on proper weight cutting. See a professional about proper weigh cutting..this will make the world of difference. Difference between winning a gold or silver medal!

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  44. Graham Weenk says:

    Lol at Real talk! for one talk shit under a real name, for two watch Lorenz easily man handle Romero rounds 1&2, and substantially outland Romero in round 3…
    22 to 8 by my count with romareo doing zero damage in those 8 strikes… Don’t listen to Moro, cuz he makes no mention of multiple left body kicks which such down Romero’s right hand completely nor does Moro mention the leg kicks which lead to Adam backing Romero up for 2/3 of the round.

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  45. Graham Weenk says:

    If you call that boring you are not an MMA fan… if all you want to see is strikers that can’t wrestle, stick to watching boxing and kickboxing

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  46. Graham Weenk says:

    Cliff Claven…Adam’s shit talking post basically says, “bring me out to fight these guys.” we’ve wanted to fight whitlock too, as well as tristan johnson. And all camps, us and Johnson’s, as well as us and Whitlocks would love to see these fights go down, but as was mentioned many times on this forum it comes down a promoter willing to put the fights on.

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