UFC 151 Cancelled; Jon Jones Refuses to Fight Chael Sonnen


During today’s 1pm CST UFC press conference, UFC president Dana White announced what he called, ‘An all time low in the history of UFC.”

Dan Henderson has to pull out of UFC 151 and the event is now cancelled.  This becomes the first UFC event that the UFC has cancelled.

What is even more remarkable is that someone stepped up to fight Jones on eight days notice, but Jones refused to fight the new opponent.

To paraphrase Dana White ‘For someone to fight Jon Jones on eight days notice is tough to do.  Chael Sonnen accepted the fight yesterday.  At 8 or 9 o’clock last night the UFC started working on the fight. One thing that I thought would never happen, happened, said a very angry Dana White.  “Jon Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen on 8 days notice.”  “This is not a decision that will make Jon Jones very popular.”

“Chael was excited for the fight.  Tell Jon Jones there will not be any spinning back fists in this fight,” is what Sonnen told White when he agreed to the fight. ‘I’ll fight him tonight,’ Chael said.

White admitted the fight “did not make much sense” but believed their would be fan interest in the match up.  He admitted, “that not everybody would want to see the Chael Sonnen fight.”

Jon Jones will now fight Lyoto Machida at UFC 152 in Toronto in the main event.  “If I get a call today saying that Jones does not want to fight Machida, we will have another conference call today.  We should have a bout agreement (today).”  “It worked out beautiful for Toronto,” said White.  “I expect Machida to come out like somebody possessed….I don’t know what to expect from Jon Jones anymore.”

Dana White said that Greg Jackson apparently told Jon Jones that fighting Chael Sonnen on eight days notice ‘would be the biggest mistake in his career’.  Dana White called Jackson ‘a fucking sport killer.’

UFC is ‘too strapped for time’ to continue the event.  They cannot come up with another main event in eight days.

As for the other fights on UFC 151, no other plans have been made for the undercard.  “We’ll figure it out,” stated Dana White, who compared Jones to being more difficult than dealing with UFC bad boy Tito Ortiz.

“Jon Jones has been a champion that has not been very popular.  This is not going to help him.  Me and Lorenzo are disgusted with him,” said White.

“I can’t make somebody fight…You are either a fighter or you’re not!” said White, when asked if he could contractually force Jones to fight.

There is no promises that Dan Henderson will get the title shot when he returns from injury.

Fans will be fully refunded for their tickets.

32 Responses to “ UFC 151 Cancelled; Jon Jones Refuses to Fight Chael Sonnen ”

  1. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Keep refreshing as the post is being updated as the call progresses.

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  2. lvl43mage says:

    UFC 151 news from Dana: “This is one of my all-time lows as president… For the first time in 11 years we’re gonna cancel an event.”

    Should have done that for 149…..

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  3. Press conference is now over. No need to hit refresh.

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  4. mike kent says:

    wow i understand it didnt make sense but to not accept the fight and have the whole card cancelled and the UFC be put out millions and all the other fighters out $ is just fucking selfish . Cant call jones a company man anymore i guess and the thing that bogglesmy mind is that chael is a potentionally a much easier fight , theres no threat of the H-BOMB and jones has never been taken down in his career . and hendo is a wrestler so jones would have been preparing for that as well . Jesus im bones bigggest fan and consider him one of the GOATS but this is crazy

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  5. Adam Lorenz says:

    I ain’t buying any of his dang Nikes, that’s for sure.

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  6. harry balls says:

    Bitch move by Jones. Chael, for all his bullshit, embodies what a fighters is all about.

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  7. jokes man says:

    LOL at mike kent coming down on a guy for canceling a fight that is the most freakin ridiculous thing this guys ever heard holy crap mike kent is an idjit

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  8. @jokes man…. brutal comparison. If Jon Jones broke his hand, no one would be mad that he pulled out.

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  9. Joe Doerksen says:

    Keith Grienke and I are in agreement. Jones isn’t the one that was injured. He should fight. Kent pulled out due to injury.

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  10. mike kent says:

    I fought 8 times in a row and never pulled out lol my last two fights I hurt my hand . It was three weeks out and I was replaced lol I wasn’t 100 percent healthy 8 days out and refused to fight a mw that has less of a chance to beat me then myoriginal opponent and in the process ruining a lot of peoples pay days lol .

    I am a huge jones Fan of my favorite fighters but I just can’t sew his reasoning . He’s destroyed everyone why not fight .

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  11. Cody says:

    Shitty he pulled out, but kinda glad sonnens not the champ lol

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  12. BDC says:

    Think its clear his trainers think chael has a decent chance too put him on his back and gnp him for 5 rounds.

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  13. lvl43mage says:

    well according to sonnen he is the champ haha

    “When I decided to go after the light heavyweight championship, I knew that I’d win it like I always do,” said Sonnen. “I just didn’t know it would be by forfeit. But I do stand before you today the light heavyweight champion.”

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  14. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    There should be more to this story as in Dana White could explain that the an offer was made to Machida, Rua and others before Sonnen because he just stated the other day that Sonnen is a long, long way from a title shot! Now the actual match up with Jones VS Sonnen is a fight that Jones should be excited for as Jones mentioned he’d prefer not to fight Machida because it was his lowest PPV fight. And we all know that Jones vs Sonnen would have a 1 mil buy rate!

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  15. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Also it’s funny Dana White comments on what Greg Jackson told Jones to do but we didn’t hear what the Manager’s thought or opinion was!

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  16. Donald Duck says:

    Gotta say I agree with just about everyone here. A fight with Sonnen (which not a guaranteed win) shouldn’t be that tough to prep for. I mean they just spent how long gam planning against Henderson and Sonnen is basically Hendo 2.0 minus the overhand right. Sonnen’s take down attack is a little faster but he’s going to give up massive size whereas with Hendo he’s be equal in size but have a speed advantage to defend the TD.

    Not sure what GJ is up to but I sure as hell don’t get it.


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  17. Robin Black says:

    And Sonnen is busy on FOX so can’t be training much and is going up a weight class.

    Jones is sure finding ways to be hated.

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  18. vlad says:

    So anyone who steps in on short notice deserves a title shot? I would understand if Anderson Silva would step in. It would make total sense. In what universe Sonnen earned the title shot? Sonnen lost last two fights in middle weight division and as a reward he gets to fight for light-heavyweight belt ? Sure he has guts, sure he maybe the only one who wants to fight guy like JJ on 9 days notice, but what he possibly has to lose in this fight? Absolutely nothing, he will get credit even if he loses, and don’t forget about money.So Sonnen is a hero and Jons is a coward and loser. Hmm. I get that from business and promotion point of view this fight make total sense, from sport point of view it doesn’t. J.Jons employed by UFC, so i guess if he refuses to fight then he has option to do so. If my boss would tell me to do my job and I would refuse I would be looking for another job right now. Jons seems keeping his job and the belt, it means he can legally refuse to fight Sonnen, if so , why the drama?

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  19. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Well in my opinion a champion fights whoever and whenever he is called upon to do so…in all reality it seem to me that Jones is almost picking and choosing his opponents…sounds like Greg Jackson is Mickey and Jones is Rocky in Rocky 3. Does that make Sonnen…Clubber Lang!…lol funny analogy

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  20. Donald Duck says:

    @Vlad – A champ fights who he’s told to fight. Sorry homie but when you hold the strap you don’t get to pick your fights. If the boss comes to you and says you’re fighting Fighter X, you man up and fight Fighter X.

    @Shane – At least this takes away focus from the bullshit Chiappe/Rich thing.


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  21. mike kent says:

    I think that the feeling from jones camp is that they feel sonnen knew these last few weeks that Dan was hurt and began talking shit knowing that if he stirred up trouble that he could get in the mix when and if Dan pulled out and it looks like short notice bit these last weeks sonnens been preparing for jones .

    That basically what Roger hollet told me today on fb after I openly shit on jones for not taking it and he is a Jacksons training with jones so he knows more then your average person looking in.

    Still think he should have taken it

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  22. Robin Black says:

    STOP SAYING ‘In the mix’ for the love of Pete please stop!

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  23. RatedR says:

    Wow…..just read that Machida has now backed out and now Vitor Belfort is taking his place on the toronto card…what a crazy day for the ufc!!

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  24. Adam Lorenz says:

    Sounds like Vitor is in the mix…

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  25. mike kent says:

    lmao hahah that was for you ! glad it got your attention and brought you into the mix on this thread

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  26. Robin Black says:

    im so angry right now my puke will be in yer stupid mix

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  27. vlad says:

    @ Donnie, I agree, my point was Sonnan doesn’t deserve the shot and if Jones can refuse the fight without consequences then probably his contract allowed him to do so.
    Now Jones vs Belfort makes even less sense. No light heavyweight wants to fight Jones? Just weird.

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  28. Donald Duck says:

    That is weird. I mean with no one in the mix you have to wonder how this will play out. Will the UFC try to turn Jones into an escape goat or will they ignore this transportation as just part of doing the business of fight.

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  29. Adam Lorenz says:

    Thumbs up, well said Donald.

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  30. Idolmaker says:

    I’m so on the fence concerning this. For obvious reasons, Chael didn’t deserve the shot. The fight would have sold pretty well, and I agree the show should have gone on. Too many variables to allow it to be cancelled. The continued growth of the sport as well as the fighters dependence on the fight for income. I’m glad I didn’t decide to make the trip out for this one, or I’d be in Vegas with nothing to do. I mean there is nothing to do in Vegas right?

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  31. Brandon MacArthur says:

    no need to explain yourself mike. injuries happen . as for Jones i have never liked him and this just makes it easier to dislike him lol. what a coward! you fight cus u love fighting and get payed to do it lol. and a man at his skill level with a full camp should not be turning down fights! especially against sonnen. hendo s alot more dangerous then him. now he’s screwed other fighters. i want to fight him haha

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  32. Cynic says:

    White is the one who cancelled UFC 151 not Jones. He was probably using the cancellation as a threat when talking to Jones and being the macho guy he thinks he is had to go through with the cancellation when Jones refused to fight.And Sonnen certainly doesn’t deserve another Title fight.

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