Canadian Rumour Mill – August 21


photo: Jason Bouwmeester

Ugh! I guess it wasn’t a good night for Sarah Kaufman. Just wasn’t her night, but I’m sure she’ll come back better and stronger than ever. Still the Queen of Canada!

  • A rumour coming from Ontario is that Manitoba’s Executive Director may become the Deputy Director of Ontario.
  • KOTC Canada returns after taking the summer off with a show in Edmonton on November 16th.
  • Spike TV and K1 have reached a deal to broadcast their events in North America. One of the events they will be streaming live on is the September 8th card in Los Angeles in which Showtime Wedderburn will take on Jeremiah Metcalf and will have the entire card including the prelims.
  • Sounds like Gary Mangat will fight for Battlefield Fight League in Penticton in November.
  • Chris Horodecki has signed to fight in Sarnia in October.  This will not be a Meltdown in the Valley card.
  • Depending on the outcome of their Score fights this week: John Fraser and Jesse Ronson could be on that same Sarnia show.    If he gets past Alex Ricci, how about Ronson vs John Alessio?
  • There is a good chance that the next Instinct headlined by Brandon Thatch vs Evangelista Cyborg will be Instinct’s first international event.
  • People are asking me about Ryan Ford and here is the latest….no opponent yet, but look for Ford on the Rama card. With a win, he should make the Spike TV Welterweight tourney in 2013.
  • Bad for the Sport News: Supposedly this alleged murderer is a known mixed martial artist.

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

58 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – August 21 ”

  1. Just Laughable says:

    Regardless of who was in that fight,,,,, it looked like two 6 year olds in a back yard skirmish,, finished by what i would call a broken ego as once he realized he could not handle the pressure he looked for the first chance to get out…. kinda like a previous kickboxing fight i recall he was in and made sure the ref would stop the fight for him.

    That was a waste of space and time

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Showtime went in there prepared and on weight and he gave it his best.

    Good on him.

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  3. EPerez says:

    Can I see this fight? Link please.

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  4. CM says:

    Here’s a link… not very good quality though.

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  5. EPerez says:

    Nice! Thanks.

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  6. Joe Son says:

    Showtime got mauled by an unskilled brawler. Someone should of knocked the wind out of him sooner, to get him to shut up. Maybe he should spend less time trash talking, growing such a big head and start training for real. Too bad he burns bridges everywhere he goes. It was nice to see a mungie spank his ass.

    Where you gonna go now showtime?

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  7. TK says:

    Markeyelee, you are a quitter, You know it in your heart.

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  8. Oilcity says:

    Show you just Fought for the biggest kickboxing organization around be proud of that bro!!! Best of luck in your future fights. You fought in k1 can’t say that about all your haters can ya good job mang!!

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