Arsenault Recaps Goodall Win; Possible MacGrath Fight


In this interview, Richard Arsenault (8-1) talks about his successful title defense at Elite 1 MMA. Arsenault and Ricky Goodall put on a fight of the year performance over five rounds.  Arsenault breaks down the fight and then discusses his thoughts on a potential scrap with his friend Matt MacGrath.

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  1. Dick Arse says:

    Maybe Richard should start accepting the fact that he lost to Jason Rorison twice, not once. And to say that he hasn’t faced any competition before McKay, how about again, losing to Jason Rorison twice? I’d say that was slightly competitive.

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  2. Dick Arse says:

    Oh and goodall took an eye poke in the locker room before this fight, another detail I’m sure Richard would like to wave off (look at the video and pics). Considering goodall didn’t even throw a right in the first two rounds and stood between every round while Richard was sucking air I’d say a rematch is in order, but if not MacGrath will make quick work of him.

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  3. BDC says:

    Maybe he could have found a louder place to interview, sucks cause that guy does a solid interview.

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  4. Angry Islander says:

    First off, maybe you Gould get your facts straight befor making a judgement on Richard! It’s not him writing the article or interview who’s making the mistake! He has two losses again Jason Roarison and they both went to decisions!!! And Jason mackay no offense to him but he went down pretty damn fast… 32 seconds into first roohns and he was knocked out!!! Lisa Pathedic how some people need to put down others to make themselves feel better….

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  5. mike kent says:

    Richard is a very legit fighter . Good all around guy . He fought well and showed heart against ricky and pulled out the win . Even as rickys teamate ill say rich won , ricky literally did nothing for two roundsThen came out and made UT close but rich got the 5th. I have lotsOf respect for Richard amd his team amd him and matt will have a great fight but honestly I think magrath is the best 170-85er to come out of maritimes so rich has his hand full . Even winning against matt your gonna get hurt lol
    Rich should be congratulated for a five round war victory not hated on

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  6. Lenny wheeler says:

    I have trained wiht them both and Matt’s boxing is improving so much, and his wrestling well it’s always been on a very high level. Richard has his hands full I think Matt will sub him round two

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