EFL 6 Recap – 2 New Champions and the Self-KO Rematch


Action was in abundance Saturday inside and out of the cage, as the Empire Fight League (EFL) returned for its sixth amateur event in Ste-Julie, east of Montreal.

An impressive 920 fans packed the Rossignol reception hall for 14 bouts, and were also treated to an in-crowd fight between spectators.

Meunier captures EFL Middlweight title

Nordik Fight Club’s Jonathan Meunier improved to 3-1 Saturday with his 2nd round TKO win.

In the evening’s strike-heavy main event, Quebec City’s Jonathan Meunier, an experienced amateur kick-boxer, delivered a sound second round technical knockout of Tristar MMA’s Ian Perron.

The opening round took place entirely on the feet, with Perron landing kicks to the body and legs, as well as a right hook, uppercuts, and a late head kick. Meunier counter-attacked with leg kicks of his own, and also connected with an uppercut and a right hook, leaving Perron with a cut under his right eye.

The striking continued in the second. Meunieur landed an early left hook, and Perron countered with a right straight-uppercut combination. Meunieur then threw an uppercut-left hook combo, which he followed up with a right hook.

Perron fought back with an uppercut, but Meunieur continued to pour it on, landing a head kick and two uppercuts, before finally dazing Perron with a a right hook-left hook combo and swarming in with two more heavy shots that had Perron collapsing against the cage, prompting the referee to call a stop to the bout.

Thrilled by his win in front of a pro-Perron crowd, Meunieur took the opportunity post-bout to verbally insult Perron’s coaching staff, which included Bellator fighter Nordine Taleb and former UFC title-challenger David Loiseau.

Pereira wins second amateur belt

Mario Pereira (left, with coach Richard Ho), defeated Derek Dexter for a second time.

In a rematch of a November 2011 decision win, H2O’s MMA Mario Pereira earned a convincing five-round decision over Derek Dexter to capture the EFL Featherweight title.

Pereira, a wrestling-based fighter, opted to mostly attack from his feet throughout, utilizing his jab, along with hooks and uppercuts, giving him the striking edge on Dexter, who landed less frequently with his jab and body hooks.

Though the fight was never close to being stopped, Pereira took all but the fourth round, in the process completing more takedowns than Dexter, bringing him to the mat in the first, third, and fifth rounds.

Following the bout, Pereira announced to the crowd that he intended to fight professionally for his as-yet undetermined next bout.

In self-KO rematch, Capony captures another win

The first time they fought, Jeremie Capony earned a stupendous victory over Ontario’s Dan Lariviere, who launched into a flying kick, only to miss, land on his shoulder, and knock himself out. Videos of the finish quickly went viral, gaining over a million views on Youtube.

In their rematch Saturday, Capony again came away with the win, this time via split decision. After taking the opening round with superior striking, landing right straights and left hooks, Capony recovered from being taken down in the second by gaining side control, before attacking Lariviere’s body from guard.

Lariviere attempted the same kick that had previously rendered him unconscious in the third. He again missed, but this time landed on his feet. The round was the closest, with Capony landing several takedowns, before later having to escape arm-bar and mounted triangle submission attempts.

Fight breaks out in the crowd during undercard

Earlier in the evening, the in-cage fighters temporarily lost the crowd’s attention after the third bout when violence broke out in the back of the reception hall between a gargantuan Heavyweight-sized male and a smaller, older individual. The cause of the scuffle was unclear, but by the end, the victim was left slightly dazed on the floor with a large hematoma above his nose.

Incredibly, the next person to confront the attacker was the fiancé of promoter Eric Bertrand (at the time cornering one of his fighters). Despite being dwarfed by the large man (he easily had 150 pounds on her), she went straight up into his face and loudly demanded he vacate the premises.

As the angry attacker shouted back, a security guard (much smaller) attempted to neutralize him, only to get hit by two of his cohorts. Shortly after, one of Bertrand’s fighters seized the opportunity to pull his coach’s fiancé, who was unharmed, away.

By the time police briefly showed up, the attacker and his cohorts had left. Asked for comment after the incident, the victim would only say that he had been talking with a friend, when he was confronted and attacked. Following (and during) the confrontation the event continued without issue.

Guillaume Lamarche served as referee for the evening’s 14 bouts. Sanctioned by the Federation Quebecois de Boxe Mixte Amateur (FQBM), Saturday’s fights took place under amateur rules – fighters wear 12 ounce gloves and shin pads. Elbow and knee strikes, as well as submissions involving twisting (e.g. heel hooks) are prohibited.

Quick Results:

185lbsJonathan Meunier (Nordik FC) def. Ian Perron (Zahabi MMA) via TKO (punches) at 2:15 of Round 2.

145lbsMario Pereira (H2O MMA) def. Derek Dexter (Cornwall MMA) via unanimous decision.

170lbsJeremie Capony (Orion) def. Dan Lariviere (Fit MMA) via split decision.

195lbsThomas St-Pierre (Pro Star MMA) def. Guillaume Careau (Kanreikai) via TKO (punches) at 0:40 of Round 1.

155lbsPatrick Lafleur (Zahabi MMA) def. Francis Paquette (BTT Canada) via unanimous decision.

165lbsPatrick Sauriol (Team R-Way) def. Felix Roberge (Pro Star MMA) via unanimous decision.

155lbsTerry Lemaire (Total Martial Arts) def. Kevin Walker (McGowan MMA) via unanimous decision.

175lbsBenoit Picher Jr. (Pro Star MMA) def. Eric Hebert (Siam MMA) via unanimous decision.

170lbsJeremy Mcnamara (Orion) submits Jean-Michel Hamilton (Sitcoban MMA) via Americana at 1:56 of Round 1.

190lbsJonathan Vallé (Orion) def. Gabriel Bourbonais (Siam MMA) via rear-naked choke at 1:08 of Round 2.

195lbsMathieu Sancoucy Allaire (Pro Star MMA) def. Pierre-Luc Pinard (Team Legion) via unanimous decision.

185lbsJonathan Grondin (H2O MMA) submits Kevin Wallingford (Total Martial Arts) via rear-naked choke at 1:28 of Round 2.

155lbsJonathan Goncalves (H2O MMA) def. Jesse Gregan (Sitcoban MMA) via split decision.

140lbsJamie Poulin (Total Martial Arts) submits Luc Noel (Sitcoban MMA) via guillotine choke at 0:52 of Round 2.

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