Taleb to Compete in Bellator WW Tournament; Opponent Announced


photo: Jeremy Penn

Nordine Taleb will be entering this fall’s Bellator Welterweight tournament.  Canada’s 8th-ranked Welterweight will need to defeat three opponents to win a shot at Ben Askren’s Welterweight title.

The French-born Taleb is 9-1 and has not lost in four years.   He is currently on a seven fight win streak that includes two Bellator victories in 2012 and a Ring of Honor win over Pete Sell.  The Tristar MMA fighter’s most recent victory was over Prince Edward Island’s Matt MacGrath at Bellator 67.

Nordine commented on being invited into the tournament,

“I am very happy to be in the Bellator tournament. I feel like all my sacrifices as an MMA figher made sense and that I am finally being rewarded of all my effort.”

Taleb vs Matt Secor (photo: Jeremy Penn)

To win the tournament, Taleb will first have to defeat Marius Zaromskis (18-6).  Zaromskis was the Welterweight champion of DREAM and is more recently known for his three fights with Waachim Spiritwolf.  Zaromskis has faced fighters such as Che Mills, Nick Diaz, Jason High, and Hayato Sakurai in his career.

Commenting on facing Zaromskis, Taleb told Top MMA News,

“I think the matchup is great.  I am very happy to fight Zaromskis as he is a tough opponent with serious skills and a solid reputation as a fighter.  I proved in my last fights that I could fight anybody.  It is time for me to fight the toughest fighers in my weight division!”

Can Taleb win it all and get the Bellator title shot?  Nordine comments on his chance,

“I think I have a great chance to win this tournament because I have great trainers with experienced, great partners at the gym. I am a complete fighter and a hard worker, so I don’t have less chance to win than another fighter..I’M READY!”

Taleb and Zaromskis will square off at Bellator 74 in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 28th.  Lyman Good has already been announced as another quarter finalist in the tournament and will also be fighting on the card.

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  2. Gunner says:

    Great first fight for Nordine, wish you a healthy camp and strong run in the tournament

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  3. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Agree, very good fight! Taleb wins in the 3rd.

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    Nice for the Canadian boys …I thought ford was in the tournament..????

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    Whats next for The Show? Can’t nobody stop The Show!

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    Hey brother I’m fighting k1 now man got this big deal with them bro ..so think I’ll be only fighting mma in forth mcmurray..cause I got these dates coming up…you can watch it live on stream and it will also be on fight network sometime not shure yet..o ya brother you know all they can do is talk but they cant stop the show and that’s what’s killing them…Ruffhouse to da werrl o so badly bad..

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