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A big show this week leading up to MFC 34 and UFC 150.

First, Mukai Maromo comes on board to talk about headlining MFC 34.  Maromo talks about his first fight with Adam Lynn and how he is approaching his Lightweight title shot on August 10th in Edmonton, Alberta.

Then Richard Arsenault talks about his successful defense of his Elite 1 MMA Welterweight title.  Arsenault and Ricky Goodall put on a Fight of the Year performance over five rounds with Arsenault coming out on top.

BKB and Big Win also break down the UFC 150 and MFC 34 cards.

Check it out by pressing play:

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13 Responses to “ Maromo, Arsenault Headline Top MMA Radio ”

  1. MMALover25 says:

    War Richard Arsenault. Mcgrath definitely shouldn’t stand with this guy if he wants to have a chance in that fight. Arsenault wins via 2nd rd tko.

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  2. MMAgirl says:

    Richard Arsenault actually lost twice, both times to Jason Rorison, (Titans MMA)

    April 2, 2008: 3 round fight loss decision
    May 16, 2009: 5 round Welterweight title fight loss, decision

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  3. evan blakely says:

    I like Richard, trained with him awhile back…hes a super nice guy, talented and mentally strong – we are definitely friends…Having said that Matt is better than he has ever been right now and hes the hardest worker and toughest person mentally I have ever seen (not like I am an mma somebody or anything lol but still) Now that there are more gyms in PEI I guess this fight will happen, I dont really like it considering theyre former training partners, my good friends, and the whole seperation was kind of accidental…my money would go would go on Matt 2nd round TKO

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  4. Looking forward to a possible rematch in the fall!

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  5. pug says:

    looks like a rematch with goodall–then matt.

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  6. MMALover25 says:

    Seeing as how they both want it so bad in my opinion goodall and mcgrath should fight it out this fall to see who fights arsenault in early 2013…

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  7. Shields says:

    Would love to see these two talented guys go at it !! I’d say Rich takes him ! First round TKO!!

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  8. Chris says:

    The two losses to Jason Rorison say he has had a challenge

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  9. pug says:

    would matt and ricky fight each other. winner fight richard. might happen.

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  10. evan blakely says:

    Rorisons the man haha what a beauty

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  11. mmalover25 says:

    Arsenault’s second loss to rorison was absolute bullshit…only one judge got it right and that was 48-47 for arsenault …sure it was a close fight but if it had’ve been anywheres else but rorison’s hometown he wouldn’t have got the nod….not to take anything away from him cuz he’s a tough guy and he definitely deserved the first win between them but the second one was bad judging.

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  12. Ricky Goodall says:

    I think you’re a little confused mmalover25, Jason’s hometown is in New Glasgow, neither fight was there (one in Halifax, one in Cape Breton).

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  13. Lenny wheeler says:

    Rorsion is a beauty

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