MFC & Commission Will Test Fighters Starting in October



The Maximum Fighting Championship will be the first mixed martial arts organization in Canada to put fighters through random drug testing when MFC 35: Explosive Encounter comes around in October.

Testing will be done in conjunction with the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission, and is something long overdue, explained MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich, who made the announcement during a recent guest segment on “The Jason Gregor Show.”

“It’s been talked about for a long time with many commissions. Usually it’s been a matter of money – the commissions not wanting to do testing because of the cost,” said Pavelich.

“But working with the Edmonton Commission, we’ve found a way to make it cost-effective, and most important, it’s going to be something consistent. When testing athletes the message has to be consistent – don’t cheat because you will be caught, and now it will be sooner rather than later.”

When asked about the prevalence of performance-enhancing substances in MMA, Pavelich told Gregor that he believes as many as 50% of the fighters are currently using something that is prohibited.

“You are seeing more and more fighters getting caught and that is good for the sport,” added Pavelich. “The MFC and any Commission we work with are not out to get anyone. I would just like to see illegal substances out of the sport, and those who use them be penalized for doing so.”

Starting at MFC 35, random fighters – likely four or five per event including those in championship bouts – will be tested following their matchup. More details about the testing will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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  1. Jamie Locke says:

    So is this only going to be for the MFC shows under ECSC or all shows in Edmonton?

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    Dear Jamie,

    Consistency, as defined by ECSC, is the process of treating each and every event as a unique one off. Therefor in answer to your question, yes this will be applied “consistently” across all events under the jurisdiction of the ECSC. Hope that clears things up for you.


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  3. Josh Machan says:

    This is great news. I hope more commissions/ promotions test fighters.

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  4. James Petryk says:

    This means nothing unless it is done for all pro events in Edmonton.

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  5. Owen Matson says:

    This isn’t “random drug testing”. This is testing of random athletes after an event. “Random drug testing” implies actual random testing of athletes between fights, during camps when athletes are most likely to be using PEDs freely. While I appreciate MFC’s sentiment for finally starting post-fight testing (which is long overdue), I think calling this random drug testing is misleading. There is REAL random drug testing, and it’s actually effective. This form of testing that MFC is implementing simply encourages athletes to end their cycles appropriate prior to a fight.

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  6. cody krahn says:

    I’m curious if they’re testing for just PEDs or illicit drugs too.

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    Usually, and because ECSC is involved I can’t possibly imagine them deviating from the norm, a drug panel is a complete test for all illicit drugs of which PEDs fall into a category.

    If for some strange reason, and again this is the gold standard of MMA Regulatory Bodies ECSC here, there is a deviation it would probably be due to them having been asked specifically by a larger body like the ABC to make adjustments. You know, sort of like the whole 1/2 point thing.

    Again, I can’t imagine ECSC doing anything that would deviate from the norm.


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  8. BDC says:

    Id like to know the penalties they have set in place when someone breaks their rules. I guess this will sort of put other commissions in a weird place when people fail and get a ban in edmonton and go to fight in calgary with them knowing that the guys juicein hard. I can only see more following edmonton.

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  9. K. RASMUS says:

    Cody your a DumbAss , lol

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  10. K. RASMUS says:


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  11. BDC says:

    From the article it kind of seems thats whats occuring here im am unsure if ecsc is making it manditory for all events. I find it odd that mfc is releasing the info and not the ecsc. But then again the ecsc is known for being all over the place. Hopefully top mma news can contact mark or ecsc and find out more.

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  12. cody krahn says:

    @K. RASMUS, it’s *you’re

    Check YOUR grammar before calling someone a dumbass.

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  13. Donald Duck says:

    yor both maroons.

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  14. harry balls says:

    this is gonna be interesting.

    ps: any company that hassles fighters for pot sucks balls.

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  15. Chris Ladouceur says:

    wow why not the next card???? And should also test for the masking agents IMO.

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  16. Idolmaker says:

    Why the next card Chris? Anyone in particular you want tested?

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  17. Chris Ladouceur says:

    Nope, not at all I think its best to blanket the whole card so ohters don’t feel discrimanted. Just why wait??? This is a huge step for cleaning up a sport. Not saying our community is dirty just to level the playing feild for all. Olympic style drug testing should be mandatory for all pro sports IMO. I am sure ALL fighters on the next MFC would/will agree to voulntary submit a sample for the betterment of this spor,t not just a chosen few.

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  18. Jelly says:

    Would nick diaz pass these tests?… Lol.

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  19. The truth says:

    Ryan fords lucky he is not fighting there anymore. That mans bin on gas from his football days..his tits are gone now because of surgery

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  20. Jake - Old School says:

    I just want to thumbs up Donald Duck’s use of the word “maroon”. That is long overdue.

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  21. alandale says:

    The ECSC will be just as consistent and stringent in enforcing the rules like it was when it harshly came down on Tim Hauge for fighting on an illegal show with that 90…oops make that 88 day suspension.

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  22. MMA Nuts says:

    @ Cody Krann testing means for everything fyi if your a fighter and don’t pass these test you don’t belong as it is better to catch these guys or girls in small shows such as MFC to stop them from failing at big shows such as UFC.

    So @Cody ur screwed :)

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