Sheila Bird Talks MMA with Top MMA News


Top MMA News caught up with one of the top Canadian female fighters at Champion’s Creed MMA.  Not only is Sheila Bird an undefeated 2-0 in the cage, she is also a world champion grappler. Sheila talks about her last fight with Kim Couture, why she has taken time off, and when we can expect to see her next.

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  1. BDC says:

    Holy fack i dont mean to be negative nacey here but keith maybe go over what ur gona say b4 an interveiw…or just get big win to do it. If a fighters givin you time out of their day the least a guy can do is take some time and practice the interview.

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  2. @BDC…I accept your criticism on this interview, but please note that there is a HUGE difference between a planned interview or post-fight interview and the off the cuff ones that I did in Calgary.

    I had an hour alone in Calgary so I decided to check out the new Champion’s Creed (great facility!). At the last minute, I thought a Brian Bird interview would be cool. Then I left. As I got to my car, I thought “I should get Sheila as she is top 5 in Canada. It was rude not to get one from her.” So I went back and did this one and forgot it was a flying arm bar and that she TKO’d her first MMA opponent. This interview does not make Sheila look bad, it makes me look uninformed. So it is worth posting up, because Sheila is great and deserves the publicity.

    Usually, I am highly prepared and write page after page of research before fights and scheduled interviews. With the Davises, the Birds, and Cardinal, they were all not scheduled interviews, so no research was done and I get more nervous.

    Don Wilson does great interviews. He should do them all. However, we would have a lot less content if we just posted his.

    It is also way, way, way easier to interview after a fight. Talk about the fight? Were you in trouble at this spot? What’s next for you? Who are you training with? Thank your sponsors? Pretty formulaic.

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  3. BDC says:

    Ok got ya thought those other ones ya did were swell just thought this one wasnt up to standard. Not on sheila’s part shes allways great.

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    Donnie might have a little bit of a crush on Mrs. Bird. A respectful crush but a small crush nonetheless.

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