Canadian Rumour Mill – July 30


Wow…. anyone catch the Arsenault vs Goodall fight over the weekend?  What a tilt!  I never thought Arsenault was that good, but I was sure wrong!  Congrats to Richard for retaining his title and to Goodall for putting on a good scrap.  You can still check it out HERE for $10!

  • Eddie Alvarez will take on Patricky “Pitbull” Freire in Windsor at Bellator 76 on October 12th. This will be the final fight on Alvarez’s current Bellator contract.
  • MCSC – The Manitoba Boxing Commission has changed their name to the more appropriate Manitoba Combative Sports Commission due to the emergence of MMA.
  • MFC… Ring vs Cage debate seems to have been put to rest. The five roped ring is here to stay!  He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, HE LOVES ME!
  • I’m hearing Will Romero will face Strikeforce vet David Douglas at SFS.  What happens when a Lion meets Tarzan?
  • More from The Score… unfortunately, Tristan Johnson vs Chris Horodecki will not happen at SFS.  WHY?!?!?!?
  • Wreck MMA’s next show is on November 9, expect to see Tariq Ismail, Randy Turner, Mark Holst. This girl suggests Randy Turner vs Tyler Davis and Mark Holst vs Nathan Gunn or Lindsey Hawkes!
  • Also, after two years of animosity between Amateur MMA promoter Dan Guillemette of Hybrid and Wreck MMA Nick Castiglia rumor is they have agreed to work together.  Expect some Hybrid fighters to appear on the next Wreck card. GROUP HUG!!!
  • Scott Fraser is dropping to 205.  Looks like he will face Chris Johnson at the next Elite 1 MMA for Johnson’s Light-Heavyweight title.
  • Score fights set for August 25th: Jason Saggo vs. Eric Attard, Simon Marini vs. Elias Theodorou and Jason Meisel vs. Kyle Prepolec.
  •  Canada’s capital may get MMA! Groups are in early talks to put on a show in Ottawa’s JetForm Park!  How about Prime Minister Harper vs whomever is running the Liberal party these days for the main event?
  • Friends from The Pas tell us that CFC 8 could make its return at the OCN Arena on October 27.  Maybe they overheard CFC “Godfather” Giuseppe DeNatale say “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in”.  Those words may or may not have been spoken by Don Giuseppe DeNatale, who may or may not be a Don.
  •  CFC 8, if it happens, has a rumoured main event of Lee Mein vs Dan Severn, in a fight that what would be billed as Severn’s last Canadian appearance.  Once again the following may or may not have been overheard… “I’m gonna make them an offer they won’t refuse. Okay? I want you to leave it all to me. Go on, go back to the party.”
  •  Matt Dwyer vs Ryan Chiappe for the BFL title is up next!
  • Don’t be surprised if the Score moves or cancels its October date in Winnipeg.  Score dates move up and down faster than a whore’s panties on payday!
  • An MMA first?  Ever hear of a show not having ring girls?  Elite Championship Fighting had no ring girls over the weekend in The Pas.  Even Invicta had ring girls!
  • Mark Holst will be fighting Leo Santos in Jordan.  Watch out for Flying Armbars, Mark !
  • Mike Kent broke his hand again last weekend playing paper rock scissors…just joking :)

61 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – July 30 ”

  1. Trav says:

    I usually never comment on her but Yikes Heisenberg, you stepped in the shit my friend.

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  2. Fan of the game says:

    :) at least positive talk is better than BS,

    I have only had bad dealings with Malki and Ken pav and MFC’s Mark Pav (Manages Jimmo only)and the biggest show in the world every well until the rest of the world legalized MMA.

    For all the other agents and managers :) you must be doing good cause your guys all show up and do the job.

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  3. Idolmaker says:

    I don’t like the fact you made such a callous comment about a true mma pioneer, who died well before his time. I shouldn’t have to explain, now gfy!!!

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  4. Jarvis says:

    lets get the wreck MMA line up??? I live in Gatinuea and want to spread the word on some of the match ups to my mma fan friends. Anyone have a list of the match ups made for that card on Novemeber 9th

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  5. Heisenberg says:

    I have said before nothing but respect for Evan Tanner. He did a lot for the sport. Just a bad joke. That’s all. No harm intended. Rip Evan Tanner.

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  6. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @Fan of the Game: Unless I’m misinformed which I’m about 99% sure I’m not Mark Pav does not manage Jimmo anymore. I did the deal for Hayabusa to sponsor Ryan and it didn’t go through Mark.

    Also Ken Pavia is not an agent anymore his business was bought by a guy named Audi Attar. That business formely known as MMA Agents is now Paradigm Sports Management. I’ve had nothing but good dealing with Audi and Pradigm. Ken now is the CEO of the fight promotion SFL in India. My dealings with Ken have been…interesting. I think it’s pretty universally known that he’s the bad apple of the MMA management business.

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  7. Idolmaker says:

    I’ve heard the same about another famous agent, a certain Jerry maguire. We all know that’s a bunch of crap, I’ve read his mission statement.

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  8. Sylvie says:

    Thanks guys – All very informative regarding the roles and duties of a manager, especially to a novice like me, who’s more of a trainer than a political animal / manager.

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  9. Fan of the game says:


    Agree Pavs is not with Jimmo but previous dealings with Pav were not very well liked.

    Ken Pav is a promoter now but previous dealings were again similar to Mark Pav.

    Been in the game for a long time.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Sylvie find me on facebook more than happy to help if ya need anything.

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  11. Rumors says:

    What do you know…Hudson vs Cirkunov is a go…;)

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

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