Elite Championship Fighting 2: Rez Warz Play-by-Play


Top MMA News is live in a steamy arena in The Pas, Manitoba for Elite Championship Fighting’s second event entitled ‘Rez Warz’. Tough night for OCN, but that did not stop the crowd from cheering on their locals. The CFC Training Centre and the Team Grenon from Brandon both had perfect nights.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Brian Constant vs Aaron Shmyr was a solid 6-7 minutes of action.
  • KO of the Night: Vyron Phillips big left on Daniel Constant
  • Submission of the Night: David Quangvan Rear Naked Choke on Shane McPherson after getting dropped in round 1.

Here is Keith Grienke’s play-by-play for the event:

Brian Constant vs Aaron Shmyr
Big cheers for the hometown Brian Constant. Good crowd all night long.
R1. Fast paced start and Constant drops Shmyr with a left and Shmyr goes stiff but the cage seems to snap him awake. Constant jumps on him with a hard right but Shmyr is back using his full guard. Constant in half then full mount but gets tossed off by Shmyr. Shmyr on top now in side control and there is lots of time left in the round. Nothing thrown yet by Shmyr who remains in side control. Small lefts by Shmyr. Shmyr lands a knee which is much more effective but Constant goes to his knees and they are locked in a north south position. Shmyr going for the takedown and gets it. Crowd on its feet chanting ‘OCN’. Shmyr lands a few and ref stops the action as the round ends. He must have good ears because I could not hear it through the loud crowd.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9
Great crowd chanting OCN, OCN all break!

R2. Shmyr follows a jab up with a clinch. They break. Big right by Constant. Shmyr stuff a takedown and drops consisten lefts with Constant under him. Must have landed 30 or so lefts and a few rights and the ref stops the fight. They were not the hardest shots but they sure added up and after asking Constant to defend himself, the ref had to stop it. Constant turns over and he is cut open pretty good. Nice show of sportsmanship by Shmyr.
Aaron Shmyr defeats Brian Constant by TKO (Ground and Pound) in Round 2, 1:27

David Quangvan vs Shane McPherson
R1. Kick by McPherson but Quangvan lands some strikes in return. Nice toss to the ground by Quangvan and he is in full guard. McPherson working Quangvan’s right arm for a kimura but Quangvan lands a big punch to the back of McPherson’s head. Stopped. Restart. Kick by McPherson who follows up with a left hook that drops Quangvan. McPherson jumps on top. Quangvan reverses and now McPherson is back on the bottom looking for that Kimura. Quangvan with the left to the body while McPherson works the arm. Quangvan somersaults out of it and they are standing. McPherson runs into a right by Quangvan. Quangvan goes for a high kick and slips hard to the mat. No problem. He jumps up for a standing Guillotine and the two drop to the canvas. McPherson works his way out but Quangvan rolls him over and gets his back. Quangvan softening him up from top but slips off and McPherson is back on top. Quangvan snaps on a Triangle and the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 McPherson

R2. They clinch up and McPherson takes Quangvan down. Quangvan rolls to side position and drops a couple elbows on McPherson. Ref calls time to replace mouth guard and correctly places them in their original position. Quangvan in half guard and still dropping elbows. Now lefts by Quangvan who gets off the ground and McPherson crawls for a double and takes Quangvan down but Quangvan reverses again and is back in half guard. Quangvan fully back mounted McPherson now and landing some strikes. Quangvan slaps on a rear naked choke and induces a tap out of McPherson.
David Quangvan submits Shane McPherson by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 3:19

Rick Genaille Black vs Jody Linklater
R1. Tap gloves and we are off. The two giants clinch. Linklater lands a knee and they separate. Huge overhand right by Linklater sails by. Genaille lands a short left. The overhand again – this time it grazes Genaille who responds with quick left jabs again. Leg kick by Linklater scores. Body kick by Genaille. Right by Linklater x 2. The two stand and trade. Right by Genaille finds its mark, but Linklater with two solid kicks to the body in response. Left jab again by Genaille snaps Linklater’s head back. Jumping back fist and spinning back kick by Linklater don’t score and need a little work in the gym. Genaille back to the jab x 3 and then 2 straight rights. Body kick by Linklater. Left jab by Linklater drops Genaille unexpectedly and Linklater jumps in with a Guillotine choke. Genaille taps just in the final seconds of the round. Fun Heavyweight bout. Nice matchup.
Jody Linklater submits Rick Genaille by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 4:53

Vyron Phillips vs Daniel Constant
R1. Nice right by Phillips grazes Constant. Left hook drops Constant and Phillips (and I) thought it was over. Incredibly, Constant bounces back up. Phillips pours on the pressure against the fence and then lands a knee during the break. Uppercut by Constant but Phillips gives him two punches back. That huge left again rocks Constant. This time Phillips keeps the pressure on and lands several more punches to the downed Constant and the ref stops it. Phillips looked solid.
Vyron Phillips defeats Daniel Constant by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 1:50

Ethan Cornect vs Eli Richard
R1. Trade of leg kicks by both fighters who also swing big but miss to start things off. Richard landing the bigger leg kicks. Cornect falls short on a couple superman punches. Leg kick by Cornect lands. Body kick by Cornect. Richard lands some tough combinations. Cornect runs at Richard and gets dropped with a right. Cornect takes Richard down but is well tied up by Richard who lets go and lands several from the bottom. Left by Cornect lands but Richard lands a couple more. Full mount by Cornect and starts dragging that elbow across the face. A Cornect female fan is shrieking hysterically and is irritating everyone in the audience who are all going for the home town Richard. Cornect now in half guard but not doing much. With 10 seconds left they get to their feet.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ethan Cornect.

R2. Leg kick by Cornect. Cornect pushes Richard against the fence and then takes him down. Side control by Cornect and quickly to mount. Cornect unwilling to drop bombs from mount and keeps looking for subs which gets him bucked off and Richard is on top now. Richard drops a couple lefts and rights and then more. Richard stands and Cornect crawls to his legs for the takedown. Cornect’s fans go to the cage to coach from the other side while Cornect gets full mount. The fans are appropriately, quickly moved back by the promoter and Cornect has Richard’s back. Round ends before he can lock on the RNC.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Cornect.
I can not express more how annoying the Cornect shrieker is. Yeesh. Security is placed near them to ensure they do not encroach the cage again.

R3. Richard starts landing punches while Cornect misses another superman. Body kick by Cornect lands and he rushes only to eat some more Richard strikes. Cornect wants this back on the canvas and that is where he gets it. Cornect gets full mount and is feeding him rights. Richard is eating a bunch of rights and this one is stopped by the ref. Good ground game by Cornect and some good standup by Richard. Fun fight.
Ethan Cornect defeats Eli Richard by TKO (GNP) in Round 3, 2:33
Crowd boos displeasure mainly due to the 10th Planet shrieker/girlfriend/Justin Bieber fan. Some yell ‘shut your sister up’.

Richard Spence vs Jordan Constant
R1. Constant with two kicks and then rushed by Spence who takes him down. Constant rolls and goes for single but stuffed by Spence. Spence moves to side control but Constant gets to his feet. Spence rushes Constant but is stopped. Leg kick by Constant. Spence ducks under a jab and takes Constant down. Full mount by Spence and he rolls Constant over for a RNC. Constant does not give up easy but eventually taps out for the win by Spence.
Richard Spence submits Jordan Constant by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:04

Jessi Veltri vs Jon Henderson is off. Commission says Veltri threw up.  Commission doctor found nothing wrong with him. Veltri has been well enough to corner one grappler and one fighter so far. Commission says he will be suspended.


67 Responses to “ Elite Championship Fighting 2: Rez Warz Play-by-Play ”

  1. MMA Fan says:

    Henderson vs Veltri – Winner take all, and include last fight’s purse money.

    How about a side bet between the two gyms as well to make it very interesting! LaPierre – have a few bucks to put up for that one?

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  2. Swan River says:

    Funny how Veltri did not have to run back and throw up during his fighter’s fights or the grappling. Must have been cage side for an hour total.

    Dont brag about flying armbars when they pull a kid out of audience to face you to make up for a fight they lost at card when coach of your pussied out. Zero points for flying armbarr and you and you’re team have zero class!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

  3. JWS says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  4. harry balls says:

    ^^ everybody read that comment in an Edward G. Robinson voice. Nyaaaaaah seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………

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  5. AMLEHTC says:

    Who are the henchmen?

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  6. Update on Jesse Veltri: Commission did suspend Jesse Veltri indefinitely. From the official MCSC results:

    “Fighter claimed medical issue and fight did not proceed. Indefinite medical suspension.”

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  7. The goods says:

    This is my first post on here but I’m a huge fan of the site. I now fight out of Brandon and have trained in Winnipeg, Ontario and Alberta. Now with that said I don’t know mr. Veltri so I can not comment on his professionalism or work ethic. However I do think it is narrow minded to lump all Brandon fighters together, I train with plenty of guys who work hard and take there fights extremely serious. I just don’t think fighters should lose credabillity because of the city they train in. Thanks for reading my first post

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  8. Donald Duck says:

    Interweb Rule # 223.2 – People who post saying ‘this is my first post’ are often not telling the truth.

    # 223.3 – Where the 223.2 is proved true note that Section 19 subsection A.4 An Axe to Grind is evoked.

    Welcome to the Interwebs The goods we hope you have a long and enjoyable stay.


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  9. The goods says:

    Thanks Donnie I hope so to. That really was my first post though, and I do often enjoy your comments on the site.

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  10. Swan River says:

    id challenge JWS and you’re henhcmen to a fight in my mom’s basement.

    Why waste my time youd and henchmen would back out after ringing doorbell. food poisoning or runny nose youd say.

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  11. Donald Duck says:

    See, this is the way it’s gonna be, see. Maybe if your so tough, huh. Swan River you should have gotten in the cage, see. You Pussy.

    I’ll step in the cage, see and fight you. Yah! I’ll fight you all. In the bar. In the cage. In your moms house. In your sisters room.

    Where ever you want, see.

    Bring all your friends buddy cause I roll with Henchmen, see.

    Rememeber cement shoes won’t help you float in the river. Luca Brotzi swims with the fishes.


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  12. The truth says:

    Jesse is a real unfortunate case. He is a retired canadian soldier so I give him credit and respect for serving our country.

    However his entire team, including Jesse, has had a very long history of making fools of themselves at grappling tournaments. His students mock their opponents in matches and Jesse acting as coach, screaming swears words and things such as “break it!” louder than anyone else in the venue. Just very poor sportsmanship.

    He’s a bit of a hot head and is under some illusion that his 10th planet youtube jiu jitsu is the best ever but has lost all his matches on the ground (if he makes it to them).

    He should put on the gi and teach his students something useful, starting with respect.

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  13. Joe Doerksen says:

    I’m still unsure as to the effects of food poisoning. Never had it, personally. Was a legit question. No one else can tell me anything about it?

    Keeping in mind that the Doc had a look at his vitals, I’m wondering if this is a condition that a Dr would be able to recognize during a short exam. Seriously, people. I will google this thing if I have to…

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  14. AMLEHTC says:

    Can you google “The Henchmen” as well. I still don’t know who these people are

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  15. harry balls says:

    Donnie, you complete me….

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  16. Jarvis says:

    I’ve had food poison several times, unfortunately.

    Like Jesse Veltri, I served in the Forces in the combat arms for 6 years. I know that’s no walk in the park, So my hats off to him for that. Thanks for your service.

    I also know that food poisoning is one of the worst 24 hour sicknesses you can get. Having been through it three times over the last 10 years(one while deployed in the field on military exercise) and let me tell you this, if you were indeed food poisoned, Jesse, you would not have been cornering anyone that day. For one, every fuckin’ muscle in your body hurts, if you’re not continuously puking, you are still very stomach sick with zero appetite, zero energy, you have the hershey squirts for at least 18 of those 24 hours, you cannot eat, you don’t want to move, you’d rather get kicked in the nuts than eat. I’m serious man, food poisoning hurts, and it sucks, royally. So there’s no way that you could have been food poisoned for 60 minutes, it’s biochemically impossible.

    Maybe you were just really nervous, or anxious and threw up, and was looking for a way out. If you were food poisoned, you would not have been able to corner another fighter. And I’m not saying that to offend you, I’m saying that because I know it. So there must have been something else wrong.

    You should set up an immediate rematch.

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