Elite 1: Redemption – Quick Results – Arsenault Retains Title


Elite 1’s  lastest offering “Redemption” goes down tonight from Redball Internet Centre in Moncton, New Brunswick. Top MMA News’ own Derek Leblanc will be providing results live from the event. If you’re in front of a computer watch the event live by CLICKING HERE.

Richard Arsenault defeats Ricky Goodall via Unanimous Decision (48-47,48-47,48-47) ***Arsenault Retains Elite1 Welterweight Title***

Matt MacGrath submits Nabil Khatib via Tapout due to injury @ 1:13 of Rd1
Jesse Ronson defeats Eric St. Pierre via TKO (strikes) @ 2:17 of Rd1
Matt Desroches defeats Todd Henry via TKO (strikes) @ 3:40 of Rd1
Stephen Clement submits Nick Guay via Armbar @ 2:08 of Rd1
Ryan Gallant submits Dave Spence via Armbar @ 3:09 of Rd2

Amateur MMA Results:
Mike Thorne submits Mitchell Rgers via Rear Naked Choke @ 2:12 o Rd2
Curt Ferguson submits Luke Noel via Rear Naked Choke @ 1:22 of Rd2
Jeremy Misken submits Dean Searing via Armbar @ 2:56 of Rd1

36 Responses to “ Elite 1: Redemption – Quick Results – Arsenault Retains Title ”

  1. Now Ricci vs Ronson is official.

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  2. just laughable says:

    Khatib fight??? did he get hung up at KFC drive in and miss fight?

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  3. Mr Jason says:

    MAcGrath wins 1st round TKO!

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  4. No need to make fun in this situation. It sounds like Khatib did cut all the way to 171 well before official weighin time. This is not a case of anyone not trying to make weight, he did make it, but just too early. His official weight is 178 according to the commission because that is what he weighed at the weigh-ins.

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  5. Gunner says:

    Keith i am hoping you can get some more info on this,,,, so are you saying that on the east coast you can weigh in anytime you want even before weigh ins?
    I am confused?
    Did he weigh in get approved by commission then put on weight or how did Nabil weigh in at 171 but then “officially” be 178?

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  6. hmmmm says:

    Why are the MacGrath vs Khatib results not posted?? It was a co-main event, after all.

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  7. TheMainAttraction says:

    Apparently he weighed in on weight 2 hours earlier, and was looking rough, so the commission said: we’ve seen that you are on weight, you can go eat and drink now, don’t worry about it.

    Apparently they said it to other competitors as well.

    It is ridiculous, but not Khatib’s fault from what I understand

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  8. Gunner says:

    No offence to anyone but if that indeed is the case shame on all involved including Nabil, he been around long enough to know better,,, 2 hrs is a LONG LONG time to be putting on weight again when your opponent is STILL cutting weight

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  9. BodySnatcher says:

    I got no such luxury at weigh ins lol.

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  10. Nabil says:

    When the commission says you’re weight is accepted, why wouldn’t you re-hydrate. That’s what they told me. Just doing my job. They accepeted my weight.

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  11. EastCoastFan says:

    Arsenault/Goodall was by far the best fight Elite 1 has ever put on, and is one of the best fights of the year. Anywhere.

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  12. Gunner says:

    Did anyone tell Matt that you already weighed in and was putting weight back on ? Did he have the same option to weigh in hours early to allow him longer time to recover, rehydrate, gain weight, eat food?

    Lastly why is commission still posting and confirming a 178lb weight? Did they lie to you or are they lieing to everyone else now to cover themselves?

    Never heard or scene any approved early weigh ins and i have fought in calgary, edmonton, quebec, ontario, wisconsin and been apart of many other shows in manitoba, minnesota etc so something is just a bit WAY out there regardless

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  13. Gunner…Nabil officially came in over weight.

    I am guessing that between Elite 1, Nabil, Matt, and the commission, they decided not to deduct 20% due to making weight earlier.

    There is no rule stating that you have to deduct 20%.

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  14. fight time says:

    The Moncton Commission is a Joke. Everyone Knows it. Thomas is the worst one. He thinks he is Dana White. They make rules as they go. They all are Boxing fans and hates MMA . The Williams has been fighting them for a long time. It is all about money with the Moncton Commission. And they change the rules all the time . Poor fighter looks tired so lets give him a break and give him 2 hours before the official weigh ins to eat. JOKE ,

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  15. @EastCoastFan… can’t wait to see it. High praise!

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  16. num1fan says:

    N.S and N.B commision is a jk mma on the east coast is a jk

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  17. mike kent says:

    Goodall vs. Richard was a great fight and a war . Ricky came out completly flat and slow and Richard easily won the first two rounds beating Ricky to the punch and hitting him hard. In the third round Ricky began getting his timeing and picking Richard apart with solid strike and won the round .in the 4th Ricky was really turning it on a5 looked to have Richard in some trouble . A clear cut round for Ricky Richard looked exhausted I think if Ricky could have stepped on it he could have finished the fight . The 5 round was tight but Richard got a second wind and Ricky looked to fade from the precious two rounds .half way through thé round Richard drooped ricky and that pretty much sealed the deal . Ricky reversed position but couldn’t mount enough offense from gaird to claim the round . Close fight but richard definitly took it .

    Matt magrath looked great . I think nabil had a freak injury or got hurt somehow but matt was beating him to the ounch the whole time and his wrestling looked awesome as usual . – I think matt has next in line at richard and with him making 170 so easy and looking rejuvenated I think its his title for the taking

    Body snatchers striking is unreal as expected but was surprised st.pierre was able to take him down and keep him there for a few minutes. Either way big mismatch and he look fantastuc .him vs. RiCci is a fight to see.

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  18. derek leblanc says:

    A correction on the results. Stephen Clement won by rear naked choke and not armbar.

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  19. jarvis says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  20. Shar 1 says:

    “EastCoastFan said Arsenault/Goodall was by far the best fight Elite 1 has ever put on, and is one of the best fights of the year. Anywhere.”

    Agreed. 100%. total blood sport fight.

    It was a pretty damn tight card overall too.

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  21. pug says:

    mike kent–right on in your assessment of goodall and arsenault. great fight. close but arsenault won it in the last round.

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  22. Dana Dickeson says:

    @ num1fan – I’m pretty sure jk stands for “just kidding” not “joke” jut FYI. There are lots of talented fighters on the east coast and lots of people who are putting tons of effort into making it better. Grant it, the commissions are not perfect but your comments are ignorant and incorrect. #hidebehindascreenname

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  23. Idolmaker says:

    #this ain’t twitter

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  24. mike kent says:

    Anyword as to what it was that Nabil got injured from ? Matt looked really good and looked to be getting the better of the beginning of the fight but then nabil tapped out with matt had side control . His neck or back of head hurt ? I couldn’t hear that well on the ppv

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  25. Nabil Khatib says:

    @mike kent:

    When he slammed me it was directly on my neck and cracked all the way down my back, very painful, I already have a bad neck C6-C7 injured. When he had me in side control I couldn’t hold my head up. Couldn’t continue.


    I’ve always done what the commission asked. This was a cluster fuck between the commission and the promoter. They know it, that’s why I didn’t get 20% deducted from my purse. I’ll know for next time. That’s all.

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  26. mike kent says:

    Thanks man ! Sorry you got injured like that . This had all the makings of a great fight ! Too bad it got cut short you guys were banging it out

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  27. Lenny wheeler says:

    Matt is this generations rampage, you say he won’t slam you but he will, he slams everyone. IMO the fit didn’t get cut short big takedowns end lots of fights, and in great fashion. Congrats to Matt

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  28. mike kent says:

    I completly agree Lenny ! Matts such a great wrestler and fighter . He’s so gritty he’s hard for anyone to handle . He’s taken the toughest fights of any body in Canada lately and win or lose outs up a great fight . Someone I definitly look upto in maritime and canadian mma. Happy he got the win ! He looked super sharp . A lot of people said he was done I just feel he was burnt out a bit . He looks rejuvenated

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  29. Lenny wheeler says:

    Lol Matt’s never done until he says it he has a lot of fights in him, most guys he fought say it was the hardest fight they had even when they won. Matt is a vet and is definately someone to look up to in the maritimes

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  30. mike kent says:

    I agree .even this site said something like the loser of this fight should consider hanging it up . I completly disagree . Matt has a lot of wins left in him

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  31. Matt is a stud!

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  32. Mr Jason says:

    Matt trained very hard for this fight, His new coach Prof. Paul Abel has also worked to improve his game. They brought in some great fighters to train with Matt including Jason Saggo and watched tons of footage on Nabil, every inch of his game plan was executed and it shows. Looking forward to his next fight.

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  33. Donald Duck says:

    Jason, what did Matt think about Nabil getting the opportunity to weigh in early? Did you guys time your weight cut to wrap up near weigh in time or were you more laissez faire and just guessed when the weigh ins would be?

    You know, just curious is all.


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  34. evan blakely says:

    Matt definitely should have been notified about Nabil weighing in early or whatever happened…Matt doesnt cut nearly as much as he used to but hes cut as much as 30 lbs between Thurs -Friday weigh ins lol, my point is that you never know what the other guy has gone through so you definitely have to make sure he is aware of what is going on

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  35. Donald Duck says:

    Well Nabil said he’d have no problems with someone weighin earlier. I’m just some anonymous interweb poster who’s probably never fought or cut weight in his life so I can’t really have an opinion on this.


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  36. Jay Kay says:

    Nabil, I’ve seen and helped you cut. You’re no rookie man and I’d have hit the fucking roof if after helping you make weight we found out your opponent had weighed in two hours earlier and was already rehydrating. I don’t blame you cause I’ve been at the end of a weight cut and most of the time I couldn’t tell you my phone number. The commission f’d this one up major.


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