Freedom Fight – Sudbury – October 27


Date: October 27, 2012
Location: Sudbury Arena in Sudbury, Ontario
Tickets: Sudbury Arena Box Office

Fight Card:
Daniel Roberts (12-4) vs. Nuri Shakir (17-19)
Valerie Letourneau (4-3) vs. Vanessa Mariscal (2-1)
Misha Cirkunov (5-2) vs. Terry Davinney (9-5)
Mike Sledzion (3-3)  vs. Josten Tardif (1-2)
Pat Gionette (0-0) vs. Jarod Robb (0-0)
Kyle Vivian (0-4) vs Alex Halkias (1-0)
Blake Nash (1-1) vs. Ryan Pokryfky (1-0)

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  1. Sliggy J says:

    Yep, he wrote on twitter yesterday that he’s out of the fight. Rumor has it that Pete Rodley has already skipped town

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  2. allen hope says:

    I dont come on here much but when i do all i see is mike kent talking bullshit . you keep saying you have only pulled out of 2 fights ?? you have pulled out of 2 with me and i no you have been offered to fight me a couple times from MFC and you have turned it down . but the part i dont understand is when we where suppose to fight in nova scotia the FIRST TIME your manager called me personally and said you where not ready to fight me (peter martel)and then we asked to fight you again 6 months later and some how you in proved so much i was not on your level and you did not want to fight me because of my record but the funny thing is you fought chester post a couple months later ??. so please stop bullshitting everyone .

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  3. mike kent says:

    Why come out of the wood work now and run you mouth allen . I want nothing to do with you. When i first got offered to fight you i had three fights and you had 14 my manager wanted me to figh fighters under 5 – 6 fights so we turned you down , Then 8 months later when it came up again i was on a 6 fight win streak 6-0 and you lost to TOdd Henry that i just beat so my manager said it didnt make sense. When i fought in January . Peter Martell lost his main event so i stepped in on three weeks notice and chester was the only guy they could get that would take the fight on 3 weeks notice and fly inw ith no corner and fight for less then nothing so we fought ,

    When i got to 8 and 0 and you lost 4 fights in a row the MFC offered me you and i told them that i didnt sign with the MFC to fight on the undercard against a guy with a losing recored and turned it down .

    how about this — i am now fighting for the love of it and not for money or to make it to the UFC . all i want to do is stay active and have fun . After the chemilli fight . i will fight you on any card at any time anywhere , for any ammount of money and if i lose i will give my whole purse to the charity of you choice . if you lose you can keep you purse i dont want it .

    So once i compete for the AFC and fight tim get a promotion to set it up immediatly when ever i dont even neeed to read the contract .

    Before when i was fighting often i had quit my job opened a gym and was fighting , training for a living and trying to make a go at it . now i have a 2 year old little girl a top notch job and would just like to fight every week against anyone any time im healthy so yes you can have you fight…

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  4. mike kent says:

    like i said ill fight you on a KOTC card for 150-150 and if i lose you can have my hundres and fifty dollars . or ill fight you for 1 dollar flat . no problem man im sure we can find a promotion that will do that . Im posting it here so i wont go back on this man . get it signed

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  5. mike kent says:

    now out of respect for chemilli and Agression and to avoid me Managers Scorn im going to focus on the fight at hand and promoting the card im on .

    As soon as thats done , we will fight right away.

    ill fight for 1 dollar and shut you up for good

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  6. allen hope says:

    I would get excited but im sure you will break your hand AGAIN for the 12 time or you will retire for the 10 time or you will move to 170 lb AGAIN . blah blah blah

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  7. mike kent says:

    i give you my word that after me and Tim fight i will fight you at whatever event you want . no trash talk not bullshit nothing . if you get an promotor to set it up then ill be there . you win you can have what i make , and i dont think you have to worry about 170 … im gonna stay at LHW for a long time.

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  8. allen hope says:

    done deal

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  9. Ron Jeremy says:

    This really sucks. This card just lost what was truly the main event. Unless you live locally, there’s not much reason to go see this event anymore…and I was planning to. I’m sure I not the only one cancelling their arrangements, unless they can make up some sort of interesting fights or at least more than 4 or 5 weak fights…maybe 9-10 mediocre fights. I thought Sudbury had a lot of schools and fighters to help fill this card…or is there something else going on behind the scenes. Good luck, I hope this turns around and the Misha/Kent fight happens at a later date

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  10. mark says:

    Pow Right in the Kisser.

    HILARIOUS THAT PETE SKIPPED TOWN!! This can’t be true!!
    Is it??
    What’s going on with this card now???

    Brutal Luck for Freedom Fights but the show should go on. Someone needs to step up and fight in the main event against tupac i mean nuri shakir

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  11. Mitch says:

    So is it just 4 fights on the card now? Thats a shame, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

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  12. Josh Machan says:

    I am not a greedy promoter, mike I will give you $300 flat for that fight! Lol

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  13. Cody Rempel says:

    For $300, I’d almost pay for this fight out of my own pocket just to make it happen… although I’m sure there are a few promoters who’d pay more and have a nicer venue than my garage!

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  14. mike kent says:

    im not gonna keep tlking about this becuase i have a monster 205er that is gonna be trying to knock my head off on november 23rd so my focus is on him but my plans are to fight and to fight alot . once this fight is in the books i will fight allen . for free or for a charity of his or the promotors choice or for whatever he wants . i just want to stay active ill fight some that is 15-0 or 9and 30 , allen has been nagging about this fight forever , he can have it whenever he wants , as soon as im cleard after me and tims fight. Until then ill only answer or comment about the chemilli fight .. its gonna be a barn burner and tim is one of the best fighters in the country at his weight . he deserves more then me running my mouth about a dumb grudge match ,

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  15. mike says:

    can pete make this card happen or is it a sealed deal, no go..

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  16. Robin Black says:

    It’s 14 days from tomorrow.

    Its not impossible to find4 more fights, but its a tall order.

    There are a ton of challenges now. Fighter availability. Transportation and location. Meds. Licensing.

    Don’t right it off yet but one has to think its a tall order now.

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  17. Darren Owen says:

    Mike I’m sure we can make the fight happen including paying you both fairly and make a donation to a charity of both of your guys choice. But I agree it’s in your best interest to focus on Nov.23 as when it’s complete it’s looking to be the best fight card in the history of Alberta.

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  18. Gunner says:

    Darren steps in as the voice of reason pay the man and donate to the charity of his choice now thats a good deal

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  19. barrie says:

    Yo whats pete have to say we should hear about the card from him.. hey pete whats up

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  20. Gunner says:

    I am curious to see who is still on the card and what weights there looking for it would make it easier for people to help out knowing who is still there and weights needed

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  21. mark says:

    guaranteed this card gets canned. fuckin disgusting!!

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  22. Gangnam style says:

    Where did Rodley bolt, don’t they have Internet there?

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  23. barrie says:

    Pete let us know lots of people have tickets want to see some of these fighters .. whats up

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  24. eastcoastwarrior says:

    Mike Kent vs Tim Hague

    Allen Hope vs High School equivalency test

    Two interesting matches Id like to see

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  25. Num1fan says:

    I would put my money on the high school equivalency test . And the only reason I new how to spell equivalency was because I copy and pasted it .

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  26. pete rodley says:

    good god you internet people are something else.

    Because I don’t visit this web site to address people means I’ve skipped town? Im in Sudbury every day running my ass off promoting the event. There is nothing to skip from. The city is excited to see MMA return and promos are running and plans are moving forward.

    I also like to enjoy time with my children and have a life outside of feeding negativity and ignorance on this site. So please forgive me if I don’t answer here as fast as some may like. For faster replies feel free to email or call me if you are relevant to the sport or a true fan you have already done so.

    Also the last 2 weeks have been hell in terms of injuries and finding replacements. I have certainly made some miracles happen to keep this card together and there is still some work ahead for me. Perhaps that has also kept me from visiting this site habitually.

    I have 7 fights approved, one I’m waiting on and I’m told the commish will approve on Monday.

    Thanks to everyone who has rolled with the punches and thanks to all the fans up here for supporting the show and MMA in Ontario.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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  27. Nice to hear from you Pete. Shit’ll come together. Stay positive.

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  28. t.r.o.n says:

    haha Allen Hope vs Equivalency test. Voted up sir


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  29. Allen hope says:

    I have taken that test 3 times now :

    Allen hope 0

    Equivalency test 3

    But I been studying lots this past year so I hope to make a good run at it in 2013 .

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  30. the dude says:

    Im hearing Kyle Vivian has been pulled from the card lol. Whats the updated card now Pete?

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  31. harry balls says:

    Allen Hope FTW. Please keep posting here, bro.

    I kinda feel bad for Kyle . Things coulda been different if he’d gotten some ammy stuff under his belt.

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  32. pete rodley says:

    apparently you are NOT the dude….because you are wrong about Kyle..his fight is a go and is going to be a banger!!!

    waiting on approval (hope tomorrow) of 2 new fights then ill announce updated card.

    What a week!!! WOW!!!

    Thanks for the support and encouragement everyone!


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  33. Thanks for posting Pete!

    removed the main event. Added Kyle Vivian.

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  34. pete rodley says:

    Vivian is fighting Alex Halkias (approved by OAC)

    Blake Nash is fighting Ryan Pokryfky (approved by OAC)

    Terry Davinney is fighting Misha (approved by OAC)

    Hope to have Nuri Shakirs new fight approved tomorrow.

    And Im waiting for approval on 2 other bouts.

    Its been a whirl wind of a week…thanks to a few really good colleagues, some solid fighters who know how to roll with the punches (TRUE WARRIORS), and years of experience…this show is GONNA ROCK!!!!!!

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  35. Dean Panas says:

    That’s great news Pete!

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  36. yap says:

    funny how hudson..has a boxing fight coming up

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  37. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Yea dec. first he’s only off for a cpl weeks…because of knee if you need copies of dr. Report can provide it…Craig will hopefully be back in gym next week or first week of Nov. if dr. Permits….Craig wanted to keep this fight but taking 2 – 3 weeks off just before to allow knee to heel and not train for Misha would not have been a good idea..not to mention not being able to make weight because he couldn’t do his cardio which helps his weight cut…also it was a strain and Dr said he should be ok in 4 – 6 weeks which allows him plenty of time to train for his boxing match…so keep yapping Yap…that’s about all your good for!

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  38. mark says:

    blake nash fighting two guys or is there two blake nashes?? wuuut LOL

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  39. pete rodley says:

    lol Blake is ONLY fighting Ryan

    and after tons of trauma to my brain and nerves…Nuri Shakir vs Daniel Roberts IS BACK ON!!!!!!!!

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  40. EPerez says:

    Are they selling tickets to this? EEEEEESH!!

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  41. fandom says:

    Ugly looking card.

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  42. barrie says:

    Hey eric gotta start somewhere what was hour first show?

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  43. Shane says:

    Is Tim Hauge gona be fighting in Ontario or just in Alberta, followed him when I worked in Boyle, AB 2008-2010

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  44. anthony says:

    Tim Hague can fight wherever he wants!

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  45. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Heard Cirkunov’s opponent pulled out with an injury today…day before weighi ins?…no luck!…sry to Sam …Misha if it’s true.

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  46. gorgeous george says:

    Wow, i hope that isn’t true for Misha’s sake…that sucks

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  47. P.J says:

    Wow, I have never heard of fighter losing as many opponent at Misha C does. If its not opponent getting injured, commissions not allowing opponents or just fighters backing out cause there scared *cough* marcus hicks *cough*. As critical as some unknowledgable people are toward him, there is no question it is extremely difficult for him to get fights. It’s only the Internet thugs who talk tough and hate on him. Any real fighter knows about him many accomplishments and realize it is a difficult fight that few are willing to take

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  48. mike kent says:

    wow terrible luck for misha and his camp . he definitly isnt the most appealing fight to take becuase of his pedigree.

    My offer to fight him still stand that after me and tim fight and i heal up ( because win or lose its probally gonna be a war ) i would definitly fight him. Super shitty for them to train and then have opponent after opponent drop out. hopefully is just a rumor

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  49. Sliggy J says:

    Please if anyone’s in Sudbury, post the weigh-in results so that we can see what the card looks like. I have a bad feeling about this event..

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