Canadian Rumour Mill – July 23


Well UFC 149 sure was a tale of two completely different halves. The prelims were exciting and high energy, while the main card was mainly quite boring and lackluster.  GIRL FIGHT WEEK COMING UP, INVICTA 2!!!

  • The Black Mamba sure isn’t pleased with Ray Elbe. Kultar Gill is in full attack mode on Ray Elbe for their SFL fight and none too pleased with Elbe. This should be some fight in India, seems personal for The Black Mamba.
  • Will the OAC sanction a fight The Score wants to put on between Chris Horodecki and Tristan Johnson?  This gal sees no reason why the Ontario Commission should not allow it, but, then again, they’ve rejected some very legit fights in the past.  Great fight !
  • It sounds like if Jesse Ronson stays healthy and is victorious in his fight with Eric St-Pierre at Elite 1, he will take on Alex Ricci in Hamilton for The Score.
  • BFL… First Chiappe vs Logan and now Matt Baker vs Brandon MacArthur.  But just remember this, MacArthur beat Chiappe, if that has any relevance lol.
  • Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz vs Ryan Boux could be on the ECF II card in The Pas next week.
  • A little birdie is telling me we might see Jason Saggo (6-1) vs Chad Laprise (5-0) battle it out at SFS. Two up and coming hot studs going at it, I don’t see why they wouldn’t fight shirtless at SFS! Come on boys!
  • Lots of Winnipeg fighters getting competing offers from AFC and The Score.  If you were Chris Stranger, would you fight Adam Smith for AFC or Nathan Gunn for SFS?  Either way, the fans win!
  • Aggression FC is really stacking their September card in Winnipeg and this girl is impressed! Making his long anticipated return is WAMMA head and BJJ blackbelt, Curtis Brigham (10-5). Brigham, an early Canadian MMA pioneer having fought in shows such as Rings in Japan (same card as a young Fedor!), will take on Matt Trudeau (2-0). Trudeau will be a good challenge as he is a hot prospect who defeated highly touted Muay Thai fighter Levi Kump in his debut.
  • Also on the AFC September 15th card, look for “The Show Stealer” Lenny Wheeler (5-2) to try and take out local fan favourite Dominick Blais (8-5).  Add these 2 fights to Steele vs Milko and of course Doerksen vs Starnes and this is one sexy card!
  • Clay Davidson sighting:  it appears Davidson left the west coast for Stampede country and the training of Brian Bird at Champion’s Creed in Calgary.
  • Mike Kent has once again broken his hand and is out of his August 10th MFC fight with Cody Krahn.
  • I’m hearing that Sarah Kaufman is getting in some armbar defence practice with Sheila Bird for her fight with Rousey. Now that’s smart thinking!
  • Cranbrook, BC will host a new MMA event on September 8th. The show titled “Battle for the Border” will be a pro/am mixed card and feature the likes of Derek Boyle, Sheldon Doll, Brandon McArthur, Curtis Blackmore, Shon Cottrill, Jordan Tracey. It seems like the match ups will be Alberta vs BC and Big John McCarthy will officiate.
  • Finally, on a sad note. Top MMA News would like to pass along our condolences to the friends and family of Mickey Ali.  Mr. Ali, a long standing member of the Edmonton Combative Sports passed suddenly a few days back and will be missed.

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36 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – July 23 ”

  1. Gunner says:

    Just gotta say that Mr Gunn won’t be fighting anywhere without the consent and approval of me bosses from Bellator, but can confirm that Bellator is awesome and are willing to discuss any other fights I may have offered. Not that any other fights are offered. I think westcott would be a good canada match up :) if both parties employers are in the lending mood

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  2. McInnes says:

    I wonder if laprise will shave his whole body and grease up for saggo, like he did against me..

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Mickey was one of the good guys on the Edmonton commission, super nice guy and always willing to answer whatever questions I had! He will be sorely missed by many within the combat sports community.

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  4. blayd cooper says:

    hope someone can post video of laprise vs mcinnes finish!!!! never can see it enough!!!

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  5. McInnes says:

    Why not just go to youtube? If you think you’re going to hurt my feelings with that comment you’re mistaken.. Everyone knew that him vs me was a gun fight.. His striking vs my ground.. i just wish there was a grapplers equivalent to greasing and shaving your whole body, which several friends of mine that train with him and chad himself knows he did..

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  6. BDC says:

    Maybe its just man oil

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  7. Chad Laprise says:

    I usually would not respond to things like this but McInnes “claims” of me greasing are completly faulse. Shaving my body yes, which is not against the rules or cheating in anyway.I do this even when im not fighting. We had one of the best refs in the business that night Yves Lavigne and the OAC check us over before the fight. Seeing as the fight only lasted not even one rd where did the “grease” come from?

    Anyways I am not a cheater in anyway and have never even heard these allagations until a full year after the fight. If you still somehow think you were disadvanted in that fight you know where I am. McInnes Laprise two works for me and will end the same way…

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  8. Donald Duck says:

    If I was fighting I’d shave my man pelt into stripes like a Zebra in hopes of confusing my opponent.

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  9. McInnes says:

    It’ll end with me maintaining mount.. See you soon, fancy boy.

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  10. Wouldn’t your camouflage be greater if you shaved it into the octagon fence pattern?

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  11. booboo says:


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  12. Happygolucky says:

    YAY! McInnes is a live…we thought laprise killed him last year.

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  13. McInnes says:

    Hahhhahah… I’ll gladly accept the heel role. There’s too many nice guys in Canada. :)

    I love you topmmanews!

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  14. Donald Duck says:

    @ Keith – Apparently not, this McInnes guy hasn’t even seen me and he wants to mount me. Maybe I should go for spots like a leopard instead?


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  15. McInnes says:

    I don’t want to mount you.. I want to mount chad! Lol

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  16. McInnes says:

    ……….wait a minute……….

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  17. Chatta says:

    Anyone know if Mitch Clarke or any other Canadians got cut from the UFC roster after UFC 149? I really hope none did. All Canadians on that card were great and fought very very well.

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  18. Donald Duck says:

    @ McInnes – Is it me? I can change. I promise.

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  19. mike kent says:

    Mitch Clarke really impressed me with his wrestling and constant pressure. I definitly think there’s some wins in the ufc if he keeps training and learning at the pace he is .Seems like a great guy too . I hope they don’t cut him. The only guy that didn’t look fantastic was ring I think he did do enough in rounds 1 and 2 that you could justify giving him those rounds but a little too much circling and not enough offence to really get a clear cut win . When he did strike he was beating court to the punch everytime . Nicks talented as hell and a good fighter just seemed overly cautious in his last two fights.

    Amd jimmo holy shit that’s a debut. I wish it never ended so quickly becuase I would have loved to see that kind of aggresive style for a round or two from him . He looked like a man possessed stalking across that cage . So impressive. The jimmo that showed up I’m calgary could make waves in the ufc forsure . Blaclzillians has installed a lot of confidence in him . He must be doing well agaisnt the guys up there ! Love to see Canadians succeed on the big stage. Ring, Clarke , jimmo , clements . Everyone looked like they belong

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  20. Mr Jason says:

    Jason Saggo is confirmed to fight Eric Attard, looking forward to an amazing show with SFS

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  21. EPerez says:

    Gunn would torch Stranger.

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  22. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Even though Teixeira is fighting Jackson next I’d still like to see him vs Jimmo, one fight that the MFC didn’t or couldn’t make happen!

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  23. alandale says:

    Very sad news up in Edmonton. Mickey was the only guy who actually knew what he was doing. Huge loss. My condolances

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  24. Underling says:

    RIP Mickey
    Aladale hit the nail on the head. Mickey was the ONLY person working with that commission who knew how things are suppose to run. Thank God he was there the past couple years because as bad as things have been (due to you-know-who), things would have been doubly bad if he wasn’t there to temper some of the bad decisions that were being made.

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  25. Mitch says:

    I’m not sure if McInnes is a huge douchebag, or if this is just him campaigning for a rematch with Laprise.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    What’s wrong with both?

    I think we can all agree the odd douchebag can spice things up a bit.

    Keep on doin your crazy thing your own crazy way McInnis.

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  27. Mitch says:

    I guess being a douchebag and trying to get a fight aren’t mutually exclusive.

    You are right Robin, it does spice things up a bit. I just think making excuses and accusing your opponent of cheating is pretty low. Take the loss like a man.

    I know its tough to get fights, I can sympathize with anyone who is just trying to get a fight. Accusing an opponent of greasing because you couldn’t implement your game plan and got knocked is weak though.

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  28. BDC says:

    I dont know either fighter but i watched the fight and it sure didnt look like slipin was an issue at all. He was latchin on fine, it looked like he got beat by the better man that night.

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  29. McInnes says:

    Call me old fashioned, but the only part of my body that I shave are my face and my balls.. If you shave your whole body before an MMA fight its kinda obvious you want to be slippery.

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  30. harry balls says:

    Nah, you gotta shave around the top and the sides too. It makes your cock look way bigger on camera.
    Perhaps I’ve said too much…

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  31. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    There’s nothing in the unified rules against shaving your body….so to accuse someone of greasing up because of it ….is kinda of a poor excuse cause the fight didn’t go your way….just sayin!

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  32. Donald Duck says:

    I think you guys may think you’ve logged into your Grinder account by mistake. This is an MMA news and discusison site.


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  33. JesseGough says:

    Laprise is one of the most honest and humble guys I have ever met and he’s a team mate of mine! For this guy to call him a cheater is crazy i was at that fight the only thing i seen was McInnes eyes rolling back in his head! You got KO’d by the better man! Take it like a man Andrew, you want a rematch it’s gonna end the same way! He’s not the same Laprise you fought before!

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  34. barrie says:

    Some guys need to get punched out to learn in life you lose some and win some but a real pro fighter never loses his dignity

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  35. Donald Duck says:

    Yeah but if he loses enough times he’s going to be out of a job.

    Just sayin’

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  36. Rumors says:

    Hudson vs Cirkunov….what!!!

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