UFC 149 Weigh-In Photos


Darryl Delamont was at the UFC 149 weigh-ins today, here are his pictures of the event:

*** all photos by Darryl Delamont | www.yellowcouch.ca

3 Responses to “ UFC 149 Weigh-In Photos ”

  1. K. RASMUS says:

    The New Tattoo is NO TATTOO

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    Who’s the lady in red and the guy with the goutee?

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  3. Underling says:

    Don’t know his name, but usually wears a flaming Pink/Salmon clored suit as he walks down 105 street with his fedora hat with a feather protruding from it, looking for…..
    As for her? I don’t think anyone knows what she does!

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