Canadian Heavyweight Rankings – July 2012


Wow.  What a shake up to the Canadian Heavyweight Rankings compliments of Mike Hackert.  Normally there is little movement in these rankings and never any movement from the number one spot.  All that is different now that “The Honey Badger” defeated “The Thrashing Machine.”  Not only was it the best Canadian Heavyweight fight ever, it was also the fight featuring the best nicknames ever in Canada.

Official Canadian Heavyweight Rankings

1. Mike Hackert (5-1) – Previous Rank (NR) – “The Honey Badger” went into a bout with Canada’s Top Heavyweight Tim Hague having never fought at Light-Heavyweight before, never mind Heavyweight.  Not only that, he went into the fight telling everyone that his strategy would be to stand with Tim Hague.  So what happens, an amazing three round battle where Hackert followed his strategy to a tee, dominated, and stole the Heavyweight crown that has belonged to Hague ever since these rankings were started.  (By the way, you can watch the fight HERE.) Next fight: vs Tim Hague at MFC 34.

Hackert took on Hague at Prestige FC IV (photo by Dave Scantland)

2. Tim Hague (14-6) – Previous Rank (1) – Who could have predicted that Tim Hague would lose his #1 spot to a former Middleweight fighter?  Let’s be fair though.  Hague fought his heart out and it took great efforts from BOTH combatants to create the best Heavyweight fight in Canadian MMA history!  The big question now is what will Hague do to avenge his loss at MFC 34?  Probably a game plan that sees “The Thrashing Machine” feeding Hackert a steady diet of takedowns and ground and pound.  Next fight: vs Mike Hackert at MFC 34.

3. Ryan Fortin (6-3) – Previous Rank (2) – No fight for Fortin since he dismantled Ralph Bergman to win the KOTC title. Fortin seemed to have a stranglehold on the #2 spot until Hackert entered the picture.  Fortin vs Rama at MFC 34 would be a nice tilt, how about it Black Prince?  Next fight: TBD.

4. Peter Nolan (4-1) – Previous Rank (3) – Nolan has headed down to Light-Heavyweight where he belongs, however he still has qualifying fights at Heavyweight in the past year to retain his spot in these rankings.  The next time Top MMA News ranks this division, expect Nolan to disappear.  Next fight: TBD

5. Ralph Bergmann (4-4) – Previous Rank (4) – Bergmann has had a rough ride of late.  He has lost his last three fights against three tough opponents:  Tyler East, Tony Lopez, and the previously mentioned loss to Ryan Fortin. Despite the losses, Raphael easily remains one of the top Heavyweights in Canada. Next fight: TBD.

Fighters who dropped out of the Top 5: Scott Fraser (was 5th)

Outside the Top 5
Scott Fraser (5-2)
Lee Mein (5-11)

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    Hague should still be #1.

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    Hackert vs Fortin

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