Top 10 Canadian UFC Fighters of All Time


Canada has had 48 MMA fighters appear in the UFC Octagon (50 after UFC 149).  Who are the most successful 10 fighters in the history of the UFC out of these 48 athletes?

Top MMA News looked at the records of all 47 fighters and eliminated all fighters with less than four fights.  Why four fights?  At the start of your UFC career, fighters generally face easier opposition.  Unless you are John Alessio or Patrick Cote, you generally face other UFC newcomers in your debut and gradually work your way up to harder opposition.  No one with a 1-0 or 2-0 record deserves to be on this list (sorry Roland Delorme and Chris Clements) as they have yet to face the constant grind of high level opponent after high level opponent in the Octagon.

When removing fighters with less than four fights, a list of 23 fighters remains and Top MMA News ranked them according to winning percentage inside the UFC.   No subjectivity here – this list is all about how many times Bruce Buffer has called a fighter’s name out as the winner.

The Top 10 Canadian UFC Fighters:

(based on winning percentage)

1. Georges St-Pierre (.889, 16-2) – GSP is simply the greatest Canadian mixed martial artist ever.  No Canadian has fought more in the Octagon or won more in the Octagon.  He was the second Canadian to win a UFC title and the only one to ever successfully defend it.

2. Rory MacDonald (.800, 4-1) – If GSP is the Great One, is Rory MacDonald the Next One?  Rory MacDonald has taken the UFC by storm and is the future for Canada in the Welterweight division.   The British Columbia native could have been on the top of this list had he held on for another seven seconds against Carlos Condit.

3a. Yves Jabouin (.750, 3-1) – After losing to a much bigger Pablo Garza by flying triangle in his UFC debut, Jabouin moved down to Bantamweight and has not lost since.  If Yves beats Brad Pickett at UFC on Fuel 5, there will be no doubt that “The Tiger” is for real and is a UFC Bantamweight title contender.

3b. Claude Patrick (.750, 3-1) – “The Prince” continues Canada’s strong bloodline of Welterweights.  Patrick as well could have been at the top of this list had he defeated Brian Ebersole. Unfortunately Patrick could not lock on the sub tight enough and gave up top position in the fight to lose a split decision.  Patrick is a strong student of the MMA game.  He will be back and is another future possible Canadian UFC champion.

5. Krzysztof Soszynski (.667, 6-3) – Soszynski is a rarity in Canadian MMA – a big man with a winning record in the UFC.  While never quite reaching that upper echeleon level in the UFC’s stacked Light-Heavyweight division, KSOS might have reached those heights had he beat Brandon Vera at UFC 102.  A multiple time UFC bonus winner, Soszynski is best known for splitting a pair of  exciting bouts with Stephan Bonnar.

6. Mark Bocek (.636, 7-4) – Top MMA News has ranked Canadian Lightweights six times since 2009 and Bocek has been #1 every time.  His success is also shown by his longevity in the UFC – only four Canadians out of 47 have fought for the UFC more than Bocek (he is one of only five with 10+ UFC fights).  Since starting his UFC career with a 1-2 record, Bocek has been dominating in the cage – losing only twice, once to current champion Benson Henderson and  close decision to Jim Miller that many thought he won, while winning 6 fights during that time.

7. TJ Grant (.625, 5-3) – TJ Grant’s pattern was to win a fight, then lose a fight as a UFC Welterweight.  However, that all changed when he dropped down to Lightweight.  Grant has ripped off two consecutive wins against Shane Roller and Carlo Prater and looks to have found a good home at 155lbs.

8. Ivan Menjivar (.600, 3-2) – If not for a Lightweight fight at UFC 48 against Matt Serra, Ivan Menjivar would be up at #3 on this list.  Since that 2004 UFC fight, smaller weight divisions have become prevelant as have Ivan Menjivar wins in the UFC.  Ivan has gone 3-1 in his return to the UFC, losing a recent decision to Mike Easton.

9. Sam Stout (7-6, .538) – A consistent Fight of the Night winner and recent victor of a trilogy with Spencer Fisher, Stout is another Canadian stalwart of the UFC’s Lightweight division.  Having fought in the UFC thirteen times in seven consecutive years, Stout has managed to carve out a spot in the UFC due to his exciting three round wars – the majority ending with his hand raised.

10. Gary Goodridge (4-4, .500) – Six fighters have four or more fights and .500 records in the UFC, however out of all those competitors “Big Daddy” has had the most fights in the UFC, so he receives the #10 spot.  Who can forget Goodridge’s debut at UFC 8 where he destroyed Paul Herrera with elbows 13 seconds in?  That finish is a contender for the best KO in Canadian UFC history! There is no doubt that Goodridge is the best Canadian Heavyweight who has competed in the UFC to date.

Others with .500 records and 4+ fights: Sean Pierson, Dave Beneteau, Mark Hominick, John Makdessi, Ivan Salaverry

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  1. robertoj1 says:

    Did you forget about the only other Canadian to win a title in the UFC??? Carlos Newton.

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  2. K. RASMUS says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. Adam Lorenz says:

    This list is based on UFC records, Kang is only 1-2 in the UFC.

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  4. Keith Grienke says:

    This is an objective list based solely on winning percentage…

    Both Newton and Kang have losing UFC records.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Newton is 3-4 in the UFC.

    3 Wins: Bob Gilstrap (UFC17), Pat Miletich (UFC31), Pete Spratt (UFC40)

    4 Losses: Dan Henderson (UFC17), Matt Hughes (UFC34), Matt Hughes (UFC38), Renato Verissimo (UFC46)

    Won the belt vs Miletich at UFC 31 lost the belt to Matt Hughes while attempting his first defense at UFC 34 = No defense of UFC title.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Kang is 1-2 in the UFC as Adam Lorenz already mentioned.

    1 Win: Professor X (UFC97)

    2 Losses: Alan Belcher (UFC93), Michael Bisping (UFC 105)

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  7. Delorme is at 100% with a 2-0 record.

    He’ll end up on future versions of this list.

    Cool article.

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  8. Graham Weenk says:

    honorable mention… HAROLD HOWARD!

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  9. Fun list! I think you def have to put The Crow, David Loiseau on it.

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  10. Josh says:

    Regardless of record, Carlos Newton was the first ever Canadian UFC champion and rightfully deserves to be on this list. Just because he fought before many started following mma, UFC or even knew what Pride was and how his career fell off, he should not be forgotten

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  11. Bobby Karimi says:

    This list isnt an opinion based list by Keith guys. It’s not who deserves to be on there based on their achievements, talent ability, or popularity. It’s simply a statistical record based list ranking the fighters based on UFC career win/loss records.

    so no Kang, no Newton, no JMac, no Cote, no Doerksen, no Crow, etc. All these guys are/were awesome fighters but their record in the UFC doesnt make this list. Pretty simple I think.

    btw The Crow is 4-5 in the UFC.

    I think a Top 10 most significant Canadian UFC fighters list would be an awesome discussion piece. Then Newton and Crow may be on there.

    To the guys saying that so and so should be on the list, it’s like seeing a Top 10 list of NHL Career Point Totals (BELOW). The commenting well Mike Bossy, Bobby Orr, Guy Lafleur, or Bobby Hull should be on the list, while they are all great players they didn’t have enough points to be on the list.

    1 Wayne Gretzky 1487 2857 1.92
    2 Mark Messier 1756 1887 1.07
    3 Gordie Howe 1767 1850 1.05
    4 Ron Francis 1731 1798 1.04
    5 Marcel Dionne 1348 1771 1.31
    6 Steve Yzerman 1514 1755 1.16
    7 Mario Lemieux 915 1723 1.88
    8 Jaromir Jagr 1346 1653 1.23
    9 Joe Sakic 1378 1641 1.19
    10 Phil Esposito 1282 1590 1.24

    Again, this is a statistical list based on actual UFC records, no subjectivity here at all.

    Good job Keith compiling all this data, musta taken you fair amount of time to get all this done.

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  12. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Can’t believe someone mentioned Harold Howard. too bad the guy went nuts and is serving a five year sentence right now

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  13. justaspectator says:

    what about nick ring? hes 3-1 in the ufc bout to be 4-1

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  14. Nick Ring is 2-1 in the UFC. He is also 1-0 on TUF which are only exhibition matches and do not count on his pro record.

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  15. Thanks Bobby. I have maintained a list of UFC Canadians for three years and have never used it for the site. I figured I would start publishing stats from the list.

    @Harry Balls…. Ivan Salaverry should be added to the others as he is 3-3 in the UFC. Thanks for the correction!

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  16. Jabouin Fan says:

    The Tiger (Yves Jabouin) is ‘for real’ regardless of what happens in his next fight.

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  17. Troy says:


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  18. Kennedy says:

    Stupid, useless article

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  19. I am starting to agree, @Kennedy. MMA fans seem to be too emotionally involved for cold, hard statistics.

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  20. Hobnot says:

    This list is terrible. Patrick and Jabouin should not be #3.

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