Score Fighting Series – Hamilton – August 25


Date: August 25, 2012
Location: Hamilton Place in Hamilton, Ontario
TV: Live on The Score/
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Main Event:
135lbs – Josh Hill (8-0) vs. John Fraser (10-3)

155lbs – Jesse Ronson (10-2) vs. Alex Ricci (5-0)
145lbs – Tristan Johnson (7-2) vs. Rick Glenn (10-2-1)
145lbs – Will Romero (9-3) vs. David Douglas (8-4)
155lbs – Jason Saggo (6-1) vs. Eric Attard (4-2)
185lbs – Elias Theodorou (4-0) vs. Simon Marini (9-4)
155lbs – Jason Meisel (3-0) vs. Kyle Prepolec (4-1)*
170lbs – Ryan Dickson (3-0) vs. Chris St. Jean (4-3)
145lbs – Frank Marques (2-0) vs Eric Montgomery (1-0)
170lbs – Robert Thomas (0-0) vs. Jeff Sharkey (1-2)
145lbs – Lyndon Whitlock (7-2) vs. Fernando Vieira (7-2)
155lbs – Adam Assenza (1-1) vs. Taylor Solomon (3-4)

*Not confirmed by the promotion

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  1. Alex Caporicci says:

    I’m also loving the look of the 145 division for SFS. A lot of potential matchups to be done after this show.

    Tarzan vs. Romero has the making of a great fight. If you don’t know Tarzan then you’re in for a pleasant suprise. I do not think he got to show what he can do at Wreck and should make for an exciting fight with Romero.

    David ‘Tarzan’ Douglas vs. Nick Gonzalez

    David “Tarzan” Douglas Vs Malaipet (Part 1) (Part 2)

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  2. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Gotta love how long hayashi takes to approve match-ups…nice work on the card Alex…top notch…can’t wait!!!

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  3. Update: Added Glenn as Johnson’s opponent. Sharkey vs Thomas.

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  4. just a fan says:

    Adam Assenza vs Mike Sledzion?
    Adam Assenza vs Taylor Solomon?

    Who is Rory McDonnell fighting?

    I think Lyndon Whitlock vs Fernando Viera is the most exciting match up on the card!

    Bring in Chris Horodecki for the top FW’s in SFS. Most impressive out of Tristan, Lyndon, and Will on the 25th should be rewarded with a fight against the polish hammer at the next Score Card.

    Also no heavyweights? where are the big boys?
    and on the other end of the spectrum when are we gonna see some flyweights finally go at it?

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  5. HardCore says:

    just a fan, BTP knows the heavyweights? Maybe not enough heavyweights around Ontario for the score to display? Maybe because Wardog lost his last couple of fights they don’t want to bring anyone in to fight him? (no knock on the dog) I imagined if Wardog had won they most likely would of flew someone in. I thought i heard something Misha Chirknov (not sure of spelling) was willing to fight? (could be just rumours) and I heard something Peter Nolan moving down to 205 maybe there are no heavy weights in Ontario? at least any good one! (no knock on the dog) Heavy Weights are always fun to watch?

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  6. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Your right hardcore …there aren’t enough heavies in Ontario…Craig has all ready Ko’ed the 2 guys in the first rd on the SFS…and any others the commission wouldn’t approve…so for now …we are left with…a rumored fight with cirkunov in Oct….no contract as of yet…there was discussion about Craig on this score card a whole ago but no suitable opponents….

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  7. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    While ago…damn phone!

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  8. There aren’t enough heavies in Canada, never mind Ontario.

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  9. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Agreed Keith…

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  10. barrie says:

    On the tba fights who are they fighting

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  11. barrie says:

    Fights are two weeks out i would like to know whos on the card for the tba fighters or are they not known as of yet

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  12. Steve M. says:

    Whitlock is Fighting Fernando Viera. Its a siiiick match up. Fernando is a Brazil native who now trains in T.O with the chute boxe coach Mauricio Vaio. His BJJ credentials are through the roof!!! His only 2 losses in MMA came to Diego Brandao UFC t.u.f. winner and Patricio Pitbull Bellator Stud!!

    This is a HUGE step up for Whitlock, if he wins this one, NOBODY can deny that he is in the top of the rankings in Canada!!

    This is the fight Im looking forward to most on the card. Hill and Fraser, Whitlock and Viera, Ronson and Ricci, What a sick lineup!!! Now if only the Score would get on top of their shit and start promoting the big fights we’d be all set.

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  13. @Steve M – I was hoping you could expand on how The Score can “get on top of their shit”. The promo for August 25 is in heavy rotation via all of the The Score’s and HECFI’s media outlets (TV, web, mobile, in-venue). This includes customized 1-hour and 2-hour TV shows, :30 promos in MMA and non-MMA programming where MMA fans over-index, :10 billboards, ticker mentions, podcasts, features and editorial mentions. Other promo includes web, social media and mobile campaigns (mobile banner, proprietary site, LB, BB, wraps, e-mailers), PR efforts, 10,000 fliers and street teams at relevant events. There are over 1,500 customized and strategically located posters out as well as Facebook graphics designed for each fighter with messages relative to their location. The final promo campaign is set to ramp up for the last two weeks which is when most people make their final ticket buying and viewership decisions. As far as our objectives, we have sold the majority of our tickets and have a waiting list for VIP tables for a card in the summer.

    The promo creative, targeting and impression levels were designed by media buying professionals who do millions of dollars a year in campaigns for the biggest brands in the country. These fights & fighters are promoted more heavily than any other card outside the UFC by any quantifiable media metric.

    The Whitlock match-up and other remaining fights cannot be announced until they are approved by the Ontario Commission which has had the info for some time and we are really hoping for an answer tomorrow. I apologize for the long-winded e-mail and am not trying to be flip but I am honestly curious as to what else you think should be done?

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  14. just a fan says:

    The Score is the best Show in the country. National MMA at it’s finest. I think they are always on top of their shit…except when deciding a concrete date for fighters to get ready lol. The pros know it’s just part of the business.

    Im glad Whitlock is getting this big opponent and opportunity. He is without a doubt in the top 10 in Canada and this fight will prove it. Classic striker vs grappler matchup with modern skills to add.

    Josh Hill Vs Fraser we already know decides the best Bantamweight in Canada not under the Zuffa banner. I think if Hill or Fraser get signed it will speak volumes for the level of talent the score provides and demonstrates that this is THE platform in Canada to get to the next level in MMA (UFC Bellator

    Meisel vs Prepolec gets my vote for fight of the night.

    Curious to know who Assenza and McDonnell are fighting. I’m a huge fan of Rory he’s a warrior that brings it. His record does not reflect his ability. He’s one of the best 155ers in Ontario.

    who thinks Ronson vs Ricci winner may get a shot at the big show?

    Heavyweights especially good heavyweights are always in short supply.

    Maybe the score should look to promote the little guys. Flyweights are eager and ready to put on a show.

    As for promotion! if the Score would give me a location to pick up posters I’ll personally have them plastered over every mma gym in the East GTA! No problem. I love supporting local MMA and am invested in many of these fights.

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  15. Rumors says:

    I hear Rory is out with an undisclosed injury and Assenza vs Solomon is the fight to expect!

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  16. barrie says:

    Is this so

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  17. barrie says:

    You guys know how to beat around the bush whos rory fighting

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  18. Woodrow says:

    I heard the flyweights may be on the next sfs, just what i heard tho:)

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  19. barrie says:

    Hopefully this can be answered by the admins for the score or top mma news, who is rory mc donnell fighting

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  20. barrie says:

    This isnt top mma news is it

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  21. Robin Black says:

    I know Rory injured himself in training recently but I haven’t been told officially if he’s out or not.

    I did hear the injury was pretty significant so my guess would be that he’s out but it’s only my feeling I haven’t heard anything official.

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  22. barrie says:

    Thank you robin cheers

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  23. barrie says:

    To rory hope your injuries heal fully see you soon

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  24. harry balls says:

    Loved the work the Score put down here with WRECK. Dunno if it was an amicable split, but I’d love them to come back. Shit was top notch.

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  25. barrie says:

    Who was mc donnells apponent

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  26. smash says:

    Woodrow – – – – Bring Back Mike Reily!

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  27. MKB says:

    McDonnell was rumoured to be fighting Mike Sledzion.

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  28. Alex Caporicci says:

    McDonnell is unfortunatly injured and his scheduled opponent was Mike Sledzion. As we have a few 155 fights lined up on this show, Mike has gladly agreed to step in should someone else get injured. Sledzion has fought for me on four occassions and look forward to having him again in the future if it doesn’t work out this fight.

    The 12th and final fight (barring injuries) was approved today and expect the official announcement early next week.

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  29. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Alex Caporicci= best matchmaker in the game…much love for what you do my man!

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  30. barrie says:

    Sorry bput your luck mike you would have tore through that guy, his injury would have been getting in there with you.. sucks anyway see ya at your next one cheers

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  31. Woodrow says:

    Reilly retired i think. Anyone know for sure?
    Also alex is the best hands down and i miss robin.

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  32. Robin Black says:

    Big love for woody.

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  33. Robin Black says:

    And yes I do know how that sounds

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  34. Shane BTP Mountney says:


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  35. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Hands Down Alex is the best in the country at what he does.

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  36. EPerez says:

    Caporicci is the man.

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  37. harry balls says:

    Mike Reilly is gonna call it quits and go back to school. He’s young. Maybe down the road we’ll see him again.

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  38. SET IT UP says:

    Got a licensed 135er if you need to step in?

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  39. Bobby Karimi says:

    who is this mysterious licensed 135er?

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  40. HardCore says:

    Assenza vs Solomon – Hopefully Solomon trains for this fights..he is always out of shape..Azzenza has guts but no skill so this has potential to be a slug fest. AS for the rest of the card..I can’t wait to make the trip to Hamilton. I am picking Hill over Fraser via decision, Ronson (KO in 2nd)over Ricci, Whitlock is going to have to be on his game..big step, Dickson will clean St. Jean (1st round within 1 min)..Still think St.Jean will pull out..Marquez should win..and Marini is a warrior and hopefully he trains for the first time, big time potential to be a war. Thomas should walk through Sharkey, Now that Romero is at Tri Star he will be bough to beat. Saggo should beat Attard via rear naked choke in the first.

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  41. Alex Caporicci says:

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Appreciate it!

    But still prefer to be the shadowy figure in the background that nobody knows exists. :)

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  42. Removed Rory McDonell and added Fernando Vieira.

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  43. Rory McDonell says:

    Thanks for the support guys, it’s been a frustrating summer for injuries.
    I was really looking forward to the fight with Sledzion. We’re both fighters eager to engage, so I think it’s a match up the fans would enjoy. Hopefully we can make it happen on a subsequent Score card. They are a great organization to work with.
    I’ll be at the fights working Lyndon and Ronson’s corner, and I’m VERY excited about this whole card. Best MMA organization in Canada and it’s not even close.

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  44. booboo says:


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  45. mike kent says:

    The mfc had the card of the year so far last weekend but this card could definitely take that spot . Man oh man this is stacked top to bottom and every fight has potential for fireworks . Great job on putting this one together . Its a must watch . The only problem with the score fighting series is there isn’t enough events

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  46. BodySnatcher says:

    lookin forward to Rory Mcdonell’s return to my corner last time you were there i almost murdered chagnon lol. appreciate brotha

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  47. mike kent says:

    McDonnell has insane wrestling and is super talented sucks he got hurt !

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