Aggression FC 11 – Winnipeg – September 15


Date: September 15, 2012
Location: Winnipeg Convention Centre in Winnipeg, MB
TV:  Internet PPV
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Main Event:
185lbs- Joe Doerksen (48-16) vs. Kalib Starnes (12-7)

140lbs- Curtis Brigham (10-5) vs. Matt Trudeau (2-0)
170lbs- Tyson Steele (8-1) vs. Jarod Milko (5-1)
135lbs- Agostino DeNatale (2-1) vs. Chucky Mady (5-7)
145lbs- Yoon Heo (5-7) vs. Dominick Blais (8-5)
145lbs- Dwight Sutherland (5-3) vs Jon Henderson (1-1)
135lbs- Louis Fisette (4-1) vs. Allan Munroe (4-3)
160lbs- Mark Durant (2-2) vs. Joe Keesick (3-3)
155lbs- Corey Houston (4-2) vs. Tristan Connelly (2-3)
170lbs- Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz (1-0) vs. Dejan Kajic (2-1)
140lbs- Sarah Moras (2-1) vs. Christina Barry (0-0)
170lbs- Martin Trendota (2-0) vs. Chris Jones (3-2)

178 Responses to “ Aggression FC 11 – Winnipeg – September 15 ”

  1. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Winnipeg fight fan, you are offbase. Any of the information the doctors had was from Kyle himself.

    How can a doctor having concern about an athlete having multiple concussions be screwing Kyle? It’s for his own safety.

    LOL @ calling the Godfather the God Fairy.

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  2. Idolmaker says:

    God is a dj, not a fairy. Wow my head exploded from that retarded post.

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  3. loco says:

    great card

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  4. guardfighter says:

    i think Kyle dodged a bullet if he was fighting Ali

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  5. Joe Doerksen says:

    Kyle is a good kid, and great athlete. Looking forward to seeing him compete again, when he’s healthy and ready to go.

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  6. Herk says:

    Well said joe!! I wish all local fighters well.

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  7. CR says:

    What??!! A Winnipeg MMA card with out Chris Stranger??!! What’s up with that?

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  8. Darren Owen says:

    We did enquire with Chris Stranger about participating on the card however the timing just wasn’t going to work for him. We hope to have him on our next Winnipeg event.

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  9. KB says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. canadx says:

    i had concussion. When u hurt ur brain ur not the same person and it is very weird. Not something to “tuff out”. Took me long time to really be me again- if ever.

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  11. Rino B. says:

    Is their a live stream to this event???

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  12. H says:


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  13. Graham Weenk says:

    Tyson Steele!!

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  14. Darren Owen says:

    @Rino B

    Yes, live on our website

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  15. I am looking forward to seeing Christina Barry in there as well. Her fight with Sarah Moras could be FOTN or at least round of the night as I think that one will be over in the first.

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  16. Gunner says:

    To get the fights on there website do we need to sign up with an account somewhere or anything or just on fight night click and enter credit card number or what ? Yea i know i am a technology genius

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  17. Cody Rempel says:

    Pretty sure it’s just click and pay and you’re good to go!

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  18. Darren Owen says:

    Click and pay. You can preorder as well.

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  19. Update: 170lbs- Ash Mashreghi (0-1) vs. Luis Cepeda (2-1) is OFF.

    Heard from source close to Cepeda’s team that Mashreghi did not complete medicals and Cepeda was told fight is off.

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  20. Mike Davis says:

    I am pumped up for Fisette vs Munroe

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  21. Mikey says:

    Does anyone know what the order of the fights will be?

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  22. Idolmaker says:

    Pavelich killed it on the x factor last night, congrats mark!!!

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  23. EPerez says:

    ^^^^ THAT is awesome!

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  24. EPerez says:

    Chumpy Mady forgot his energiza ears

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  25. barrie says:

    Why ya gotta call down another fighter thaght u retired whos the chump

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  26. T_Le_P says:

    My boys Darren, Phil & Steve did a bloody awesome job on this show. It was nice to sit back and watch them in action. Good job my brothers.

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  27. T_Le_P says:

    On to Calgary for another kick ass show then Victoria and Back to Edmonton for a wild November.

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