Lorenz Signs Five Fight Deal with AFC


After a year on the shelf looking for fights, it looks like Adam Lorenz (6-2) has finally found a cage to call home. According to his Facebook page, Lorenz has signed a five fight deal with Aggression Fighting Championship.

Lorenz posted,

“Found out at 3:00am … that I will be fighting 5 times for the AFC in the next 18 months! Very awesome news after spending nearly a year out of the cage trying to find a fight.”

The Alliance MMA fighter is very familiar with the AFC cage as it is where he fought his last four fights.  Lorenz, from Saskatoon, has gone 3-1 in AFC where he has defeated fighters like Will Romero and Rolando Perez.  In his last bout, he lost to Alvin Robinson in an AFC Featherweight title match.

It is expected that Lorenz will make his return in September or October of 2012.

61 Responses to “ Lorenz Signs Five Fight Deal with AFC ”

  1. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    What a crazy week for the Canadian (Westcoast) MMA scene? I can’t wait to hear what happened with the Spencer signing, as it almost reminds of the UFC signing with Fernandes!

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  2. Chabba says:

    Quinn I love how you make cocky little comments online like your some MMA superstar or something. Your witty sarcastic comments dont reflect your shitty 7-5 Record

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  3. Idolmaker says:

    I don’t think you’ll be a fish our of water. I think you’ll be a shark bro!

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  4. sean quinn says:

    You’re a sweetheart Mr. Idolmaker.

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  5. what’s a shark bro?

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  6. Idolmaker says:

    Check out urban dictionary haha

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  7. lol i actually checked

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  8. Idolmaker says:

    Haha sucker

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  9. sean quinn says:

    Hahaha! Suck a dick, Chabba.

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  10. kid lightning says:

    hey sean. not that this will end all the bashing or anything but i think you are a super sexy bad ass and best of luck in edmonton.

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  11. Donald Duck says:

    Sean will fit in well in Edmonton.

    I mean it is the ugliest city in Canada and Sean is close to the ugliest fighter in Canadian MMA.


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