Titan MMA’s Rob Walker Charged with Drug Trafficking


Rob Walker, a three time Muay Thai world champion, was charged with two counts of drug trafficking and one count of mischief on Sunday after Halifax police on Sunday, June 24, according to the Chronicle Herald.

Walker, who is listed as an owner of Titan’s MMA on the Titan’s MMA Facebook page, also coached at the club.

After a disturbance at one residence, police allegedly found ecstasy. After obtaining a search warrant, police discovered a large amount of cocaine, according to the report.

Walker appeared in court Monday and was released on bail.  He is scheduled back in court on July 26.

Walker is also prohibited from contacting Tannaya Hantelman, a 3-4 MMA fighter who trained at Titan’s MMA.

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  1. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Sounds like his club was sponsored by WHITE LINES SUPPLEMENTS….LOL….sry bad taste….but funny

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  2. I want to be the first to say that this situation in no way reflects the reputation, actions or integrity of Titans MMA. Although Rob has been a coach with the team for some time he has lost touch with the team over the last year or so and his personal life and actions are a surprise to us as much as anyone else.

    Rob has been like a brother to me. He has cornered me for every fight except my first, brought me from barely being able to finish an hour long session to training multiple sessions a day and fighting all over the country. He has been an amazing coach and he will always have my respect as a coach and mentor. It pains me to see him go through this period in his life. Although we have all seen a change in Rob over the last few years I still love and respect him like a brother would, despite the courses he’s taken. My next fight on July 28 for the Elite 1 Welterweight Title will be my first without him in my corner and this weighs on me deeply, but I will fight as hard and as strongly as I ever have because I am still a Titan and my team still stands behind me.

    This angers, frustrates and hurts me deeply, both as his student and as his friend. Rob has made decisions to take his life in a direction that we all are shocked and frankly extremely pissed off with. He has jeopardized the image and integrity of our club and our team.

    Everyone has a past as does everyone have a future. I hope and pray that Rob finds his way and comes out a better person from this.

    Titans MMA still is and will continue to remain a respectable, hard working and successful school and team. We have over 20 professional fighters, 100+ members, various champions and many coaches and mentors. Like any team or business the organization cannot be responsible for all of its members, but only its own ability to persevere and overcome adversity.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I hope that readers and posters can be respectful to my teammates and my team in this time as we’re all affected by this.

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  3. G says:

    This is not good. Not good at all.

    I’ve met Rob on several occasions and I never would have suspected that he was involved in that crap.

    And $100,000 of cocaine is definitely not a small amount…I suspect that this is only going to get worse before it gets better.

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  4. Mike Malott says:

    I am a Titans fighter and I would just like to say that Rob has not been a large member of Titans for the past couple of years. He used to be heavily involved in the club (from what I have been told) but in the almost 3 years that I have been training at the gym, I haven’t trained with him much (probably less than 30 times). Peter Martell and Kevin Taylor are the head coaches and they are the ones that are always at the gym. They are also the owners, Rob is not. Rob came in every once in a while to show some stuff or train, but he wasn’t a team leader/member really.
    I would also like to say that none of this stuff was out in the open. I didn’t know Rob very well, though I liked what I did know about him before this came out. I was never once approached to buy anything from him, nor did I ever hear him mention any of this activity. None of this stuff ever had anything to do with the gym so I don’t think that it is fair for it to be associated with the gym, especially since the guy was hardly associated with us. Every gym has a variety of people from different backgrounds, but this is not a gym of thugs and drug dealers — one guy who used to be involved with the gym made terrible decisions with his life. I don’t think his actions should effect the reputation of the gym. I am still very proud to be a Titan.
    Titans has faced adversity in the past, but has always risen back to the top.

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  5. Rotten says:

    Who is he going to Rat on, to get out of this one.

    Holy deja vu, time for a new name change. (Again)

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    I don’t think Titan’s as a club will be looked at any differently fellas.

    You guys are still a solid team of killers.

    Carry on.

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  7. mike kent says:

    Titans isn’t or never was funded with drugs. Rob is one of three owner and is a great person and coach and I’ve never competed without him. Everyone has skeltons in the closet and this refelects terrible on the team but the misteps of one don’t represent hundreds. No excuses and no justifying this. The team will go on and

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  8. mike kent says:

    Titans isn’t founded by drug. Robs has messed up bad here and there will be no excuses from any titan but this blindsided most of us. Rob has done a lot for mma on the east coast ( one of the founders ) and is a top notch coach and friend. It’s a shame that this is severley tarnished by these charges. Hopefully titans recovers from this severe blow as this is not the culture of the club

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  9. k says:


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  10. Lance Bass says:

    What a loser

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  11. I find it hilarious that the only insulting comments are with fake names. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but at least show your name you cowards.

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  12. mike kent says:

    Its really just one of those shitty moments when someone you care about and look upto does something that you can’t defend or stand up for. You just have to step back and let people voice there displeasur. Then support your friend and hope when there done with their punishment they don’t Make the same mistakes or chose the same path

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  13. Rotten says:


    You do know Rob Walker isn’t his real name right?

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  14. Is “rotten” your real name?

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  15. mike kent says:

    Just feel that I should point out that titans mma has three of the beat coaches to come from anywhere

    Peter magrath: amazing coach and one of the most dedictaed guys to the sport who cares deeply for every athlete he trains. Works full time and still find timeto be a full time ccoach

    Peter Martell; renzo Gracie black belt . Owner of titans amdh ecc. Works two full time jobs and stillnever misses a practice and trains all Halifax police defense tactics .

    Kevin Taylor : renzo gracie black belt dedicates who life to teaching and students .

    These are leaders at titans that influence slot of people lives in nothing but positive ways. Titans isn’t a dirty club . Quite the opposit !

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  16. Rotten's Friend says:

    I think Rotty’s point is that Rob Walker used to have a different name, but changed it when he went he became a small furry rodent in Winnipeg after he was involved in similar stuff.
    Ricky Goodall sounds like a fake name but i guess its real which is cool.Don’t worry i don’t think anyone is going to judge your team by one rotten apple.

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  17. Lance Bass says:

    Ricky Goodall, more like Ricky Badall

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  18. Just Laughable says:

    I have no issue with standing up for a friend/teammate/coach that is expected and respected!


    Dont try to throw me the we had no clue this or that, i have been around , ran into many and even know quiet a few of these type

    How if you were all so close as described hell even if you were not close!!!

    How does one not question how someone all of a sudden is living above the normal means via, cash flow, toys, free time with lets say not working or doing anything that would justify the expenses and caccessories that said person would have???

    Stand up for and fight for your friend but dont look like an ass by trying to cover up the facts that people knew but just did not give S%^T until he got caught

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  19. Lol @ Lance, but not original ;)

    As for this name changing bullshit no, I haven’t heard anything about it and I’d love to hear more, feel free to email me at ricky@collisionsports.ca , make a fake email if you need to.

    Just Laughable: Lol the worst part is that Rob HAS no toys, or anything flashy for that matter. He lives in a humble apartment and owns a broken down Geo hatch back. There is truly nothing interesting or flashy about him, I’m sure anyone in this city can vouch for that.

    Anyway, my team and I have nothing to do with this mess and we’re as disappointed and angered as anyone.

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  20. Rotten's Friend says:

    do you really not know that Walker rolled over and turned rat for the feds for similar stuff and that’s why he changed his namemaybe he’s not like a brother to you after all

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  21. Nope haven’t heard anything about it, again, feel free to email me, would love to hear more.

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  22. Mike free style says:

    It’s true Mike Kent we all make mistakes like your promoter Mark Pav used to be a stripper doing lines off gay men asses. And then Dave Pav has been shot. It seems the MFC has some bad history to but let’s not judge :).

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  23. Mike Malott says:

    Ya Rob had no toys. The reason I was surprised that he had all this money is because I have never been paid for a fight bet that I have won against him ahaha. Not that I care about 5 bucks, but it was well known that you weren’t getting your bet winnings from Rob around Titans. A man with a huge disposable income usually doesn’t mind paying out $5. There was something else similar to this as well. Again, I wasn’t super close to him (I do however appreciate everyhting that I learned from him, he knew a lot about fighting) but the long lapses in seeing him were normal for me, because I have never, ever seen the guy consistently. I thought it was just laziness, not sketchyness.

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  24. Lance Bass says:

    cocaine is a hell of a drug

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  25. mike kent says:

    mike freestyle what does your comment have to do with rob walker or this topic. just a pointless cheap shot ?

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  26. Lance Bass says:

    Pavleich used to be a stripper? ya right

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  27. Rotten says:

    How does a 3 time world champ not have his name listed anywhere?

    Do some homework into what his name was when he kickboxed.

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  28. Hmm says:

    Perhaps you shouldn’t throw gasoline on a fire unless you’re sure you can control the blaze gentleman, you really want to dig up information that can risk yours or someone else’s safety?

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  29. Rotten says:

    Is that a threat?

    I fight fires for a living, pretty sure i can control the blaze.

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  30. Ryan W. says:

    This is not a very good time for NS MMA. hollett is out for a long time. Maybe forever, Kent moved, Not many were at ECC. It’s tough times. But we will pull through. Can’t wait for the next ECC event.

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  31. Lance Bass says:

    Hes a loose cannon with a dangerous past? This sounds like a movie in the making!!

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  32. shocker says:

    what was his real name?

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  33. EPerez says:

    This is pretty crazy shit

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  34. the mayor says:

    Past name please

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  35. Hmm says:

    There’s much more to the story than a simple search is going to show, if you’re going to dig make sure you dig all the way.

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  36. Rotten says:

    whatever the story, a rat is a rat

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  37. Hmm says:

    I doubt a real rat could survive this long, don’t be stupid. Someone meant to look like a rat could if those he “ratted” on wanted him to look that way.

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  38. Harry Nuts says:

    Google is a crazy thing. More digging shows he ended up being unreliable and the whole case was blown.. This is nuts

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  39. Mighty Mouse says:

    All that looks like to me is someone made 100k for selling some not so good information. You can call him a “rat” all you want. But that rat made 100k for literally putting NO ONE away.

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  40. Rotten says:

    you are right. The people who he ratted on base everything on how the courts process it. I’m sure they are fine with what he did.

    Like I said, a rat is a rat

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  41. Hello… I have shut down comments on this piece and removed Rob Walker’s real name and the article link with his real name.

    Rob Walker seems like a greasy guy who deserves what’s coming to him. However, I have been told that he has family and I don’t believe his family should be put at risk.

    Now, I believe that it is Rob Walker putting his family at risk, not Top MMA News. However, I don’t even want to play a .01% part in a chance that children could get hurt.

    Sorry about this censorship. I am still not sure if it is the right thing to do.

    Chat me on Facebook or email me at news@topmmanews.com if you have any concerns with this.

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