Instinct MMA 4 Results – Quenneville, Thatch Win


Here are the quick results from the June 29 Instinct MMA 4 card:

Brandon Thatch submits Martin Grandmont via RNC @ 1:55 of Rd1
Thierry Quenneville defeats Luke Caudillo via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)
Oulmoudéné Najebe defeats Radu Spinghel via TKO (Punches) @ :43 of Rd1
Strahinja Gavrilovic defeats Derek Parker via TKO (Punches) @ 4:05 of Rd3
Cody Donovan submits Peter Nolan via RNC @ 3:41 of Rd1
Kevin Lee defeats Mansour Barnaoui via Unanimous Decision (30-27,29-28,29-28)
Remy Bussieres defeats Dave Delorenzi via TKO (Punches) @ 3:57 of Rd1
Christ Franck defeats Jason Riley via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)
Cédric Mongeon submits Guy Poulin via RNC @ 4:59 of Rd1
Michael Karkula submits Loyd Galindo via Rear Naked Choke @ 1:54 of Rd1
Frank Marques vs Gerald Lewis fight is off. Marques came in 6 lbs over weight and Lewis refused to fight a catchweight.


8 Responses to “ Instinct MMA 4 Results – Quenneville, Thatch Win ”

  1. mike kent says:

    Brandon Thatch is probally the best fighter in the world lol . Its a victory for martin that he never got ko’d in the first 10 seconds like everyone else . Man that guys is dangerous ?

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  2. why says:

    why is marques overweight he’s a brown belt and trains in big gyms why does he fight only cans first off and why cant he make weight to fight guys far beneith him

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  3. Woah says:

    How about that Kevin lee kid with the upset? He is. Looking pretty impressive

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  4. Lenny wheeler says:

    Anyone know why the pascal fight is not on there

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  5. The Answer says:

    Gerald Lewis is a coward. All he cared about was going to the strip clubs. He should stick to working in the automotive factory

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  6. Josh Machan says:

    I don’t know answer, Gerald showed up at weigh and ready. That doesn’t sound like something a coward would do. I would never fault someone for refusing to take a fight at almost a full division above him.

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  7. BFM says:

    Gerald Lewis showed up to fight at 135, it’s nice to see fighters finally stop taking the fight with guys who disrespect them by coming in over weight. Frank needs to to pick a weight class he can make and stay in it, If he’s to lazy to always make 135 then stay at 145.

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