Holst Travels To Jordan For Next Fight


Holst took on John Gunderson

Mark “Boots” Holst has signed with English based promotion Cage Warriors Fighting Championship and will make his debut August 30 in Aman, Jordan. Holst’s opponent has yet to be announced.

Fighting out of the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts and Team Renzo Gracie, Holst has amassed an impressive record of 10-3 with signature wins over Nabil Khatib and UFC veteran Corey Hill. With his disappointing 2 fight stint in the UFC behind him, Holst got his career back on track with victories over Markhaile Wedderburn and Stephane Lamarche. Holst’s recent success has lead to a new found love of training and a rededication to the sport he loves and with a chance to once again taste success on the international stage Holst looks to show the world why he is called “Boots”.

Cage Warriors Fight Night 7 goes down August 30 at the King Hussein Youth Center in Aman, Jordan. The fight card features the finals of the organisation’s middleweight title tournament in which Victor Cheng will take on Pavel Kusch.

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  1. Lance Bass says:

    Didnt this guy say he was retired?

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Let’s get some more of Boots’ articles on here for lead up to his fight. I enjoyed reading his stuff last time!

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  3. He took some time off. Focused on teaching and training. Been working his wrestling a lot out in Montreal. Spent a lot of time cornering fighters and helping develop fighters out of OAMA. I don’t blame him for wanting to get right back into it. It’d be hard to step away from something you love so much at a young age and watch from the side lines.

    He’s mentioned in interviews that he’s refocused though, isn’t getting sick before fights anymore, he’s not as nervous and feels more at home with the whole fight game. I loved watching him in the ring/cage and am glad he’s back in there again.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    So basically he retired, then changed his mind realizing he didn’t want to retire right away. lol

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  5. j says:

    meh, not a fan. He retired after going 0-2 in the UFC, realized he wasn’t important enough to live off his name and decided to fight again imho signature wins over Khatib and Corey Hill? why are you writing about him before he even has a fight? He’s not even Canadian top 10

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  6. Wow dude. That’s a pretty uneducated post. Pretty much the only thing you got right was that he went 0-2 in the UFC. Mark trains out of the biggest school in Ottawa. Has more than enough students to easily open an affiliate school and fill it.

    Mark was in the Canadian top ten for LW before he retired. Like any other sport you lost your positioning in the top ten when you’re not active.

    He’s also had a fight already since coming out of retirement. He fought Steph Lamarche at Wreck back in April.

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  7. j says:

    Well he is 3-3 against opponents with winning records, so that’s something. the wins came against showtime, nabil, and corey hill, not exactly a murderers row but still something. He is a good fighter but it seems like there is more focus on him than need be

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  8. FaceRippinChimp says:

    That is an uneducated post. There’s a lot more to martial arts than just the UFC. He has accomplishments in many areas and most of all, he isn’t selfish in sharing his knowledge.
    Stepping back for awhile was exactly the right thing
    to do. He made it to “The Show” by years and years of training. It was time to step back , assess, focus on your weaknesses and decide if you want it. It’s done a lot in mma. You can’t just say “I’m taking a break”, you need to completely step out for awhile.
    For the record , he went up in weight to beat Nabil, and Showtime was way heavy as usual. He also beat Mark Beecher who has trained ufc fighters like Forrest Griffin.
    He gets more focus than others might because the school has a huge amount of students and they are all loyal MF’rs that support each other. They show up to events like no other school anywhere.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Mark Holst is a very legit fighter and martial artist and a really good dude.

    He fights exciting and I’m excited to see him continue to evolve.

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  10. Remz says:

    Mark will surprize everyone. You can look at all his wins but look at his losses. Mark scared gunderson so bad that he laid on Mark for 3 rounds. How did he scare Gunderson you say? by kicking the crap out of Mark Beecher who is one of America’s most respected Striking coaches. Then mark faught 4:30 mins with Sass beating him in every minute other then the last 10 secs which is 3:30 min longer then Top UFC fighter Jacob Volkman lasted with Sass. I train with Mark and let me tell you… His wrestling is off the chart now and so is his BJJ… now add that in with his striking and you have a guy that did the best thing he could have ever done in taking a year off. Watch out when he comes back down to lightweight…. He won’t just be top 10.. he will be top 3….. War Boots…. and War OAMA…

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  11. Jeff harrison says:

    Mark is also very handsome

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  12. alex says:

    it seems like mark is getting an unfounded amount of hate here. Assuming the negative comments (+ thumbs-down votes on positive comments regarding mark) aren’t coming from a Jordan-based IP address then what could the problem be you guys have with him. He’s dedicated his whole life to training and teaching martial arts and carries himself with nothing but class throughout the peaks & valleys of his career.

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