The Black Eye: Gone Fishing with Mark Hominick


Mark HominickRobin Black, of the Fight Network, spends an afternoon fishing with Mark Hominick. Not only do they reel in some nice bass, but Black manages to reel in some good stories from Canada’s #1 Featherweight.

15 Responses to “ The Black Eye: Gone Fishing with Mark Hominick ”

  1. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    You should have kept the hip waders on

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  2. Gunner says:

    No beer, no vodka xyience, no booboo DD’s, what kind of fishing trip is that!

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  3. booboo says:


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  4. Woodrow says:

    Awesome video, Mark is the man!!!

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  5. BDC says:

    Ha what a shit show and i mean that in a good way. Just Awesome

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  6. Dean Panas says:

    Great job! Editing was incredible! Funny thing is when I watched it I was on the lake fishing.
    But I’m pissed at you Robin. I wanted to do an interview with one of the guys out here fishing and one up Big Win and his fishing vest.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Sorry Deano.

    Let’s you me and Big Win go fishing sometime.

    Hell, Gunner too.

    I’ll bring the beers.

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  8. AJ says:

    wow robin cant fish to save his life!

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  9. Dean Panas says:

    Anytime Robin!! I’ll teach you how to lip a Pike ;)

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  10. Gunner says:

    Set it up little black,,,,, up in north western ontario best fishing in the country, we will all head out to my camp.

    If you dont bring beer your walking home

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  11. booboo says:


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  12. topmmafan says:

    Just make sure your fishing in season ;)

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Booboo and his wife Double Dee are invited as well!

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  14. booboo says:

    TY , TY , TY !!!

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  15. FaceRippinChimp says:

    That was awesome! Did ya have to drag the little one through the mud. lol.

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