Delorme Gets Rivera at UFC 149


The UFC originally announced that DREAM champion Bibiano Fernandes would fight Roland Delorme before Fernandes responded that he never signed a contract with the UFC. Now, Roland Delorme (8-1) will now face Francisco Rivera (8-2) at UFC 149.

Delorme is unbeaten in the UFC with two victories – both by submission. The Winnipeg fighter’s latest win was over fellow Canadian Nick Denis this past May on the UFC on Fox 3 card. He will hope to make it three in a row at UFC 149.

When contacted by Top MMA News, Delorme stated, “I am just glad that I still get to fight in Calgary.”

Francisco Rivera is on his second run with Zuffa. In his first run, he lost to Erik Koch in the WEC and Reuben Duran in the UFC. Rivera was released and then fought his way back to the UFC where he recorded his first UFC victory this May over Alex Soto.

The two fighters join a long list of Canadians on the Calgary card including Claude Patrick, Ryan Jimmo, Mitch Gagnon, Nick Ring, Antonio Carvalho, Chris Clements, and Mitch Clarke.

11 Responses to “ Delorme Gets Rivera at UFC 149 ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Glad to see they got him someone. Good fight!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Ya good Delorme gets a fight, but once again card quality is downgraded.

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  3. Jerobe says:

    Agreed Bobby. The Calgary UFC is a total joke. Very few big UFC stars

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  4. Dean says:

    Why does everyone assume that because there is no “big names” that the quality of the card sucks?? Ive been very let down with what look like great cards on paper and then produced nothing but shit. On the flip side, the names that people dont necessarily know seem so much hungrier that the fights are surprisingly entertaining and exciting. Ive loved this sport since the get go and dont give a rats ass whos name is on the card as long as they fight with heart and determination.

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  5. @Dean…. I think what regular fans complain about is that you pay $200+ for the names like Big Nog, Jose Aldo.

    As great as our Canadian talent is on this card, regular people don’t know who they are yet. (They should know them better after 149)

    If a person, like yourself, does not care who is fighting, diehards know that you could see great local fights for $40+, so why pay $200.

    Its like buying tickets to see Pearl Jam and they cancel and you watch Red Fisher instead. You know Red Fisher will kill it, but you just saw them play the Albert on draft night for $5.

    -regular mma fans = MMA fans who never come to Top MMA News
    -diehard mma fans = Top MMA News commenters like yourself

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  6. Idolmaker says:

    I was excited to see Paul verlans vs Keith hackney, until I realized it was not happening. Now I wanna sell my tickets. The only saving grace would be a rematch between tank and John matua or remco pardoel vs Orlando weit!

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  7. Jerobe says:

    Compare the UFC 148 Card and the UFC 149 Card. Tell me what card you would rather pay $300 to see. The UFC Calgary card started stacked with big name stars. Now it sucks.

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  8. Donald Duck says:

    I for one would love to see Red Fisher with maybe Propagandhi or I Spy rounding out the bill.

    Hell I’d probably be one of the few people stocked about that show..

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  9. tdot says:

    Ill go for propagandhi, ska revival isnt cool u stupid……..fuck!

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  10. Can Tex says:

    Ufc 149 should be labelled a FX or Fuel card.

    Truthfully I’m only excited to seem that over rated simple ton Jimmo get kod.

    I think Canada wise we will only win 2 of the fights on the card.

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  11. Boston Crab says:

    Who you think wins from canada???

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